I watched many news clips on the internet the day after Michael Jackson died.  I listened to your interview about your friendship with Michael Jackson.  You were so kind describing Michael.  I was so impressed by your generosity,  thoughtfulness and insights into Michael Jackson.  I want to thank you.  You’re very sensitive and loyal.  I know that Michael would have been moved to tears by what you had to say about him.  You made me feel better as I had been so depressed by his death.  You are a great man, a great friend.  I wish you all of the best.



Dear Uri,

I have just read your tribute to your friend Michael Jackson in The Weekly News, and having been reduced to tears, I am getting in touch to congratulate you on one of the most moving and beautiful articles I have ever read.

Your love for Michael shone through and you used words so beautifully to paint a picture of the man he truly was.

Your tribute moved me more than anything I have seen about Michael on the television since he died, and I suppose I just want to say thank you for putting so much effort into your column this week.

I guessed you would write about Michael, but your article was simply stunning. And I hope he is shining as brilliantly as ever in another life.

Best Wishes

Sue Wright


From: T. J.
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Subject: Michael
Sent: 8 Jul 2009 08:02

I have been watching tv and watched part of the news that mentioned that you were probably the closest person to him, other than his children.  A good friend to him.  I, like most, am a fan.  I didn’t realise how much of one until his passing.  We have lost a precious person & icon.  I wanted to send my condolences to you been left behind to mourn his passing.  God Bless you in these sad times. We will always love Michael Jackson.

Hi Uri … Just saw your conversation with CNN’s Nancy Grace regarding Michael and the cyberbullying he endured. The media is a cruel mistress as you yourself know from personal experience. When you describe how Michael stared “straight through you” with ice cold eyes while you pleaded with him to get help for his addiction I experienced the same with a loved one. It wasn’t Michael staring back at you. It was the addiction. Because Michael’s pain was so complex and so great he preferred not to endure it any longer. There was no other refuge available to him. His chiildhood was gone. Neverland was tainted and he now faced AEG and 50 dates as he approached 51. He truly believed he could not go on without his meds. No time for rehab and he was desperate. Those in his inner circle contributed MOST to his demise. No backbone to stage and carry out an intervention. His  handlers kept his family at bey–by his own orders. You also know that addicts isolate because of guilt and shame. The true blame lies with Michael’s decision not to get clean and stay clean along with those who benefited by his affected state of mental, emotional and physical vulnerability. It is the sad tale of someone who rode the carousel of fame and fortune and never got the chance to grab the brass ring. His life became continually toxic. He was robbed. Call it fame or addiction. Either one had a deadly outcome.


uri, i am not sure if this is the right place to reach you but i felt compelled to reach out to you and tell you that i am so sorry for your loss and the world’s loss of MJ. i have been listening to his music and watching his DVD’s since last week just “remembering the time” of when i was growing up in Chicago and L.A. and listening to “Off The Wall” and “Thriller”. remembering the time i would take the bus from south central L.A. to the valley to sit out in front of the Jackson compound hoping and wishing to see a Jackson on Havenhurst. all good times for me and i will always have those memories.

i have seen you on a couple of shows and i hear your pain and i want to say that you are in my prayers as well as his close family, friends and fans all over the world. we will NEVER see in our lifetime someone so talented and amazing as Michael Joseph Jackson.

thank you!


I watched you on CNN discussing Michael’s tragic death and it brought me to tears because you spoke of him so eloquently…You, Uri Geller, are the most famous entertainer in the world and yet the wisest and most humble person I have ever known. “One day I will be interviewed on television and the world will ask me what Uri was like. And I shall say that you were not a man at all, but a god.”

Peace and Love,


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