Dear Uri


Just a little note from Sligo, wishing you and yours good health and also to ask, if I may have you a mailing address or po box that i can send you a little gift from Ireland which I have attached 5 pixs off?


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you again Uri as i am sure your swamped down with work and other mail, so Im not expecting a reply anytime soon but as I mentioned in my previous email (albeit in a long winded Irish type of way) I have recently been learning about you from your magnificent web site, and both my partner and I have a genuine respect for you as a sincere. Caring and yes Mystical man.


Uri I will definitely keep this brief (*coughs* I will try), but I would like to say that the positive energy that you and your site sends out, is so strong and touches many many people us included, and as a token of me and Lyns thanks for you being you, and for your genuine love of crystals we would love to gift you a little piece of Ireland, gifted by the mountain especially for you.


We are blessed to be living here in Sligo Ireland and although I am originally from Belfast, Sligo is really a million miles in every respect from our previous lives, and we have been given so many beautiful things since coming here in both physical and spiritual ways and our home we rent here in Sligo is surrounded by several ranges of mountains that has been kind to us by gifting us crystals.


Before coming here had been collecting crystals over 20+ yrs, and she really is a genuine Crystal carer (her babies all 1000+ ha) thanks to Lyn introducing them to me four years ago, my life has changed in such a positive way, although i initially done the crystal books, went to the classes, there was always something missing, and so through sitting, listening, learning from my crystal friends daily I have got to trust what I feel/hear from them, they are my helpers and my views on crystals is far out, but it works for me i guess and I have a genuine respect and gratitude for my life as a direct result from thier teachngs.


To be in a position to just walk to a mountain and to be wrapped in its beauty and to see the path is happy to see you, sparkles of tiny crystals shining their light, and to know if the crystal wants to come home is a lovely thing, most of the times they are just shining their light as a greeting, its a lovely place to be in my head and its mainly down to Lyns healing energy and my crystal helpers.


We awoke on Saturday morning to the sound of birdsong and Sligo sunshine, yes Sunshine we managed to get Sunshine in NW Ireland haha (look up rain in the dictionary and Im sure it mentions Sligo, and umberellas ha) seriously though it was a beautiful morning so we decided to walk to the mountain, 6 miles of beautiful country roads, very few cars, endless greenery, and did i mention sunshine ha (sunshine…I even photographed it to remind us what it looks like) but we knew that a crystal was waiting to be found to go to you and I chatted and laughed with a spring in our steps as we neared the mountain, the energy of the land around here Uri is so magical, and the people are truly lovely kind Spirits, and on reaching the mountain and just half way up I was pulled to stop (my sign that crystals are wanting my attention) and so I asked “ Ok guys if there is anyone that would like to go to Uri, please show yourself” and about 5ft away amid the fallen limestone rocks a community of crystals shone their light, exactly at the moment.


I have attached 5 pics of the location and the crystal that wanted and wants to go to you and I hope you will accept it and be its earth keeper for its next part of its journey, and if so please if you have a mailing address or a managers address that you have mail sent to, I will be blessed to send you your crystal helpers.  I have left it in exactly the same condition as I found it, or I should say it found me. I have found the crystals from this mountain, gently healers, its hard to explain but you will see what I mean, they have a beautiful clean gentle energy but as you know they will resonate the way they decide, but I thier excited to go to you, now how mad is that haha.


Uri we never dislose where exactly we get them as local dealers will strip the mountains, but we do gift them to the people who the crystals guide us to, and we always just lift them up exactly as they show themselves, we never dig or force them we dont need to, as they just sit there and call out, or wink over at us haha as we go on our daily walks.


As always many many Smiles and Rainbows to you and yours from Sligo and keep shining your light Uri, its guiding alot of people to think outside the box.


With respect and admiration


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