APPENDIX THREE Clock, Time, and Prayer

On the Instructions of Spectra to Pray for Peace Whenever My Watch Stopped (See page 136.)
Tel Aviv, Israel; December 21-24, 1971
On December 21, 1971, as I drove to Uri’s apartment in Tel Aviv, I started my prayer. I had got into the habit now of going into prayer consciousness as soon as the watch stopped. When I arrived, Uri looked at the stopped watch, put his hand over it, and it started to run, at 1:21 P.M., local time.
We discussed the experience he had had with the brown suitcase. There was no question that it was my suitcase which was stored at the Sharon Hotel. Later on when I checked the storage closet, I found my Taperlite suitcase in place, and not in any way changed. We could not come to any conclusion as to the meaning of this event. I felt that it was only an assurance of continuing presence to help allay our recurring doubts. Feeling very tired from my all-night vigil, I left shortly to return to my hotel.
I lay down on the sofa in my room, and I remember looking at the watch as I was dozing off to sleep. I remember seeing it come to a halt at 2:45:45 P.M., just before sleep overtook me. I awoke at 4:39 P.M. (electric clock time) and saw that my watch was indeed standing still, at 2:45:45. Fortunately I was alone, with no one to disturb me, and was able seriously to apply myself to peace prayers. The watch remained stopped for twenty-one hours and twenty-seven minutes. I did the best I could to stay awake and keep the prayer for peace and love for Mr. Sadat going. However, there were distractions. At 10:15 A.M. on December 22 I turned on the RCA radio in the room. There was only one station on the air, at 760 kc, very loud and clear, and all in Hebrew. All other stations were absent on this radio. When I checked the other stations with my Sony battery radio, they were all on the air normally. I found at 10:49 A.M. that all other stations suddenly came through normally on the hotel radio. I reasoned that I was being shown yet another aspect of the intelligent control over electronic communications systems.
Reuven came to see me at noon. At 12:12 P.M. (electric clock time) my watch began to run normally while he and I were looking at it. I left the hotel at about 1 P.M. to go into Tel Aviv to attend to some business at the American embassy. While I was at the embassy, my watch stopped, at 3:45:45. But I had no local time clock to check against when this occurred. After sitting by the seashore for some three hours in quiet prayer, I went to see Uri. While with him, at 6:06 P.M., local time, my watch started to run again by itself. We left his apartment at 6:50 P.M. to drive to a place near Rehovot where he had a show in a theater.
As we drove in the darkness, a cold, driving rain beat against the car. We were discussing our deep concern for the danger of a war. I was in the middle of the following sentence, “I believe that Mr. Sadat will make a decision tomorrow about going to war,” when the car horn gave one short blast of sound, all by itself! Uri and I looked at each other, realizing that every word of ours was somehow being overheard. A few minutes later the headlights switched off by themselves, forcing us to stop. A few minutes later the lights switched on by themselves.
The show was in a large theater with no heat, and the feeling of cold had a bone-chilling effect. The crowd was young, rather wild, and very noisy. At 8:30 P.M. the show started; my watch stopped at 5:45:45. While the variety show went on, I pretended to be asleep, but was in fact engaged in my peace prayer. Uri’s part of the show was on from 11 to 11:30. During this period I had the feeling that the power of my prayer was being amplified. We left the theater at 11:30, and when Uri and I met, my watch began to run again.
On the road back to Tel Aviv, the car lights suddenly went off, and the engine went off suddenly. We parked at the edge of the road and waited. In two minutes an invisible hand turned the lights on again. It was then that we discovered that the ignition key had been turned off by counterclockwise rotation. This was how the engine had been turned off by our invisible friends. We drove back to Tel Aviv without any further occurrences, except that at some point during the drive – I do not know when – my watch had been stopped at 7:45:45.
Because of this incident and earlier such incidents, I borrowed Uri’s very fine Certina watch, just to have a reference clock on me.
When I returned to the Sharon Hotel at 1 A.M., December 23, 1971, I had no choice but to resume my prayers, since the watch was still stopped. The watch remained stopped until 10:04 A.M., December 23, and until that moment I remained vigilant at my prayers. I no longer suffered from exhaustion; it was as if I were drawing on some reserve of energy.
