Uri Geller and other psychics often experience objects vanishing and appearing in their proximity. Many people have observed these events around Uri. It is noteworthy that when the object appears it does not seem to behave in quite the same way as an object usually does when experiencing gravitational force. The object may move quickly, or it sometimes appears with little motion and continues to move at a slow speed towards the floor, as if it were very light. This has happened with a rock weighing several kilograms. On other occasions the objects appear to have been able to pass through walls; they are either moving toward a wall and later found on the other side or come from the room next door. These effects are reported so often that it is worth speculating that the objecs are in some sort of an excited state which is visible but does not interact with matter or gravity until it decays sufficiently. It is even possible that when an object is out of contact with the gravitational forces that the inertial mass of the atoms in it may change. This would go some way towards explaining the paranormal electrical conduction path and psychic germination of seeds; there may be more complicated effects at work here though, as the plants may be transformed in part or in whole to another type. Sometimes an object will appear with a distinct ping sound, again this may be a clue to a physical process, for example air displacement.

It is obvious to ask what happens to the object that finds itself below ground when it appears? When a person teleports or levitates there is good control over the event in as much as people rarely find themselves high in the air or inside a solid object. (There is one boy Nick. W. who put his arm into a wall and reports that he broke the plaster-board when he pulled it out.) Perhaps the process is governed by information fields in some way; or a new type of quantum wave field limits the energy of the materialization event?
On two occasions with Uri Geller there have been matter through matter materializations. The first is described in “Mind Reach” where some cards were shuffled and “fell into the table”. The second actually happened in 1998/9 when Uri picked up the book “Mind Reach” and it fell open at the page describing the event. He read about it and then when he picked up the Newspaper a supplement fell out and again seemed to fall into the table. Uri became very excited at this and when it was examined, again the booklet appeared to have been mis-cut so that the corner was missing.


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