I am a C2C listener who listens to the program on the next morning following the broadcast.  (C2C Insider)   I’m 59 years old and don’t recall ever hearing of you before.  I really enjoyed the whole show on C2C.

I have my deceased brother-in-laws watch, a very expensive Benrus gold wrist watch with 25 jewels. I have owned it for about 4 years and I know it quit working prior to my being given the watch 4 years ago.  A jeweler told me it would cost at least $100 to just open it and see if it could be fixed.  Anyway, I first tried the experiment of putting a different non-functioning watch in my hand; a retirement watch I own; that had quit working over a year ago.  I also put a spoon on my stereo receiver as you instructed.  The watch did not start working and the spoon did not bend.  However, I already knew that the watch has a dead battery, so I already knew what needed to be done to it to make it work.  (Can you envision the design on the watch; it is the government agency from which I retired?)

Anyway, it dawned on me that I could see in my mind that I already knew it needed a battery and it was up to me to take it in to be repaired.  So, I decided to look in my drawer and see if I could find the Benrus watch that was given to me.  I found it and looked at it and saw it still did not work.  I put it in my hand and did what you instructed us to do; also visualized the TV screen in my mind.  I felt I could visualize the gears that are in the watch and used my mind to insert energy to repair the watch; believing that I detected a slight in-normality on one of the small gear cogs that needed removal or bending to release the ability of the watch to operate.  I tried to influence the watch gear to be repaired to allow the watch to work again.  I then opened my eyes to see if it was working.  I was absolutely blown away when I saw it was working!  What a rush and a great huge laugh!

Then I quickly looked in my drawer again to locate another dead watch that had quit working about 8 years ago; to see if maybe it was now working.  It too was working, which is impossible because I know that the battery has been completely dead since about 2006; as I was forced to buy another watch at that time because it died.   Your idea of projecting positive thoughts are very important to me right now, especially with all that is going on in the world.


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