Uri changes the colour of an Hibiscus flower

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All the flowers on the Hibiscus plant in Uri Geller’s garden shown in the pictures used to be white. One summer Uri hib1picked one of them and thought he would see if it was possible to change it. He closed his hand over it and tried to make it change. After some concentration he opened his hand and found that it had changed its colour to purple. He showed it to Joe, who takes care of the garden and has worked in horticulture for fourty years. Joe was astonished as there are no other Hibiscus plants in the garden and no way that the colour could change like this. The following year several flowers on the branch grew with the same purple colour. It is unlikely that anyone would have wanted to graft such a plant; this is the only way that the colours could change naturally. When a plant is undergoing reversion, Joe explains, the whole plant usually changes within a few years. This colour change has been limited to the one stem from the trunk and appears to have been caused by Uri’s action on the white flower. It is interesting that an action on one flower can affect the whole branch. Could the mind substitute another version of reality in which the branch mutated during growth? Anyone wishing to see the plant or research this, please contact Uri Geller via the web site.


Some mung beans were placed on the scanner to see if they would germinate rapidly. The results are shown below.

After some effort one did.
After some effort one did.

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