Touch of Uri magic cured my sick son

4TH Jan 1998


Mum’s delight as Jamie, 9, ditches crutches


A CRIPPLED schoolboy is now jumping for joy – after psychic superstar Uri Geller mystified medics and transformed nw3the lad’s life with just the touch of his hand.

And nine-year-old Jamie Patrick’s delighted mother Paula admitted: “I used to be sceptical about things like this.”

“All I know is Jamie was due to have surgery on his withered hip but after seeing Uri he got better!”

Doctors had told sports fan Jamie he would never be able to play his beloved football again unless he underwent a painful operation.

But now the chirpy youngster has tossed aside his crutches after the experts cancelled the surgery admitting his damaged joint was “healing itself”.


And last week Jamie met with mystic Uri again and celebrated a New Year free from agony.

“I wanted him to bend my crutches for me,” giggled Jamie. “But my mum said no because they’ll have to go back to the hospital!”

Two years ago he was diagnosed as suffering from Perthes Disease – a bone-crumbling condition – and was expecting to start 1998 in hospital. hobbling his way back to health after surgery.

Instead Jamie was laughing and riding up and down his street in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, on his new Christmas bike. Chatting excitedly he told us how the problem began:

“I remember I was playing football for my town when my left hip started to ache badly. I tried to rest it but it didn’t get better.

Then I was on holiday with my mum, dad and sister in Cornwall and we went on long walks.

It hurt so much I cried and in the end the doctor told me I had Perthes Disease – a sort of arthritis which stops blood going to the joint.

My hip had started to disintegrate and my left leg got much thinner and weaker.

I was in a lot of pain if I walked far or did any sports.

I went to Nuffield Hospital in Oxford to see a Doctor Benson who put a dye in my leg to see how bad it was. He told me I needed an operation to graft my hip bone back together.

I was given crutches and told to go home and wait for a date for the operation.

Then a neighbour said he’d spoken to his friend Uri Geller about me and about a week later Uri rang. Everyone was very surprised when he invited us all to his house for tea.

His place was amazing with lots of big crystals and bent spoons – and he bent one for me, too.

Then he put his hands on my hip for ten minutes and I could feel this tingling feeling going through me. Nothing happened straight away, but over the summer I started to use my crutches less and less and my hip started to feel better.

Uri gave me a teddy bear wearing a crystal and we kept in touch on the phone. He said he hoped the operation would go well.

Then on December 16 I went for the surgery. I was very scared and when I was being given the gas to knock me out I was screaming and shouting.

But when I woke up I had no plaster on me and the doctor said the operation wasn’t needed because it was mending on its own.

I still have to be careful and I can’t play soccer yet but I’m running around and doing things I couldn’t do before. I don’t know how it happened, apart from the fact that Uri helped me. I think he’s really cool!”

Fighting back tears mum Paula, 34, added: “I can’t explain it. A year ago Jamie was dependent on his crutches.”

“That was very sad for me to watch because he’s an extremely bright child, and usually very sporty.”

“So it was really getting him down. When I heard how Jamie didn’t have to have the op after all I was so thrilled and relieved. Uri is a very nice man!”

Jamie’s GP, Dr Peter Petrie, admitted cautiously: “It’s certainly very encouraging that he hasn’t needed an operation so far.”


“I know about the visit to Uri and all I can say is I welcome anything that helps people.”

“I don’t know how Mr Geller works but he certainly has fewer side-effects than some of the drugs we offer!”

And as Jamie sat by his side Uri, 51, revealed: “When I put my hands on Jamie’s hip I concentrated hard for about ten minutes and I thought very positive thoughts.”

“I’ve done this sort of thing dozens of times but I can’t explain what I do. Although I have a power to bend metal I don’t claim to work medical miracles.”

“I think that by talking to Jamie and putting my hands on him I triggered something so tremendously powerful and positive in his brain that he started to heal himself.”

“Our minds are very advanced and we only use ten per cent of our brain power. I’m not a miracle worker, healer or prophet. I can only spark the healing powers in a person’s own mind. There can never be any guarantees.”

“I believe in God and when something like this happens I think it proves there are things that are still way beyond our understanding.”

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