Hey Uri!
Thank you for doing that “Anti-smoke-campaign” yesterday on Fenomen.
You made me aware of how much damage I am causing my lungs by smoking. And the fact that I’m not just causing damage to myself but also to other people by passive smoking makes me feel really bad. I as a smoker is causing pain to myself as well as to other people. And I am poisoning the Earth by every cigarette I smoke.

I’ve been smoking since 5 years back now and I’ve tried to quit earlier a couple of times without succeeding. I even wrote a song about how dangerous addiction as smoking is. The song is called “Life is dancing with death” and I wrote it last year. When I write whether it is a poem or a song I usually use pseudonyms.
Because I want the reader or the listener to get their own opinion and maybe catch an another idea of what it’s about. As in this case I call the cigarette for: She and her

“Now she’s a part of my life
I can’t break up, we’re like husband and wife
We’re closed up tight
She’s my death and I’m her life”

I think I know why I decided to stop smoking, it’s because of you. Of what you said, did and showed. People have told me to stop before, but I didn’t listen. Because when they told me, I can tell you that they sounded kinda indifferent, like they really didn’t care. So I didn’t take it seriously.
But when I watched and listened to you yesterday. I felt and saw that you meant every single word you said. And it caught my attention!

But I must admit that I smoked a cigarette after your show. While I was smoking it, I started to picture me my neighbours oldest kid, he’s around 6 years old, he’s very young and very cute. I saw him lying in a hospital bed, suffering from lung cancer that he’s got from passive smoking, caused by me and other smokers.
I stood beside the bed and watched him die. It was terrible and I burst into tears. So everytime I wanna smoke I’ve started to imagine myself that this is happening.
Because in the reality it could happen if I continue to smoke. And I don’t want to be responsible for some peoples death.

After I had seen that “possible future event” in my head. I just couldn’t enjoy smoking anymore, so I stubbed the cigarette and said loud to myself: “I won’t let this happen. I’m done with smoking, I quit with this shit!”
Then I throw the rest of the cigarettes away. I haven’t smoked today and I will never ever smoke again!

Once again, thank you Uri!
Without you I couldn’t have done this.
Now I will focus on my career and to continue to make the world a better place!

“I deserve the best. I will demand the best. I will settle for nothing less.”

Thank you for your belief, inspiration, energy and love.



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