Hello Uri
This is X (Y’s Dad). Just to remind you Jai went into Great Ormond Street for an operation last Tuesday You said you would send out positive thoughts our way.

Well, it seems to have worked. Of all the possible options we were given that may happen that Day. Y only needed the simplest option. This wasn’t likely a few weeks ago. He ended up not requiring a catheter and remarkably had no pain relief he woke from the operation.

we shall be going back in november to see how well his bladder is functioning and to check his kidneys as fluid was spotted on one side. (this seems to have got slightly better).

As well as Y Us parent seemed to feel very calm and positive throughout the whole time. Bee my partner said that this was the most positive hospital experience she has had.

As Y had to be nil by mouth we fasted together, when he went down for his operation we went and got our first meal of the Day, I said to Bee I hope Uri positivity’s working. The second before this Bee had spotted a packet of spoons called ‘Benders’

The night before we went down to london, I listened to on of you radio shows from the web site. You were talking about 11.11 I had a spell of noticing these numbers, never knew it was a phenomena, after this you asked people to fix watches etc. I tried it (for Y). The kitchen clock had stopped. After this the second had started moving however it was stuck at 11 second eleven minutes to eleven and still ticks stuck at this time. My boys were born on the 11th too. Synchronicity.

Thank you Uri This may be a new start for us as a family, the last three years have always had a shadow over them as we have been in out of hospital since there early birth.

The next step for us is to get back on our feet Z starts her new job on Tuesday, I will be a stay at home Dad and try to launch my art career.

Speak soon X

Hi Uri

Just to reiterate our gratitude. The last three years have been very turbulant indeed, despite it all we seem to have two very soulful albeit lively boys. Although we have tried to maintain a positive attitude I know for myself I haven’t always been able to release it so it has definately taken its toll. I suppose it is also habitual, who knows. Pressure manifests in so many different forms.

From here we can only move onwards and upwards and start to realise our dreams!

Thank you again, please stay in touch.

All the very best to you and yours



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