Dear Mr. Geller,
How are you?

I had the great pleasure of attending your show in Bergen last night. The 2 words spinning around in my head after the show was the following; “WOW! and “THANKS!”.
I must admit that I ended up in Grieghallen by coincidence(?) yesterday evening. I did not plan to be there, and had almost forgotten about this important weekend (even though I had wanted for long to be there during “Alternativmessen”). I was not even aware that you were coming to Bergen!… However, I am more convinced now than ever before that everything happening around us in life is NOT a coincidence. It is meant to happen.

From I was very young things have always fallen into pieces little by little in my life, in a good way, without me having to pay much attention to it. It just happened! So basically I never worry too much in advance about what will happen next. I trust – and know – that the problem will always be solved in a good way, often without me having a logical explanation to it after. A lot of people around me have envied me this natural ability to think in a positive way, and also to have “everything served easily in my hands” – even though this is of course a result of good planning and hard work as well.

I also know that I have a strong intuition, and I feel things very clear between the lines, often without hearing any words. Or by hearing the “wrong” words. I also sometimes know from a distance when something important is happening to a friend/family member (for instance a friend giving birth in THAT particular moment. I could not have known the timing, and have really no explanation to why it happens like that.)

I know that I am able to help other other people in a natural way, both family members and friends, but also unknown people I meet along my way, – from all over the world. I feel gifted. For instance it is easy for me to write a very personal song for special occations to unknown people. It always ends up right, even though I do not know (or ever met) nor my client or the person I write the song for. I automatically know what is important for others, and also know how they feel and how I can help, – also people from other cultures/countries far away. It feels like knowing an universal language.

I always think that I can learn something important from other people, in all situations, and I want to learn a lot more. However, I have not been able to help myself for a long time. So I did not have much to give to other people either, and I have been stuck in some kind of cocoon for years, not knowing how to get out.

So many important pieces of my own “Puzzle of Life” were put together yesterday through you, – and through your show. It was amazing! And it started a chain reaction in me.

When you wrote down the numbers 11.11 at the end of the show, I could immediately strongly feel my stommac aching. My eyes got really big and surpriced. These numbers obviously mean something important to me. I have seen these numbers many, many times for the last year + – , and often together with the numbers 2222, 1122 or 2211 etc etc.
I have tried to find out what it means, without having found a good explanation yet. Maybe it cannot be explained? The closest I got was through Numerolgy – meaning some kind of new start, new stage. (I do not know numerolgy either.)  Maybe you could explain your opinion about it to me?

To be honest, I have been feeling sad, frustrated and depressed for a long time (I even suddenly start crying now), and for no logical reason. I have a good life, a wonderful son, a wonderful family, good friends, a good job, a good situation in general, and should be very happy. However, I am not. There is something important missing in my life. Me. And I have been stuck in old patterns for a long, long time, feeling very lonely and lost. I lost myself along the way.

You made a big difference to me, and I am deeply greatful! Thanks a lot for being you, and for teaching me what you did. It will affect not only me, but also all the people around me, and in a POSITIVE way.

…WOW! Thanks again!

Your comments would be highly appreciated.

I wish you your best day EVER, – and a WONDERFUL life!


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