I want to thank all of my friends mentioned in this book who know, beyond anything I could express, how much they gave in love, loyalty, and dedication. I also include friends and enemies not specifically mentioned who helped to make me wiser and stronger.
The tragedy of the death of Arigo, the great Brazilian healer, in 1971, awakened my consciousness to become a seeker. The seeking brought me to Israel, where I met Uri Geller, about whom this book is written. After I was convinced that Uri’s abilities were genuine, I arranged to have him studied in the United States. Captain Edgar D. Mitchell, former astronaut, undertook the management of the first institutional research on Uri, and with Russell Targ, Harold Puthoff, and Wilbur Franklin carried out the initial experiments at Stanford Research Institute in late 1972.
I especially acknowledge the loyalty and talent of my close circle of working associates. We have been together for many years preparing for the advent of Uri Geller. To Luis Cortes for his brilliant medical research leadership in the work on Arigo in Brazil. To Melanie Toyofuku for her collaboration on research projects over the years and who was the first to welcome Uri in Europe when he left Israel. To Yasha Katz for his personal support of Uri in West Germany and elsewhere. To Solveig Clark for her organizing work on our many research expeditions and her deep devotion. To Werner Schmid for organizing Uri’s public appearances, and his vitality that carries us all along. To Byron and Maria Janis for their deep understanding and help in making it possible for Uri to demonstrate his paranormal powers in public. To Judy Skutch for her leadership in keeping alive the institutional research on Uri.
Ira Einhorn’s imagination helped to formulate this book and to get it to the attention of publishers. Sharron McCann helped me through the agony of writing, typing, and editing the manuscript and served as a sounding board for many of the ideas and feelings herein. Bill Whitehead’s cool judgment and courage got the book published. My greatest debt is to Uri for giving me the privilege of being his scribe.
Andrija Puharich


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