Synchronistic SRI Binder

Throughout my years incredible synchronicity coincidences and just plain simple telepathic occurrences happen.

I would like to share a story by Patrick Mace. The astonishing element to this synchronistic event is that the day patrick emailed me from the US, I was – that morning – cleaning out a press kit that SRI (Stanford research institute) prepared for the press about my work in the institute, it was simply mind blowing!

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Here is Patrick’s story :

I attended Menlo Atherton High School in the mid 70’s. I was intrigued with Uri Geller’s extraordinary mind feats. I chose Uri as a subject for a class paper assignment. I have always felt that we all have some ability whether it be large or small. We sometimes can tap into this power or not. This would be an interesting class paper.

To gather information was more difficult on Uri as there was not such a thing as a computer or Internet in those years. We relied on our friendly librarian for information. This was not enough for Uri.

My High School by chance was across from SRI. A little mysterious and secret was the buzz around campus. Uri had been there and I knew there was information for my school paper. Through a series of events, as a fellow student worked part time there; I inquired on any information about Uri. I was told there were classified documents which were hands off but he would try and gather something else.

This large SRI binder came to me one day. It weighed at least 10lbs and 10 inches thick. I was told around the globe they could track Uri via newspaper clippings and here it was. There were clippers in most every country and when given an assignment they would clip the subject matter and send to SRI; once again before the Internet.

Like most, I have over a 30 year period moved here and there. I have brought these files with me. I have only shared these once with someone 20 years ago. Out of respect for Uri whom I never met and reasons of importance, intrigue and not exactly sure, I kept these with me for over 30 years. My family moved 15 years ago and I stored many things in my mother in laws garage. For some reason, 3-4 weeks ago, I started thinking about this SRI file on Uri. I was unsure where I had put this. A few days later my wife shows up with this file “my mom says I stored this in her garage and here it is.”


Patrick with the SRI clippings binder.


I don’t know why the time is now but it is. Uri and friends may you find these SRI clippings interesting and know there is a reason for this.

Peace to all,

Patrick Mace



Uri receives the SRI binder and begins looking through the innumerable clipping from 1973, 37 years ago!.


Uri in his mid 20’s, at SRI.


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