Subject: My mother S. M., sister B. Friday 14th August 2009!

Hi Uri,

I don’t know if you are going to remember me but I know I certainly shan’t forget you! WE spoke Friday 14th August 2009, 2 days ago at 12.15, about an hour after my mother died. You spoke to my sister B. and then me. I cannot thank you enough and don’t know if I’m even going to be able to explain properly exactly what your call has meant, to both my sister and I and other sister B. The whole situation with your call was totally surreal and has had a major calming influence on us. B. and I had received a call at about 10.50am to make our way to Eastbourne, the hospice where mum was. We knew what the call meant, it’s about a 20 minute journey and one can do 60 miles an hour along the stretch to Eastbourne. Every single car was going at a snail’s pace; they were doing 30-40 miles an hour. I was shouting, well screaming at them (they couldn’t hear me though!) to move, it was ridiculous, couldn’t overtake, not without possibly having an accident, you can imagine the scenario, totally frustrating. I looked at my consul clock-11.11 and just screamed ‘no no not now, please no not now!’ I knew. My sister had told me the previous day about 11.11 and although I am a believer in things, I am also aware that too much can be read into things but when I saw it I knew. Yes, B. had arrived about a minute or so before me and we had missed mum by about 10 minutes. We were shown a side room and once we had composed ourselves we were taken to see mum at about 11.45ish and it was about midday that B. told me about your message for mum but we now believe that the words were actually supposed to be for us rather than mum. B. told me that you were going to ring about midday but because you receive about 300 emails a day that you might need reminding about midday so we could not believe that at 12.15 in front of mum you rang. We assume that under these kinds of circumstances that it is not really practical or the ‘done’ thing to answer a mobile phone especially an unknown number but it was so weird as it actually seemed the most natural thing. Your call was ‘so meant to be’ and then for you to even give us your mobile number- wow how amazing! You might be wondering why I am emailing you and not telephoning but it just seems at the moment this is the most appropriate way to thank you. Your phone call has given both of us such an amazing sense of peace and calm because I can assure you that if that hadn’t have happened, we would both have been SO ANGRY at the extremely slow drivers, if it wasn’t for them we could have just about made it and to miss mum by that short period would under normal circumstances make it very difficult to accept. I cannot thank enough but thank you VERY MUCH. I know of you and have seen you on tv but don’t know a great deal about you. I know that mum thought and B. thinks a lot of you. Now, I think you are an extremely amazing, generous and VERY KIND man. We have had quite a few signs already. I won’t go into too many details about the signs at the moment as B. could very well be telling you and it is actually herself who had initiated the contact with you. I would like to know if you are ever in the East Sussex area please let me know as I would love to come and see one of your shows and if possible meet you afterwards to personally thank you. You are also welcome to come to my house and have dinner or drink or cup of tea. i know that most probably sounds crazy but I hope you understand the sentiments I am trying to express here!? Thank you VERY much once again.

Kind regards T. X


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