Uri Geller – Bending Luck Into Shape; a Feng Shui analysis of Uri’s Home


Volume 1 No 6 September 1998


Uri Geller was born in Israel to parents of Hungarian and Austrian descent. His unusual power first became evident at the age of five when, during a meal, a spoon curled up in his hand and broke. He developed these powers further throughout his school years, amazing his fellow pupils and later in 1969 began publicly demonstrating his telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. Since then Uri Geller has become a renowned international figure appearing on TV shows around the world, has written more than 10 books and had a film written about his life.

Scientists across the globe have rigorously scrutinised Uri’s abilities in controlled laboratory experiments and come to the conclusion that they are beyond the limits of current scientific understanding. Professor John B Hasted of the University of London said, ‘Why is spoon bending so important? Simply because we do not understand it.’

But Uri’s amazing abilities are far from limited to ‘trashing’ the family silver! Using only the power of his mind he has erased computer tapes and floppy discs, tracked serial killers, restarted broken watches, sprouted seeds, accurately located rich oil and mineral deposits, guessed the outcome of a thrown die with one in a million accuracy and stopped Big Ben three times before the astonished gaze of the World’s press.

During a hectic working schedule on the day of our visit, including the live broadcast of a top New York radio show direct from his home, Uri found time to answer my questions.

So what attracted you to this house?

‘Well the first thing that totally blew my mind was the river. When we drove down the driveway the first time, the first thing my eye caught was the bend of the river, the Thames.’

Apart from the river was there anything else that attracted you about the house?

‘The ponds in the back garden. The sounds of the waterfalls are unbelievable. Twenty four hours a day I hear the sound of the waterfall – it’s almost subliminal.’

Do you have a favourite part of the house?

‘I would say the conservatory. It puts you in touch with nature constantly, and also the floors in the conservatory are over 500 million years old. They are fossilised, you can see plants in them. I had them cut out in Germany from a mining site and if you look carefully in the tiles you can see plants that existed over 500 million years ago so you can imagine the energy in there.’

Have you changed anything structurally?

‘We put the conservatory in as well as the gazebo. We decorated it, we did not use decorators or any interior designers, I just knew what I wanted. I got rid of man-made materials like the plastic floor tiles and the two columns here were fibreglass which I replaced with real marble. I prefer natural elements rather than man-made.’


… the feng shui analysis

Looking at Uri’s Nine Star Ki profile he is 9 4 1. This is a ‘3’ year for those with ‘9’ as their basic adult number. It has the qualities of early spring time and early morning and is an excellent time for launching new projects. Uri’s timing is therefore auspicious to release his novel Ella and his little book of mind-power and also to be working on another four.

As far as Chinese astrology is concerned Uri is a (yang) Fire Dog. Theodora Lau in The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes says of this combination: ‘A highly dramatic and attractive type of Dog who will be thrown into the limelight by his alluring, yet friendly, personality. The buoyant and self-assured Fire Dog has great magnetic charm. He will constantly thrill to new experiences and adventures. He will be charged with super willpower and a natural honesty that people find hard to resist’.

Having spent some considerable time at Uri’s home I was impressed that much of what I found was ‘good feng shui’, supportive of his life and work.

The Driveway

The approach to Uri’s home is a long tree-lined driveway which curves beautifully in front of the house providing a harmonious energy flow on arrival. The driveway then opens up directly in front of the house into a large flat area forming an auspicious Ming Tang or ‘bright hall’ effect, a transformation area between the faster flowing energy of arrival and the entrance of the home itself.

The House

The house faces due South and the front door, being centrally positioned is in the Fire sector of the pa kua. This is very auspicious for Uri as his kua number is nine, making him an East group person.

