Say goodbye to the Monday morning blues and get ready to take control of your powerful positive energy, as Uri tjlogoGeller kicks off his first monthly column:
The Jewish faith and new technology seem two of the least likely partners. Our religion is rooted in the unquestioning spirituality of our ancestors millennia ago. Our computers, on the other hand, are plugged into a 21st century power supply, both literally and metaphorically. How can they connect?

The extraordinary hi-tech revolution in Israel proves to me that a Jewish mind is uniquely able to cope with the GCAr5aG21complexities of tomorrow. We have almost twice as many scientists and technicians per thousand workers in Israel as there are in the US – and almost three times as many as the British.

So do not turn away when I ask you to use your computer to strengthen your faith. G-d has given us the microchip to use in every way which can benefit our souls.

Touch the symbol, and say aloud, “My mind is strong!” Now think about what you have said, and repeat it, with all the fervent truthfulness you can convey in your voice

Stare at the symbol on your screen. It can be your connection to a fund of positive energy. Reach out and place your fingers on the glass of the monitor. Go on, touch it. Don’t be reticent! You won’t get an electric shock – this is a different kind of power you are going to channel!

Touch the symbol, and say aloud, “My mind is strong!” Now think about what you have said, and repeat it, with all the fervent truthfulness you can convey in your voice: “My mind is strong!”

Say it again, forcefully: “My mind is strong!” Now say it
loudly, affirmatively, with certainty: “MY MIND IS STRONG!!”

The surge of energy which is uplifting you at this instant
cannot be denied. You feel good, and you know you do. Think about this feeling – your computer has just taught you one of the most important lessons of your life. Your mind truly is strong, immeasurably strong. And it’s right for you to feel very good about that!

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