PUBLISHED 1981 BY ROUTLEDGE & KEGAN PAUL, LONDON, BOSTON & HENLEY Permission for the reproduction of this text has been granted by Routledge. This text cannot be used in any form or at any other URL without further permission. Permission must be sought for any further use on any subsequent URLs. If the URL of the work changes then the applicant must inform Routledge immediately. The permission does not cover any material in the work in which rights are not held by the publisher.

Please note: this text is currently in an incomplete form and is gradually being updated. For this reason some of the mathematical equations, pictures and illustrations may not yet be present or readable.




  1. Apologia
  2. An introduction to metal-bending: involvement of the author
  3. Metal-benders and world reactions
  4. Techniques of validation when touch is allowed
  5. The detection of metal-bending action
  6. Simultaneous strains: the ‘surface of action’
  7. Extensions and contractions
  8. Movement of the surface of action
  9. Distance effects
  10. The localization of metal-bending action
  11. Directional effects
  12. Hardening, softening and magnetization
  13. Fractures and cleavages
  14. The French research
  15. Thermal phenomena
  16. Electromagnetic phenomena
  17. Structural phenomena
  18. Some psychological effects
  19. Poltergeist experiences and teleportation
  20. Further detail of teleportation
  21. The paranormal movement of objects: psychokinesis
  22. Human levitation
  23. Paranormal optical phenomena
  24. Informational psychic phenomena
  25. Physical background
  26. The many-universes interpretation of quantum theory and its implications
  27. Some general questions of philosophical interest
  28. References

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