Students perform psychic feats – Just by watching Uri Geller on TV

A UCLA professor who tested her students for Uri Geller-like powers admits she’s baffled by their amazing success in starting broken watches, clocks and even a broken TV set – apparently just by watching Geller perform on video-tape.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” confessed Dr. Thelma Moss, a research psychologist at the Neuropsychiatric Institute of the University of California, Los Angeles. “The results have baffled me.”

In the first experiment, Dr. Moss asked her students to bring in broken watches, clocks and electrical appliances to see if they could be started by Mindpower alone – in an- attempt to duplicate Geller’s famous psychic feats.

All the devices were collected several weeks before the test and examined to make sure they didn’t work. “We wound them, shook them and tapped them,” Dr.Moss recalled. “Many had not worked for three or, four years, their owners assured us”.

During the,experiment, Dr. Moss asked about 100 students to hold their broken clocks, watches and appliances while they watched a 40minute video-tape of Geller demonstrating his startling psychic powers by bending spoons.

To Dr. Moss’ amazement, by the end of the tape, 15 of the watches had mysteriously started. And incredibly, a broken TV set began to work – and has worked ever since.

Four hundred people witnessed the experiment, according to the researcher.

more times (in different places),” Dr. Moss told the ENQUIRER. “And every time I had the same sort of results – usually about a third of the broken clocks and watches restarted. of the broke started.

“My own watch, broken for 12 years, began to tick during a Geller video-tape and kept excellent time for five weeks.

“It is a baffling phenomenon,” she said. “We cannot say Uri Geller did it . . . he didn’t even know the tests were going on. And we can’t say an other psychic did it, either.

“It looks. to me as if this is a normal ability which is latent in each of us, and if we can understand how it works, it could be the key to an important breakthrough.”

Strange things began to happen even before the tests. Dr. Moss and other researchers had collected a pile of broken watches. “None of them could be made to be made to function,” she said. “Then in walked research associate John Hubacher . . .”

As Dr. Moss and the others watched in stunned disbelief, Hubacher casually sifted through the “broken” pile, making 17 of the dead watches tick again.

“We had wound them and shaken them – done just what he was doing – but they hadn’t worked,” said Dr. Moss.

Hubacher’s newfound talent came as a big surprise. “I was fascinated,” he said. “I didn’t expect them to start.”

Dr. Roger Hicks, a Los Angeles physician, was impressed after observing the tests. “The experiments were conducted in an honest way,” he told The ENQUIRER. “I’d say the controls were watertight.”




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