dear uri

i was pleasently surprised to hear that you spent a few years in cyprus when you were a boy.it is as you know a beautiful island.however i fear that the whole world ior the countries that matter are against us.my family come from the north akanthou at the begining of the panhandle of cyprus.we cannot go back to our homes since the invasion by the turks.i find the whole situation painful and hard to bear.i am a greek cypriot born in london and whose father was in the raf during the second world war.we are having peace talks at the moment but i fear the worst.i have come back to live hear but i think cyprus is being sold out because turkey is too important to certain countries.i have seen it since the invasion turnig into muslim country because of the illigal immigrants comming through the north of cyprus.i have seen politicaly countries sadly alot from the west and europe turn against us because of the interests they have with the turks.it is so sad and hard  and painful to be savaged when we are the victim of an invasion and nearly half our population being made refugee.we have a history of thousands of years that is in danger of being irraticated.what can we do to get a just solution?something that will bring all cypriots together in a just way.i cannot believe that the powers that be are trying to turn this island into a nightmare by giving too much to turkey.i know you love this place so please pray for us and maybe just maybe your powers can help us and protect us.it gave me a lovley warm feeling knowing that someone like you lived in a cyprus that we all loved and was not divided.thank you for speeking nicely about this island  and that you still remeber it so well,paphos troodos your paintig here your experiance here.we need friends like you uri.pray that it all turnsout to be ok.if you ever come here and are in nicosia i would like to shake your hand say thank you over a nice coffee.help prevent a tragerdy.thank you for your time.live long and prosper uri geller.

the fact that you replied to my message showed to me what a special person you are.yes you are famous the world over,yes you are a star but the fact that you replied to me about cyprus showed that you care and that you have not forgotten those years you spent here as a boy.thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart..thank you my friend four everything that you have done and doing for cyprus.with you on our side we can overcome anything.you have made me  a very happy man.i will take your advice and think positive but as you know this life can be so hard at times.i know you are a busy man so thank you again for giving me some of your time.you made me feel so good i went straight to the kitchen and tried to bend a spoon but all i managed was to give myself  a  headache and doublevision,sorry.  you realy are special and deserve to be were you are.i do hope that one day soon all cypriots  greek and turkish cane live together in peace in a just cyprus.thank you for your time uri geller god be with you and all the very best from cyprus to you.



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