When the watch started running, there was not time to go to sleep. I had to go to Tel Aviv to have a meeting with one of the Israeli army officers. I got there early for my appointment so that I could have breakfast. As I was eating breakfast and reading the newspaper, I got an impulse at 12:03 P.M. (Certina time) to stare at my Geneve watch, which was now running normally The minute and hour hands were almost precisely at 9:45 setting, and the small second hand was coming around clockwise from the twenty-second marker. As I watched this second hand, it moved normally until it got to the forty-five-second marker, and there it stopped instantly before my eyes. This is the first time I had ever seen the hands come to a stop instantly under direct observation. I checked the operation of Uri’s Certina on my right wrist; it was operating normally. although I should have prayed then and there, I could not, for at this moment, the army officer arrived. We met for some thirty minutes and parted. I regret that I am not able to disclose the nature of our conversation, except to say that the “coming” war was discussed.
I then went to see Uri at his apartment and talked about my all-night vigil. He was sympathetic. He wanted to do an experiment with the two watches. Both were placed face up on the table, reading:
Geneve: 9:45:45 (stopped)
Certina: 2 00:00 P.M. (normal)
Uri placed a sheet of paper over the two watches. Just then the local air-raid sirens went off with a crescendo of sound, just a practice alert. The paper was lifted off. The Geneve was running normally again.
I left shortly thereafter to take care of some business at the National Car rental office in Tel Aviv. While I was sitting there at 3:00:00 (Certina time), my Geneve watch stopped at 10:45:45. So I drove to my hotel immediately to begin my prayers. This time I sat facing Egypt and facing the sea for many hours. Uri walked into my room at 9:29 P.M., placed his hand over my Geneve watch, and it started to run immediately. Without knowing why, Uri was unconsciously being directed to come along and release me from each of my long prayer vigils.
Uri remained with me during the next hour. It was during this hour, from 9:30 to 10:30 P.M., December 23, 1971, that Uri became a Magus – a man sure of his powers from on high.
It began with Uri testing his power on the Silva compass which was lying on my study table. He had just started my watch with casual ease, as I have just described. He placed his hand over the compass, and the needle literally spinned. He took his hand away, and as we talked about the ease with which he now moved a compass compared to his efforts just one month ago, the compass vanished before our eyes. We searched the entire apartment, and I found the compass lying on the floor of the bathroom. I put it back on the desk.
As Uri and I stood at the desk, he opened the desk drawer and almost unconsciously picked up the Minox flash gun which had appeared in his hand on December 20. He took the flash out of the leather case and asked me to tell him once again the story, and I assured him that this flash gun had not belonged to me before – that it was a gift from an unknown source. I handed him the flash gun, and he put it back in its leather case and dropped it into the drawer. A few minutes later Uri was drawn back to the desk drawer and opened it while I watched him. He picked up the leather case. “My God, it’s gone!” he shouted. I opened the case; the flash gun had indeed vanished.
Uri was feeling his power as a newfound gift. He said that he now consciously wanted the flash gun to reappear. He placed the empty leather case inside my heavy large steel camera case and snapped all the locks shut on it at 9:50 P.M. At 9:55 P.M. we opened the steel camera case, and there was the Minox flash gun, neatly placed inside its leather case!
Uri was having great fun with his newfound power. He was holding an unlit cigar in his left hand as he said, “I wish I could now make something disappear from my hand.” As he said this, the cigar instantly vanished from his hand. We laughed uproariously at what had just happened – it was like some vaudeville act. Two minutes later the cigar reappeared on the microphone part of the Sony TC 120 tape recorder, which was on a table.
I admonished Uri about how careful he had to be from now on with respect to his thoughts. He had just expressed a simple wish – and it had been fulfilled. It was like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp. But we knew that our genie was an intelligence from a superior civilization. Uri said he would be very, very careful about his thoughts from now on.
We had a serious talk about the war threat. I said, “There are only about seventy-two hours left. I wish we would be given more information now.”
Uri said, “Don’t worry – it will come, if it is needed. But I don’t think there is going to be a war. I feel it now.” As we discussed this war problem, we began to look at my Geneve watch lying on the table. The minute and hour hand had reached the 11:45:45 position. We looked at the second hand and saw it go from 42 to 43 seconds to 45 seconds – then it stopped. The Certina clock time was 10: 30 P.M. Uri left a few minutes later.
I settled down to a long prayer vigil. But I did not know how long it was going to be this time. It was to last forty hours and four minutes before my watch started to run again. As the hours wore on, and Christmas Eve approached, my thoughts turned more and more to the Prince of Peace.


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