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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 21:17:29 +0000
Subject: RE: My daughter!

Helloo Uri,

I would just like to thankyou for calling me this morning and taking time to talk to me it made my day and still feels like it was dreaming! i really appreciate it. I feel i am very similar to you with my interests im also sensitive person and quite phycic and it makes me sad when people dont believe me or quite understand me and think im different i just want to make people happy & also animals i have a chinese crested dog which was in one of my photos i give him the best life as he has a bad heart he is so spoilt sleeping in my bed and i let him get away with everything!

I unfortunatly lost my grandad 5 years ago and brought me up as a dad as my dad was never around and we used to have talks when he was alive i used to say to him let me know if you can that there is something more after this lifetime but dont scare me grandad! He still keeps in touch with me when i ask him for a sign that he is still around somewhere i will always get one for example he brought me a clown orniment holding a heart when he was alive and it said “thinking of you” and that same night i would see lots of clowns when i watch the tv in the evening its amazing so many strange things which can’t possibly coincidences! I thought you might like to hear about them and loved when you said on qvc that energy cannot be destroyed and that we go on forever so that made the things that was happing make sence!

I would like to thankyou again i feel so much better there was a lovely sunset tonight which i watched and everything made sence and felt so much more positive i cant wait to get your jewelery for my birthday and i will never forget my 26th Birthday

Thankyou & i wish you all the best for the future

Love xxxxxx


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