TV terror of water trick girl

It’s not just the cutlery that’s bent in our kitchen. My favourite goblets have a distinct curve too. They are elegant glassware, made by the Leonardo works in Germany, and whenever I serve drinks to guests I hold a glass up and declare, “These were straight when we bought them!”

Lucky escape … studio aide breaks tank

The contestant, 26 — known only as Amila — was trying to prove her psychic powers by guessing a four-figure code to release her.

But after two attempts she had picked just a pair of correct numbers.

Millions of viewers then watched her struggling underwater for 25 seconds as the tank filled to the top.

An assistant rushed on stage with bolt cutters to break into the tank on German show, The Next Uri Geller.

Worry … Uri Geller

Amila was pulled out gasping for air.

Geller yesterday told The Sun he had a bad feeling about the stunt.

He said: Luckily somehow I had this instinct to shout out: ‘Get her out of there quickly’. It was a horrifying drama.

Amila was trying to read the mind of a comedian who knew the numbers.

Geller said: I felt that there was no harmony between them.

But he is urging producers to let her try AGAIN next week.

He said: I am afraid that if she doesn’t do it again she might have a major phobia of this performance.

The show sees wannabe illusionists compete to become Geller’s successor.

Amila was voted through to the next round by viewers despite her ordeal on Tuesday.

Geller added: People expected me to give her a very negative verdict, but I didn’t.

I was very impressed by her confidence and her courage.

A spokeswoman for ProSieben channel said: Her security was paramount at all times.

See the Accident here


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