tsbicoClick on the picture to see the range of T Shirts.Uri Geller teamed up with famous British clothing designer and manufacturer Shami Ahmed, owner of the well known “Joe Bloggs” label. Uri’s line of clothing will have positive messages, including his popular “Touch the orrange dot and feel energised and good about yourself”.

This unique design incorporates a world wide web address in the label; possibly the first line of clothing to do so.

The line of T Shirts will soon be available in the shops.

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A Global First –
Never before, anywhere in the world has there ever been a clothing range with the potential to allow the wearer to fuifill their dreams.

How it Works –

On the first day of every month, Uri will send positive energy to the wearer. He will focus his powers and visualise the public wearing the range. In addition, every product will be touched by Uri Geller before they hit the shop floor,

Guarantees –

Although there are no guarantees, judging by Uri’s track record the success and accomplishments that are possible are phenomenal.

2.6 million people called the hotline after Uri appeared on Carlton’s Beyond Belief hosted by Sir David Frost, March 1995. Millions are reported to have achieved great things after taking part in the Uri Geller experiment featured in National Enquirer, October 1995.

The Hotline –

For the first time in clothing history, a telephone number, address and Uri’s web site address will be featured on each swing ticket so that all bizarre, unusual and positive occurrences can be monitored.

The Uri Geller by Joe Bloggs clothing range is for dreamers, believers and achievers.

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Uri Geller will be donating a considerable percentage of his earnings to Save the Children.

For further information, please contact: Frankie Burstin, Marketing & PR Manager Joe Bloggs Inc. Co. Telephone: 0171 580 6990 * Facsimile: 0171 580 6973


Extract from FASHION weekly.

Uri Geller sends positive vibes through Joe Bloggs


URI GELLER is collaborating with casualwear company Joe Bloggs to produce a line billed as the first interactive clothing range.

Each piece in the T-shirt collection will be touched by Geller and features an orange dot which consumers are urged to touch at 11.11 am or pm on the first day of each month to benefit from Geller’s positive energy. A hotline is being set up to log the results.

“Clothing is a terrific vehicle for giving people energy, plus it is entertaining and quite bizarre,” says Geller.

Bloggs managing director Shami Ahmed adds: “We are always interested in doing positive things and covering areas that have never been covered before.”

There are plans to add to the T-shirt range with more casualwear pieces. Ahmed says: “It is not a one-off, we will be building on the range with more products such as jeans, jackets and sportswear.”
The line is aimed at department and jeanswear stores for April delivery and will be backed by point of sale, window displays featuring bent spoons and store visits.

Extract from Girl About Town

Feel The Force


Feel the power of positive energy flowing through your chest with a special Uri Geller power garment from Joe Bloggs. The range features the powerful colour orange and special messages from master spoonbender Geller who personally empowers all products. T-shirts cost £17.99 and are available from Debenhams, or 0161 831 7550 for stockists. May the force be with you!

Extract from the Belfast Telegraph

A style for power from Uri


FORGET yesteryear’s shoulder pads. This gives a whole new meaning to power dressing.
Joe Bloggs is launching a ‘paranormal’ clothing range with Uri Geller. And they don’t come much more paranormal than him.
Each garment will feature the ‘power colour’ orange in a circle and a ‘power message’ including ‘Mind Bending’, ‘It’s Me’ and ‘Touch and Concentrate’.
“Uri will be empowering all products, personally touching them before they hit the shop floor,” a spokeswoman solemnly assures us.

On the first day of the month at 11.11am or pm ( a ‘mystic’ time, you understand) Uri will send positive energy to the wearer by focusing his powers.

Cyclist Bruce Bursford broke the world record while wearing just such a T-shirt. Could it possibly-do the same for you?

As soon as Edie of Ab Fab gets wind, Lacroix will be ditched to make room in the wardrobe.

Got that, Sweetie?

Paranormal T-shirt from the Joe Bloggs Uri Geller range, £17.99. Stockists will include Fosters and Debenhams, early dispatch May, wider distribution, July.

Extract from The Bath Chronicle


PARANORMALIST Uri Geller has put his powers behind the launch of a new range of clothing for Joe Bloggs.

Each garment in the range has been personally touched by Geller before being sent out to the shops and bears a power message in orange on the front.
Geller vows to transmit his energies to the T-shirt buying public at 11 minutes past 11 o’clock (am or pm) on the first of every month.

The Paranormal T-shirts cost £17.95 but you probably knew that without being told. . .

Extract from the Evening Echo

Looking Good


MIND BENDING: Jeans and casual clobber king Joe Bloggs has joined forces with spoon-bender Uri Geller to give new meaning to the phrase power dressing. A new, limited edition, paranormal clothing range is being promoted as giving the wearer the potential to fulfill their dreams, with Uri empowering all products by touching them before they go on sale! Then on the first day of each month at 11.11am or pm Uri will send positive energy to the wearer by focusing his powers and visualising the public wearing the range. All this in a T-shirt for- £17.99, in selected shops now, nationwide from July. It didn’t do cyclist Bruce Bursford any harm. He’s just broken the world record riding over 210mph wearing one.

MODEL CHOICE: A year’s modelling contract to work alongside the likes of Kate Moss and Wile Mc Pherson is waiting for the winner of the Highland Spring Face of ’96 competition. One male and one female will be picked as winners, with the prize packages of the contract with Storm Model Management, featuring in a Daily Express fashion shoot, star in the Highland Spring 1997 promotional campaign, get a year’s free hairdressing and a year’s supply of Highland Spring water. Last year’s winner Marc Crumpton is currently hosting Hotel Babylon. Boys have to be at least 6ft and between 17 and 30; girls at least 5ft 8in, 14 to 21, with closing date for entries June 28. For full competition details write to Highland Spring Face of ’96, Storm Model Management, Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY: The ’70s are back in fashion this summer with kaftans, long hispter skirts, headscarves and flat thong sandals. Clarks is celebrating the revival and is letting feet breathe this year with a collection of stroppy thong footwear. The simple sandal comes in citrus orange, red, black patent and white, at £19.99 from selected Clarks stores and independents.



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