hi!!!I am so so so so happy!!!!!!  I was so stressed all the week , I have the results , i passed the baccalaureat of literature option art , j’ai le Bac , i can’t believe it, thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuu so much, i do not know how to thank you. I felt your presence all the day yesterday. As you know i live in apt for the result i had to go to the lycée frédéric Mistral in Avignon, my sister drove me to avignon with my grandmother, we had a problem with the car, the temperature of the car was rising, and we had to stop the car and to walk 30 minutes by foot, we have let my grand mother in the car during one hour alone (yesterday the temperature was so high)

And the men who gave me my student file said : i was shocked i did not realize and he said “why don’t you smile aren’t happy” ,he had blue eyes like you , I knew it was your signs . I have just the average points, it’s amazing i have 6 Notes with the number 12 like my tshirt. ( you will find a copy of the results, and my tshirt)
All the day i felt your concentration, it is unbelievable, then when i arrived home i watched the ceremony of michael jackson and i saw your projection with your signs ( the cross, all religions represented) i recognized your style with the words faith…. . Your projection was really beautiful;

I will never forget what you did for me je vous remercie du fond du coeur thank you so much  I will never forget you


hi!! it’s i , THAnk You  so Much!!!!!!!!!!! I have my exam,yesteday I felt your presence, i felt that you were thinking of me it was a strange day it’s incredible, I will never forget you thank you so much  the car of my sister overheat and yesteday there was the ceremony of mickael Jackson when i came in my house i saw your signs the cross… I UNDERSTAND that it was you  and yesteday i weared a blue T shirt  with The  world ” Los Angeles” were there was the ceremony of michael and on my T shirt there is the figure “12” and in my average there is 4 x the note 12 there are so much signs which prouve me that you were with me  you said me 3 x the Word ” Focus”  and the next day of the message when i was waching Tv  i saw 2 X the word focus… Thank you so much yesteday i cry tears of joy it’s thrue your website change my life , I continue To believe in you…You are incredible i will never forget you thank you

hi Uri Geller i would like to thank you for your words of encouragement
I am revising ,merci beaucoup !!!! have a nice day , i will tell you for the results
i visit your website regularly i wish you all the best for you and your family


hello Uri Geller my name is i M I’m French, I’m 17 I live in apt in the south of France, I saw you on TV  when you were In Paris with your experience with the spoon , when i saw you on tv I didn’t believe you but i make the experience and my spoon moved there were my sisters with me and we were very shocked and i think that you have a big  chance to have this talent I admire you .Morever one of my sister nadia sended you a email and you said that we have to be positive I really believe in you because when you send her the message she founded jobs and i really believe in you because I’m sure that what you say is thrue , that’s why this tuesday I’m going to  have results of my exam of the high school diploma i wanted to know if you can say if i’m going to have my exam or not  beacause I don’ trust in me and I want to know if you feel something please!!! i really believe in you because you felt that Michael Jackson is going to die  I really admire you  j’aimerais bien vous rencontrer un jour  gros bisous me and my sister are Fan of you Big kiss


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