The *Nsync logo designed by Uri Geller.

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The *Nsync logo designed by Uri Geller.
2004-01-06 19:21

At the astonishing party thrown by Michael Jackson to celebrate his 30 years as a solo artist, in New York ten days ago, I was delighted to spot some youngsters who have achieved extraordinary success since I last ran into them – Joey, Justin, JC, Chris and Lance, the boys of Nsync.

They greeted me as a mentor, which startled me. When we were introduced at a showbiz event in London’s Covent Garden, a couple of years ago, I had enjoyed their sharp banter and sense of fun, and I’d immediately identified the talent and ambition which could take them to the top – which has made them, in fact, America’s biggest pop outfit.

They’d wanted me to bend a spoon, and of course I was happy to oblige. But in New York they reminded me of something else which I had almost forgotten – “You designed our logo,” exclaimed Justin “You grabbed a piece of paper and you drew this five-pointed star, and you told us if we put that star on the cover of our next single and featured it in everything we did, we would be Number One.
How did you know that?” Did you use the star, then?” I asked, pleased and surprised “Did we use it?” they chorused. “Look at the logo!” And I saw that the jaunty little star was stamped at the left of every logo – the name, an acronym made up of a letter from each boy’s first name, incorporates my drawing like an extra letter. On the website, the stars flash and glitter across their home page.
The five-pointed star has been a powerful symbol of benevolent magic since mankind first began to write. There is no doubt in my mind that the mysterious energies that flow from the pattern have supercharged Nsync’s spectacular career.

“Uri, have you any idea how much you should have billed us for?” JC demanded. Over breakfast the next day I told my lawyer the story and he growled, “Just wait till I hit them with the invoice!”
But I’m very happy to make this a gift to the boys. After all, I couldn’t be the fifth Beatle – so I’ll style myself the sixth Nsync instead.

Uri adds: The happiness we all shared at Michael’s party has turned to ashes with the catastrophe visited upon my beloved New York Please join me in praying for all the victims and their families.
I lived in the city for several years, and have many dear friends there, all of whom are shocked beyond belief. Everybody there knows someone who lost their life or whose family was affected.

In a mark of respect I have suspended my Psychic Challenge for this week, and I would ask all my readers who usually enjoy trying to tune their minds into mine, to turn your thoughts instead to the human tragedy. I know, of course, that many of you will have been praying for the survivors and rescue workers. If you want to make a donation or offer help in other ways, I recommend the Red Cross website at


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