Table 1. Remote perception of graphic material

ExperimentDate (month, day, year)Geller LocationTarget LocationTargetFigure
18/4/73Shielded room 1*Adjacent room (4.1 m)†Firecrackerla
28/4/73Shielded room IAdjacent room (4.1 m)Grapes1b
38/5/73Shielded room IOffice (475 m)Devil1c
48/5/73Room adjacent to Shielded room 1Shielded room I (3.2 m)Solar system1d
58/6/73Room adjacent to Shielded room 1Shielded room 1 (3.2 m)RabbitNo drawing
68/7/73Shielded room 1Adjacent room (4.1 m)TreeNo drawing
78/7/73Shielded room 1Adjacent room (4.1 m)EnvelopeNo drawing
88/8/73Shielded room 1Remote room (6.75 m)Camel1e
98/8/73Shielded room 1Adjacent room (4.1 m)Bridge1f
108/8/73Shielded room 1Adjacent room (4.I m)Seagull1g
118/9/73Shielded room 2‡Computer (54 m)Kite (computer CRT)2a
128/10/73Shielded room 2Computer (54 m)Church (computer memory)2b
138/10/73Shielded room 2Computer (54 m)Arrow through heart (computer CRT, zero intensity)2c
* EEG Facility shielded room (see text).
† Perceivertarget distances measured in metres.
‡ SRI Radio Systems Laboratory shielded room (see text).


Table 2. Distribution of correct selections by judges A, B, C, D, and E in remote viewing experiments

Descriptions chosen by judges Places visited by judges
Hoover Tower1ABCDE   D
Baylands Nature Preserve2 ABCE   D D
Radio Telescope3  ACD BE
Redwood City Marina4 CD ABDE E
Bridge Toll Plaza5     ABD DCE
Drive in Theatre6  B AC  E
Arts and Crafts Garden Plaza7      ABCE
Church8   C   AB
Rinconada Park9 CE      AB
Of the 45 selections (5 judges, 9 choices), 24 were correct. Bold type indicates the description chosen most often for each place visited. Correct choices lie on the main diagonal. The number of correct matches by Judges A through E is 7, 6, 5, 3, and 3, respectively. The expected number of correct matches from the five judges was five, in the experiment 24 such matches were obtained. The a prioriprobability of such an occurrence by chance, conservatively assuming assignment without replacement on the part of the judges, is P = 8.10^l0.


Table 3. EEG data for H.H. shoving average power and peak power in the 9-11 Hz band, as a function of flash frequency and sender
Flash Frequency06160616
SenderAverage PowerPeak Power
No sender (subject informed)25.135.728.287.595.781.7
J.L.54.255.344.8191.4170.5149 3
No sender (subject not informed)
 -12% -24% (P<0.04)-21% -28% (P<0.03)
Each entry is an average over 12 trials

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