Uri Geller has remained a household name around the world for almost 30 years and his fame shows no sign of diminishing. It was interesting to see how the Fire sector of the house, which relates to Fame and Recognition, might be supporting him. The large entrance hall covers the majority of the Fire area of the pa kua. Knowing nothing of feng shui, intuitively Uri has introduced a magnificent crystal chandelier into the double-height hall which very significantly boosts the energy in this area. Uri’s fame is further boosted by several other larger crystals as well as the red stair carpet and the bright midday sun that streams through the five windows around the front door.

It is possible to boost energy flow too much which can then cause havoc. If ever this should occur for Uri I would suggest reducing the energy flow in this bright, vibrant, yang hallway by reallocating some of the crystal items to another part of the home or by placing a large rug in Earth tones (introducing yin to the yang marble floor) to help drain excess Fire energy.

The Reception Room

This is a stunning room with a crystal coffee table and two hand-made solid crystal chairs. On the glass table is a spectacular display of gifts from friends around the world. Again this has been placed, perhaps intuitively, in the North-west sector (the Mentors and Networking sector, sometimes called ‘helpful friends’) which reflects Heaven’s force and all that is manifested in human life.

Uri receives friends and visitors in this room as well as using the crystal chairs to seat sports people whilst he gives them the ‘mind sessions’. My main recommendation for this room is to reposition one of the two mirrors so that they aren’t directly facing each other as this can bounce the ch’i back and forth in the room and doesn’t enhance the flow of energy. The third and largest mirror auspiciously reflects a beautiful view of a secluded section of garden, lined with rose bushes and crowned with a rose covered gazebo that Uri had installed.

The Family Room

Uri’s family is extremely important to him and so the family room is very well used and well-positioned in one of his best Directions, North. This room also takes up the majority of the tai ch’i area of the pa kua, the centre or heart of the home. This is where the family relaxes together and watches TV. In the centre of the room is a coffee table and in the centre of the table is an intriguing sculpture of a circle of seven figures with linked arms. This perfectly symbolises a circle of family togetherness and harmony. When Uri sits to watch TV yet again he faces in one of his best Directions, South although East might be better.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is perfectly positioned in the South-east benefiting from the morning and midday sun.

The Conservatory

Uri told me that in order to work effectively with energy to the extent that he does, it is critical for him to maintain his own energy properly. One of the main benefits of his countryside home is the cleaner air. In addition to walking with his dogs by the river, he cycles on his exercise bike in the conservatory to keep fit. This is Uri’s favourite room because it connects him with nature as it is surrounded on three sides by beautiful gardens and is energised by the morning and evening sun.

Water Garden

Just a stone’s throw from the house, the water garden is laid out beautifully with a large willow overhanging an arched red footbridge. The garden is tiered, bordered by rockeries and shrubs and the water is kept ‘charged’ and oxygenated by a water pump allowing the water to cascade through the different levels providing the wonderfully soothing sounds of a bubbling stream.

The River

At the foot of the immaculately kept gardens behind a perimeter hedge is a very tranquil stretch of the river Thames which arches at first toward, and then away from, the house. As mentioned earlier the gently flowing river can be seen from the upper floor of the house which is very auspicious as water is symbolic of life and money and so the river brings good fortune toward the house. Both the water garden and the river Thames are situated to the North of the house, the direction of the Water element. The ample Wood energy between the water and the house guards against an over abundance of water energy.


Uri and his wife Hanna have a wonderful home in an idyllic setting. The house itself has a very relaxed and comfortable energy about it. Uri, having worked with ‘energy’ for most of his life clearly has a strong intuitive sense of feng shui having chosen a house which is very supportive of his own ch’i and life’s work. Much of the interior decoration and placement of objects around the home demonstrates further his intuitive clarity. This is truly a house of illumination. In addition to supporting Uri’s continuing celebrity his home is nourishing to the things most important to him; his family, friends and well-being.

Robert Gray is a feng shui consultant who also runs courses on feng shui. For corporate consultations call Robert at Vitalis on +44-(0)1753 819333. For residential consultations and course information call The Feng Shui Academy on +44-(0)7071228080. Locations and dates for courses are listed at the back of this magazine.



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