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Right, but it also affects your mind and soul. The critical thing for keeping my soul healthy is that I have a wonderful family and terrific friends. I also think that what goes around, comes around – I’ll be treated the way I treat others.

The soul …

Exactly. And as for the mind, I’m convinced that positive thinking is crucial to a healthy, contented life. I just don’t allow negative thoughts. No doubt all that together has effects on the aging process. That’s the whole “secret,” and it’s certainly no miracle.

Is there a similarly logical, scientific explanation of where your preternatural powers come from?

Not an explanation. But there’s proof of my powers. In the past I’ve repeatedly gone through scientific tests. You can read the results any time on my Web site (; – ed. note). For example, Wernher von Braun tested me under scientific conditions in a space lab at NASA. All the scientists have said, “We don’t have an explanation, but we’re convinced what we’re seeing is real.”

Wouldn’t you yourself like to know where these powers come from?

I’m a very religious man, and I’d like to believe that somewhere in the universe there’s a higher power that guides everything. I’m sure that everything is infinite, and thus everything is possible, and that there’s energy in every creature and every object, too. Even this table we’re sitting at, which looks so solid, is nothing but a vibrating mass of molecules. We live in an ocean of energy, and that energy can’t die. Albert Einstein proved with his famous equation E=mc2 that everything is energy. But where does that energy go when our body dies? I don’t know. But I’m convinced that it’s immortal.

What’s your idea of God?

As a little boy I imagined God the way he appears in Michelangelo’s paintings, old and white-bearded. Today, God to me is everything. He’s Hindu and Muslim, Christian and Buddhist. I respect all religions, and everyone should be allowed to believe in what they want to. Only extremism is repellent to me.

Your powers are no doubt an _expression of energy. Do you have control over those powers all the time?

No, no one can really control anything. Maybe right now you’re not really sitting with me at this table at all, and maybe there’s no “out there” either. It’s only our consciousness that creates a world. I recently made a very important film, “Staya Erusa” (; – ed. note), where we prove that there’s life after death.

That would make a sensation …

I intentionally sought out scientists, even Nobel Prize winners, to provide the proof. The public believes these people, they’re trustworthy. The film helps draw a cohesive picture of the universe. We talk about black holes, UFOs …

You believe in UFOs?

Let me ask you: when you look at the sky at night and see those millions of stars twinkling, it’s just impossible to assume we’re alone in the universe. Yes, I believe in UFOs. There’s life out there.

What do these beings from space look like? Are they the little green men from Mars?

I’ve never seen a being from another planet, but I’ve certainly seen UFOs, beyond a doubt. I’m convinced that there are a great many different kinds of – let’s call them aliens. Green or gray, or with big eyes, or whatever. And that’s quite simply because I’m convinced that there’s not just one other civilization out there, but millions of them. And for these “aliens” we may be the ones who look strange, like aliens.

Then is there not just one God, but one for each planet and each solar system?

That’s a good question. But I can’t answer it. Our minds can’t even begin to comprehend the complexity of the universe. I can only tell you what I believe: there’s one God for everything. Maybe you and I are even a part of God. How can somebody claim anything else, when you can’t prove the opposite? I don’t share the Darwinian viewpoint that we came from the mud and evolved first into lizards, amphibians and dinosaurs.

But instead?

I believe we were brought here from other planets, maybe 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Then humanity gradually evolved. I can’t prove it, of course, but in any case it’s a possibility.

In the past people have criticized you fiercely for your work and your beliefs, and that hurt you deeply. Has increasing age made it easier for you to deal with those critics?

First, I’d like to point out that what I believe has little or nothing to do with my work as a mystifier. When I was young and naïve, those critics did hurt. But then I gradually learned that there’s nothing better than bad publicity, as long as they spell my name right. An example: In 1973 they invited me to appear on the “Johnny Carson Show,” which was the biggest talk show on U.S. TV at the time. What I didn’t know was that Carson didn’t believe in my abilities, and he made a fool of me. Nothing worked. It was the most degrading few minutes of my life, and I thought, “Uri, you’re finished in America.”

What happened then?

Next morning I got a phone call at my hotel from Merv Griffin. It was him on the phone personally, not his secretary! In those days Griffin was of a similar caliber to Johnny Carson and now he wanted me for his show. Then I realized – bad publicity is at least better than no publicity. These critics have been after me, and unintentionally advertising me, for 40 years now. If I’d hired a PR manager to do that it would probably have cost me five million dollars by now. It was those critics who really created the “Uri Geller” myth.

And “Uri Geller” is a man of many facets. You fought for Israel in the Six Day War in 1967, they say you’ve worked for the CIA, they even say that you’ve looked for oil for the Mexican government. Today you live in England and still enjoy major successes in Germany, as you’ve been doing for more than 30 years. Do you still have a place you call home?

For me, home is where my family is. At the moment I’m living with my wife here in this hotel, so this is home. Home can be anywhere, but especially out in nature, on a lake or in a park, where I can best recharge my batteries and find peace. But my roots will always be in Israel, because that’s where I was born, and because that’s where my Jewish origins lie. I’ll always have a magnetic attraction to Israel.

Once you said about Germany, “This is where Uri Geller was created.” Have you ever felt a conflict of conscience at feeling obligated to a country that did such unimaginable damage to life, and especially to your people?

What’s unimaginable for me is blaming today’s generations for the crimes of their fathers or grandfathers. How could I? When I came to Germany in the early 70s, everybody was so incredibly hospitable to me. I have many German friends. A German classmate was my best friend in school. A much more important question for me is: where was the God I believe in when these atrocities were being committed – when the Holocaust was happening?

You feel doubt at times like that?

Yes, of course. Or maybe I should rather say that at those times I have difficulties understanding the larger connections and plans of God, because our minds simply can’t grasp that.

A last question, also about things we men can’t understand: women. Why are there hardly any women who work as magicians or mystifiers?

That’s a very interesting question that I often ask myself, too. I think that in the great plan of life, women are above us men in a certain way, because they can give life, and thus perform miracles every day all over the world. And if you ask me about the greatest miracle of all, I’d say, “giving birth, that’s the greatest miracle in the world.”


The connection with life beyond Earth is probably more of an interaction
than design from new, because there are similarities between humans and other
life on Earth.
It could be that genetic samples were taken and improved upon then reintroduced
or there may even have been a more subtle changes brought about by the direct
action of mind. During the accelerated psychic seed germinations there are
sometimes genetic changes seen, these depend on the thought at the time.
A similar process could have affected life on Earth and the mind would have
been alien to the creatures living there in those times.


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