Five signs to symbolise New Year

December 29, 2000

IT has been a potent symbol of the future throughout our lifetimes: 2001. The setting of great sci-fi like Space Odyssey and childhood heroics like Buck Rogers in the 21st Century. The antidote to grim visions like Orwell’s 1984.

As the New Year dawns, 2001 will be a symbol no longer. It will be the date on our cheques, the newest file in our archives, the heading in our diaries.

The human mind needs symbols. 2001 is not a number: it has been a symbol which contained our hopes and dreams of a peaceful, healthy future, with technology to make life comfortable and medicine to make life long.

I shall be meditating upon this vision of 2001 as the clock strikes midnight at the turn of the New Year.

To help focus my mind, I have created five pictures, all based on Jewish symbols, which I would like to share with you.

The first is a menorah. It is growing from the ground, a holy plant with heart-like leaves, and two Stars of David blaze like blossoms on its branches. The smoke from its central flame spirals to infinity.

The second is a Star of David, burning with angelic brightness. The eye at the centre is the human ‘third eye’, the intuitive sensor which is located on the forehead, above the bridge of the nose.

Hearts twist in curlicues from the points of the star.

The third illustrates my conception of the mind’s power to affect reality. A ray of energy bursts from the third eye of a human head, seen in profile at the top left of the drawing.

The ray energises a three-part object which might be the metal prongs of a fork — or which might be the trifold aspect of human nature: intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

The object is bending under the ray’s force. Above it, stone tablets — the Ten Commandments of Moses — are being born in ablaze of fire.

The fourth again shows a ray beaming from an eye, but this time it is balanced with a symbol of food, fertility and Earth’s richness — a fish.

The fish is swimming deep in the human subconscious, cut off from the thinking part of the mind by a thick barrier which is nevertheless permeable to the bubbles which seep up.

In this way, our consciousness feeds on the thoughts we can never grasp — elusive, slippery images, never words, which dart like fish through our minds’ depths.

The last and most complex image is based upon a word which is a symbol to all mankind: Jerusalem.

A Star of David blazes in one of its letters, but look closely and you will also find Muslim crescents and Christian crosses. Above Jerusalem, a man and a woman (but which is which?) exchange infinite love with their mouths and eyes.

Their minds are joined by the numeric symbol of mystery and universal oneness — 1111. And below the city, a gun fires bullets which turn to dripping hearts, slowly bleeding into a chalice whose base is a fish.

All of these images were created from a deep longing for love, wholeness and peace. These three blessings I wish each of you in the New Year. Happy 2001!

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