Ten thousands smiles and “thank you”s – thanks to you!


We were extremely proud and excited to host our 10,000thcamper at the Village!

Since we started operating, 7 years ago, 10,000 boys, girls and teenagers living with chronic and serious illnesses, and/or with disabilities, enjoyed a fun-filled, empowering, and joyous sessions. Each and every one of them was able, for a few days, to be a kid again – happy, careless and surrounded with supporting good friends.

10000 campers served

Campers’ smiles and joy are contagious, and so, this meaningful landmark became a big celebration of love, friendship and giving for others. Together with our campers, tens volunteers, Village staff members and partners participated and celebrated. 
Campers of session 248, held at the Village this week, released hundreds colorful balloons, with hand-written wishes attached to them, to the sky, danced and participated in a “drums alive” happening, enjoyed a festive lunch and a variety of sweets. 
We couldn’t have accomplished this without each and every one of you –Whether you trusted us and sent your child, who has an illness or disability, to a session, whether you spent hours, days, or weeks volunteering during sessions or other activities at the village, whether you’ve shared our Facebook posts, so other families know about the unique opportunity for their child, or whether you supported the Village with a gift or other donations. This achievement is yours just as much as it is ours.
10,000 heartfelt thanks are sent to you – from us and from every camper.




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