Uri’s story on Michael Jackson:
I would like to say thank you for sharing the footage about Michael with us.
I was a young teenager when i started listening to his music and loved it.  However over these past 20 years i didnt follow him so intensely since i was busy being a mom and bringing up my family.  However ever since his death i have been feeling so close and connected to him and it seems as though i can feel and understand him and the turmoil he went through.  Its rather strange and i cant make out what this all means.  I was wondering if you could help me on this matter.

I thank you and look forward to your reply.

L.S. – Malta

My Friend Michael Jackson:
Dear Mr Geller,

I sympathise with your evident deep sorrow that led you to make the programme that was aired last night.

When Michael Jackson, zichrono livracha, left this place, I felt that this was one of the more significant deaths in the gentile world in modern history and many of the sentiments expressed by you and interviewees in the programme you made bore that out.  It seems he was treated so badly and ultimately fatally, by those who should have known better.  I will always believe that he was greatly misunderstood and under appreciated by many others.  Thankfully he still has his fans and his true friends.  Brooke Shields testimony of their friendship (at the funeral service) was truly heartbreaking.

Bvirkat shalom.


Thank you uri:
Hi uri just like to say thank you so much for sharing this footage with us all, and giving us an inside to your friendship with michael jackson, I also want to say uri its not your fault for this bashir interview as many michael jackson fans think, i am clearing there way of thinking that its not your fault on my youtube chanel, fans are now getting to know its not your fault uri, this could have happen to any of us, I also wanted to say I won a few of your great jackets that you gave to a friend of yours on auction, he put them up on ebay and i won like 3 or 4 jackets of yours also you gave each jacket a crystal, just like to say great jackets uri thanks so much take care.

Thank you:
Less of a question and more of a thankyou for choosing to show the public the wonderful, humble and kind man that Michael Jackson truly was. I am a 16 year old musician (I do my songs at home, never had the chance for a proper recording studio 🙁 ) and have been a lifelong admirer of MJ, he was an irreplaceable person. I have a youtube account if you’re interested: www.youtube.com/AntohneyBrodetsky although most my old songs are on my other account: www.youtube.com/xantoniolovelacex

Thank you so much,

Michael Jackson:
Hi Uri I just wanted to say a big thankyou for the  programme that I saw on TV last night.. So much on TV about Michael is always negative and hurtful towards him, he has put up with this nearly all his life and also since his death. I truly beleive Michael never ever hurt any children, quite the opposite, and I have been troubled since his death as to who in the world will speak up for him now and let us see the real person, your programm did this, thankyou. I know Michael was involved with many children’s charities he even started his own world foundation for children, lots of his profit went to charity but the news never reported any of this. I think it is very important that this is bought to everyones attention, there is film footage of hosital visits etc of him and wondered if I gave you the idea of a program or show if you could make this happen somehow? Before someone else makes yet another damning programe of lies to tarnish yet further a very innocent and sensitive soul. RIP Michael.

Many thanks for reading this Uri


Re Polite Autograph Enquiry:
Dear Mr Geller,
Firstly may I say what a moving experience it was watching the documentary my friend Michael Jackson, I was deeply affected by Michael’s tragic and untimely death and I felt so moved by your story.
Over the years I have always been fascinated by your unigue gifts which you have but I saw a Uri Geller on the documentary which spoke with great passion regarding Michael which I found very sad.
Mr Geller please may I ask if you would be kind enough to send me an autographed photo if you have one and can spare the time, I would be happy to pay postal cost’s if required, thank you so much for your time and I hope that your pain since Michael passed away will ease with time .

M.J and the angels:
HI Uri  I was really impressed about your programme and your friendship with Michael Jackson and as I was sitting quietly these words came into my head.       As the angels wrap their wings around M.J healing and loving him he will be writing songs for the angels and then with the help of his angels perhaps now he will truly be able to HEAL THE WORLD. He was truly a person so full of love but was so misunderstood on this planet but in the spirit world his light will be one of the brightest

the Michael documentary:
The documentary of Michael was fantastic. Do you still have the phone that Michael held in his hands? Hope to see you some time. Love, J from Belgium

Michael Jackson:
Hello Uri
First my condolances for your friend Michael.

thank you for sharing your story my friend Michael Jackson, in the netherlands it was saturday 1 august on TV.
I am a big fan of michael it is a shock that he past away, i had once a photo with autograph of him but i am very sad because it was stolen from me.
also i have seen your shows amazing what you do.

I hope you can read my email personally.
thank you and best wishes


Dear Uri

I watched your programme last night and really felt for you.  I know what a lovely soul you are from personal experience.  I met you once and asked you to give a talk to young people connected to Slough Youth Offending Team and you came and gave your fee to a girl who had never had a holiday.  In know you care very deaply about everyone you meet and especailly Micheal your special friend.  I am very sorry for your loss and am sending you lots of love and light



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