2nd November 1996


Uri Geller’s astonishing story

FROM the very start of his career, Uri Geller has astonished and confounded the world of psychics, meggmagicians and cynical reporters who thought they’d seen and heard it all.
Mysteriously bending spoons, making broken clocks and watches tick once more, reading minds, and including millions of newspaper readers in experiments, has kept his name at the forefront of the paranormal
And on top of his numerous TV appearances, tours and his busy schedule of psychic experiments and seminars abroad, he has recently produced his own monthly magazine, Uri Geller’s Encounters which features the paranormal.
And it was while talking about his magazine that Uri told The Weekly News a truly astonishing story.
Since he shot to fame in the 1960s, he has met many celebrities, including the former Beatle, the late John Lennon, in New York.
He said that he has just recently decided to write about their meeting.
“I’ve kept this story to myself for many, many years and never told it to anyone,” he revealed.
“When John told me of this event, it was so bizarre and weird and so ahead of its time that no-one would have believed it, but today people are telling how they have been taken into UFOs and probed by aliens from outer space.
“I always think if 90% of these stories are made-up fantasies and dreams, and if 10% is real, that is enough for something being true out there and really happening.

Bright light

“John never asked me to keep his story a secret, so I thought it would be interesting to tell it in my first magazine. It basically blew my mind because I was already then a believer in extra-terrestrials visiting our planet,” Uri said.
“There was a minute that I questioned John’s integrity – maybe him being under the influence of LSD or drugs – but he wasn’t.
“We were in Manhattan in the mid-1970s. John and I were sitting at a table when he started talking about UFOs – he brought up the subject himself.
“So I said to him, ‘You know John, not only do I believe in UFOs, but I’ve seen UFOs and I’ve photographed them.’ John then took me to a quieter corner and told me a story.
“One night he was lying in his bed in the Dakota building where he lived in New York and suddenly noticed an extremely bright light pouring in from around the edges of the bedroom door. It was so powerful, he thought it was someone aiming a searchlight through his apartment.”
“He got up, crossed to the door and flung it open. The next thing he could remember were four thin-looking figures.”
“He said that the figures came over to him as he just stood there.”
“Two of them held his hands and the other two gently pushed his legs and he was gently guided into this tunnel of light. He was shown all of his life, just like watching a movie, and he told me it was the most outstandingly beautiful thing he’d ever seen.”
“John recalled something being given to him. That was all he remembered, but when he opened his hand there was this odd-looking, not quite egg-shaped, ball of metal – very smooth and very heavy, about an inch or so wide.”(See picture above.)
“I was astounded. I said it sounded like an alien encounter and he seemed to agree and said that he couldn’t think of another explanation himself. He was very serious about the incident but also funny about it.”
“Then he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out the object the aliens had given him and gave it to me.”
“When I touched it I felt a deep sadness – I don’t know why – it was like a loneliness.”
“Maybe it was a premonition about his murder, but anyway, that was John’s alien story and it happened in the middle of New York.”
“He gave the object to me and I didn’t want to accept it. I said, ‘Isn’t this precious to you, because I think you should have it.'”
“I have had this since the day he gave it to me.”
“I really cherish it.”


In the next month, Uri will be appearing in no less than five TV shows. len
He’s on BBC1’s Record Breakers, this Monday then on Tuesday, November 12, he’s on satellite channel CNN.
The next day, it’s ITV in the last of the series It’s A Mystery, when he reads presenter Sophie Aldred’s mind. On Channel 4 on November 21, he guests on Gamesmaster and, to complete the nap hand, he’s on Noel’s House Party, where Noel Edmonds lined him up as a victim of the Gotcha awards.
“They tried to get me,” Uri laughed, “but I psychically detected them. Noel was very impressed. It’s the first time that has ever been done.”


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“There is no spoon!”

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“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

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“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

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“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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