From: J
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 14:09:14 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: changes in life….thank you!!!!

I finally found some words to say what your phone call meant to me.
You called me on Friday,19th June 2009….
You know I started crying and I was absolutely speechless but I still remember what you said to me.
Your voice is still in my head-like an echo a really wonderful echo.
Afterwards you sent me an email with a photo (which I still have on my computer!) and I answered…
I told you I have a phobia (social phobia…sorry,I don’t know what it means in english but I hope you understand me).
Some days after our conversation I went to my therapist and we talked about getting a job and so on. She said I have to wait for that because I first have to get some self-confidence.
I have to learn how to talk with other people without being afraid and so on.
Sir, in the past few weeks I did some things,some unbelievable things for me.
I went to the doctor WITHOUT my mother and I did some other things without having anybody around me.
The only thing I have is your “echo” in my head.
It gives me a good feeling and makes me feel a bit self-confident.
I’m so proud that you gave me a call.
I still can’t believe it. I’ll try to get a job or let’s say “training” or more education as soon as possible. My self-confidence has to grow much more and then I can do everything I want to.

I’m in very bad mood for a long time now- I don’t want to disappoint you.
I just want you to know that I’m doing my best,Sir. I’ll never forget what ou said to me.
No matter how bad I feel…your voice will always be in my head.
Hope to meet you once in my life because I want to explain how thankful I am!
You are and you’ll always be my Idol. Forever!!!!
Let me know If you are going to visit Gladbeck or a city/town near Gladbeck (Gladbeck is near Cologne -about one and a half hour by car)…If you are in this area I’ll invite you to our house. You are ALWAYS welcome. Hope to get the chance to talk to you in person someday.

I’ll read about your “Tour in 2010” in the Netherlands…it’s not too far away from Gladbeck but I don’t have the money to pay the tickets for train and the show.
My father said he could not help me to go there If your show is on friday or on another
Hmmm,maybe I could make a wish for my birthday on 3rd December….I want to meet you….maybe I could ask my father for his help to get the chance to see your show.
I don’t know.

Well,I hope there will be a chance to meet you once in my life.

You helped me so much,Sir!
I’ll never forget your words and your voice. You are one of the most important people in my life. You are an angel. Thank you so much!!!!
I love you (you know what I mean)!!!!!

I’ll never forget your phone call -unknown number on my phone but well known voice 😉

Hope you’ll read this email and I hope my english is not that bad today-I’m in bad mood,sorry.
I’m close to tears everyday but I won’t give up.
The people around me are not able to “hear” me sreaming for their ears…
Nobody listens to me but maybe I can change that.

You are my Idol and I want to be like you -very self-confident,kind and intelligent.
Thanks for changing my life for the better.
Your Power is still with me.

Greetings from Germany
your friend J


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