Hello. Im your fan from Estonia and would like to ask you a few questions.I would be very exited if you could answer them.

1)How to get rid of negative energy that is sent to me?(Negative thought towards me etc)
2)My cat died 5 months ago and i am still very sad. After few weeks i had a dream were i saw my cat and she kind of transformed to another cat and said “Good Bye”.(It was written in the air in English).It was like real. I just wanted to know what do you think happens to people and animals after death?
3)Can you please say a few words or advises to me? My personality or something that i need to change. I would also like to know if i have some kind of physic abilities.

I know you have a lot of letters every day. Thank you if you have the time to answer.
Best Wishes.
<name removed for privacy>


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