Uri Geller cured my crippled son

7th April 1998


A crippled schoolboy threw away his crutches – and went rollerblading – after famed psychic Uri Geller focused his astonishing Mindpower on curing the youngster’s serious hip disease!

Now 9-year-old Jamie Patrick is literally jumping for joy – and no longer needs delicate surgery that was scheduled after his hip bone started to crumble.

“I thank God – and Uri – for this miracle,” said his grateful mom Paula.

“The pain was so bad Jamie couldn’t walk without crying – he was on crutches for nine months and spent three months in traction. Now he’s back roller-blading and doing gymnastics. It’s incredible!”

A delighted Jamie added: “All I know is, now I’m better and it’s thanks to Uri.”

Geller himself marveled: “When something like this happens it just shows there are incredible, wonderful things which are still way beyond our understanding.”

Jamie, who lives on the out-skirts of London, was a devoted soccer player when he developed severe pains in his hip two years ago.

“Eventually doctors diagnosed Perthes Disease an ailment that caused his hip bone to crumble,” confided 34-year-old Paula. “We were told he’d need a bone graft operation – or maybe an artificial hip joint.”

Jamie’s physician, Dr. Peter Petrie, is amazed at the boy’s dramatic turnaround:

“This isn’t the sort of condition where you’d expect an improvement like this. But Jamie has definitely undergone a significant improvement,” he said.

“The surgeon was very surprised to find Jamie doesn’t need the operation anymore.”

Jamie’s road back to health began when a neighbor wrote to Uri about the youngster’s problem – and the bighearted psychic phoned out of the blue last summer.

“He asked us around for tea and then he just placed his hand on Jamie’s hip for 15 minutes,” said Paula.

Revealed Jamie: “I felt this warm glow go through my hip. It was tingling.

“Next day it felt a lot better – and every day after that it just felt better and better!”

Said his mom: “Jamie couldn’t walk 50 yards without breaking down in tears, the pain was so bad. Within days of visiting Uri, he threw his crutches away.”

“Six months later he went into the hospital for his scheduled operation. The doctors said they were amazed – the bone had started to repair itself. They didn’t need to do the operation.”

“They’d never seen anything like that before.”

Geller recalled: “When I put my hands on Jamie’s hip I concentrated very hard, thinking very positive thoughts. I triggered something tremendously powerful and positive in Jamie’s brain so that he started to heal himself. I just sparked the healing power in his own mind.”



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