My thanks to the following, for helping both me and this book in many ways: Uri Avneri, Moshe Ben-Haim, Michael Bentine, Robert Bolt and Sarah Miles, the Bulgari family, Aurelia and Dr Heinz Bundschuh, Eldon Byrd, Joseph Charles, Ron and Nicola Collin, Luis Conde, Yacov and Shoshi David, Iris Davidesco, Philip J. Donnison, Lady Mary Fairfax, Paul Fenton, Wolfgang Foges, Clement and Jill Freud, Matthew Freud, David Frost, John and Elizabeth Fuller, Ilonka Fullop, Eva Geller, Margaret Gero, Meir and Anat Gitlis, Beverly Gordey, Tony Hammond, John Hasted, Ron Hawke and family, Rany Hirsch, Volgyes Hugone, Brian Inglis, Byron and Maria Janis, Yasha Katz, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Betty Kenworthy, Adnan Khashoggi, Walter Klapper, Ulrich Kohli and family, Susan Elisabeth Korn, Richard Kuttner, Stuart Kuttner, Anita Lagercranz, Jesse and Pat Lasky, Beniamino Levi and Roberta, Larry and Gloria Lighter, Jose Lopez Portillo, Carmen Romano de Lopez Portillo, Tom Maschler, Jeff Mishlove, Edgar Mitchell, Brendan O’Regan, Gonczi Palne, Charles Panati’ Ian Paten, Gideon and Ofra Peleg, Lea Peleg, Princess Luciana Pignatelli, Guy Lyon Playfair, Santiago Pollarski, Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, Aliza and Martha Rosenberg, Michael and Jackie Rosenberg, Amnon, Roni and Tal Rubinstein, Yboi and Denes Schner, Dick and Joaney Seaver, Avi Setton, Dani Shalem, Arie and Hava Shtrang, Shipi Shtrang, Eli Tavor, Dennis Thomas, Barrie Thompson and family, Tibor, John Tishman, Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff, Margaret van Hatten, Bob Warth, Ezer Weissman, Sir John Whitmore, Bob and Candace Williamson, Colin Wilson, Donald Wood, Jun-Ichi Yaoi, Hezi and Tali Zakai, Artur Zorka. And to all my friends around the world.
And to Hanna, for keeping my feet on the ground.
I would like to thank the following for their help: David Bolt, Anthony Colwell, Mandy Greenfield, Maurice Grosse, Jack Houck, Dr Marcello Truzzi and Professor Robert Van de Castle. Special thanks are due to Uri Hanna and Shipi for their co-operation, patience and hospitality throughout the writing of this book.


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