A Close Encounter

There comes a time when we have to move beyond mystery and realise the mastery of the most powerful energy in the world – the human mind. No one is better qualified than Uri Geller and Dadi Janki to lead us beyond the body into realms of mind and spirit, show us how they work, and inspire us to develop these ‘other dimensions’ in ourselves.

Uri Geller

For over thirty years Uri has astounded both the public and the scientific community with psychic feats which havedadi no conventional scientific explanation. He has the ability to change the structure of matter as ‘he talks to the molecules with nothing more than his thoughts. He has halted cable cars and escalators in Germany, stopped Big Ben in London and wiped computer tapes all over the world. Thousands of spoons have melted in his hands and countless broken watches started. During the last decade he has discovered oil and mineral deposits. Hundreds of experts have studied the ‘Geller Effect’.

”The powers of this man are a phenomenon which physics cannot explain.” Dr. Friedbert Karger, Max Planck Institute of Physics, Germany.

”Geller is extraordinarily gifted in telepathy.” Prof. Mittennecker, University of Graz, Austria

”Amazing feats of mental wizardry.” Edgar Mitchell, 6th man on the moon.

Uri also has a passion for peace and believes that when the mind is focused not only is anything possible, but what was previously thought to be impossible becomes probable. In his mission to help restore peace in the world he says, ”We’ll see it when we believe it!”

Dadi Janki

As a world renowned authority and teacher of spiritual development, Dadi Janki circles the globe every year inspiring and touching the hearts and minds of thousands. She doesn’t attract followers but creates leaders. She does not rely on the effect of words but unites people with the power of silence. As a ‘spiritual alchemist’ she has, with one glance or an insightful piece of wisdom, deeply moved many to live their life a different way. She challenges old beliefs and values and reveals new truths and principles which are the basis of self empowered transformation.

While her mind was once scientifically tested and deemed ‘the most stable mind in the world’ most will say that it is the power of her love which inspires their love for her. She will say that her love simply comes from God.

As she moves around the world she teaches audiences of thousands on one day, meeting presidents and prime ministers the next. She demonstrates the method of transcending all limits – age, health, gender, personality and nature. Her compassion is unconditional, her spirituality is magnetic and her wisdom complete.

”Your mind is capable of moving into another dimension in a second, but your body must stay here – when you experience this difference you have just become the scientist and your experience is both the final and the only proof that you are not of this world ” Dadi Janki

The Last Close Encounter

Uri and Dadi have met only once before. It was a moving, magical and mysterious encounter, as each looked into the other’s mind and heart. Their combined mental and spiritual power sparked an unexplainable experience in the minds of the audience. You are invited to join them for their second close encounter, this time in the magnificent setting of the Royal Albert Hall. Five thousand people will join you to electrify the atmosphere, and who knows what could happen.

You’ll see it when you believe it!

The Result

Uri invited a group of children onto the stage. He demonstrated the deflection of a compass by PK then asked ticketmembers of the audience to get their keys out and some of those who had them bend came forward. Then came a demonstration of seed germination by Mindpower. Uri showed this astonishing process to the audience via the video screens. Two children on stage had seeds germinate in their hands while this was going on. These were several centimeters long and showed their first leaves.

Dr. Fenwick told of his success in recording evoked response EEG by telepathy. Uri’s response showed some delay from that of Dadi Janki who heard the bleeps. This was a preliminary investigation. To obtain a copy of the video tape please contact Brahma Kumaris. There is a brief extract of the seed germination an telepathy experiment here

Uri and Dadi Janki told of their philosophy and life histories.

The program of events is shown below:-


By Lynne Franks

The Dance of the Elements

By The Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts

The Gift You Are

Sung by Lenette van


Mind and Matter

A presentation by

Dr Peter Fenwick

The Psychic the Yogi

Uri Geller and Dadi Janki.

Introduced and interviewed by Lynne Franks

Thoughts of Peace

By Sister Jayanti

‘I am’

Sung by Luce Drayton

Final word

Lynne Franks


Sung by Clarke Peters

Dr Peter Fenwick,

MB, BChir, DPM, FIRCPsych

Dr Fenwick is senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at John Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, and Honorary Consultant in Neurophysiology to Broadmoor Special Hospital. He has published numerous scientific papers on brain function and also several papers on meditation and altered states of consciousness. His most recent book is ‘The Truth in the Light . Dr Fenwick is also Chairman of the Scientific and Medical Network, a group of doctors and scientists seeking to deepen understanding in science and medicine by fostering intuitive as well as rational insights.

Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti is based in the United Kingdom as Director of the Brahma Kumaris, London, the University’s International Coordinating Office. Since 1969 she has been a teacher, counsellor, lecturer and broadcaster on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris. She has travelled to over 80 countries establishing and sustaining the work of the University. Prominent lecture themes have included health, education, racial harmony, women’s needs, peace and international relations.


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“There is no spoon!”

The Matrix

“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

Tannens Magic Blog

“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

Clint Eastwood

“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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