May 26, 2000

I AM sometimes accused of hating science. Sceptics and sarcastic journalists regard me as the epitome of anti-science, a peddlar of superstitions or mumbo-jumbo who recoils from the rational as a vampire flies from daylight.

They are very wrong. They accuse me because they cannot explain my powers with current science.

But I trust science much more deeply than the sceptics, because I believe science will one day define the energies of the paranormal.

One day we will possess scientific explanations for telepathy and psychokinesis. Science will understand precognition and prophecy. And scientistics will see the face of God.

My faith in science took a great leap upwards when I learned this week that Israeli physicist Sorin Solomon had proved the existence of angels.

Solomon’s angels are not the white-robed, gull-winged trumpet-players of Hollywood epics. They are mal’akhim (agents of God).

In the 11th century, Spanish philosopher-poet Yehudah Ha-Levi declared angels to be immortal, and 21st century science proves him right — angels cannot die and their immortality saves human beings from certain extinction.

Solomon leads a team at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which set out last year to create a model of life at its most basic level. They drew a flat grid, and in every square placed a ‘mortal’ — an imaginary lifeform which could not breed, could not think and which sooner or later would die.

Across the grid they then scattered a handful of ‘angels’ — immortal lifeforms — which flitted about and, wherever they landed, would enable the mortals to reproduce.

Solomon expected the mortals to die out anyway. Sooner or later the angels would wander into barren patches where life was already extinct — and, in the absence of angelic aid, the remaining pockets of mortals would fade away.

Instead, as the team conducted countless experiments, they found that even a solitary angel was enough to sustain an island of life. Wherever the angel led, the blind, unthinking mortals would follow.

The research drew excited interest from many academic disciplines across Israel — from the creation theologist Moshe Idel, from the applied mathematician Achi Brandt, from Henry Atlan and Tamar Weiss at the university’s school of medicine, and from stock market expert Haim Levy.

They found the model worked at all levels of life. It accurately demonstrated how sea-borne bacteria which need only sunlight to survive will seem to follow the sun.

It showed how investors, even at their most ignorant, would gravitate to the healthy stocks and shares. It showed how a virus such as AIDS spread, even as they destroyed their hosts.

It showed how elephants and horses could evolve, without any species between — no elehorses or equiphants. And it showed how major religions survived, though each was radically different from the others.

The angel of the bacteria was the sun. It burned everlastingly, and wherever the sun spilled, the bacteria would flourish.

The angel of investors was the bullish stock, multiplying capital. Wherever money was made, bankruptcies receded.

The angel of AIDS was sexual intercourse, and the angels of evolution were the minute factors which gave any species a unique foothold — the trunk of the elephant, the speed of the horse. Solomon’s angels, he explains, ”constitute the difference between death and life”.

In religion most of all, divine intelligence is clearly visible as the angels intervene. The immortal truths are what enable faith to survive.

The oneness of God, the power of prayer, the simplicity of doing good, the necessity of observing holy laws, the indestrucibilty of the soul — these things are mal’akhim, our angels.

Where we remain true to these ideals, our faith survives and spreads. Our people survive too.

But when we abandon our angels, we become merely mortal. Atheists, and doomed to die.

The angels of Judaism are too powerful ever to let our faith crumble away. Even when the assault of the mortal seems unstoppable, the angels have always led the Jews to safety. According to Sorin Solomon’s wisdom, it is a scientific certainty that this will always happen.

It would be fascinating to know what Solomon’s team make of the idea, being seriously debated by some leading Catholics, that humans were moulded from hominids, or primitive apemen, by extraterrestrial visitors to Earth around 300,000 years ago.

This thesis, which draws on the myths of the Sumerians and the Biblical tradition of the Nefilim, suggests that our ancestors were genetically engineered by ‘Emissaries for the Universal Creator’ — in other words, angels.

Angels or aliens, their existence is not impossible, according to the Vatican theologian Monsignor Corrado Balducci. This expert on demonology, who is the leading exorcist of the Archdiocese of Rome and a member of the Catholic Church’s Curia or senate, believes there is intelligent life on other planets, and that like humans it is aware of God, of good and of evil.

”They are beings,” he said last month, ”more advanced than us. Their nature is an association of a material part and a spiritual part, a body and a soul, although in different proportions to human beings on Earth.

”Angels are beings who are purely spiritual, devoid of bodies, while we are made up of spirit and matter, but still at a low level.”

With every step towards spiritual understanding which science takes, I believe humans rise a little higher.

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