Uri Geller: the man who can bend spoons, repair watches, AND make Exeter win!


AT HALFTIME last night an Exeter victory appeared about as likely as Grecians boss Peter Fox discovering a latent ability to bend spoons with nothing but the power of thought.
But internationallyacclaimed psychic Uri Geller has a repertoire that stretches even further than ruining perfectlygood cutlery and repairing ailing watches.
Geller who had seen Exeter trail at the break with the aid of television’s teletext service confidently predicted an improbable victory for the home side.
Anybody who had witnessed Saturday’s miserable 10 reverse at the hands of visiting Northampton, previous home defeats by Cambridge, Fulham and Barnet or even an opening period in which City had been absolutely outclassed by the Cumbrians, would have collapsed in hysterics at that forecast.
But Fox’s players responded in inspirational fashion.
Chris Myers’ 79th minute equaliser was nothing less than deserved. Mark Chamberlain’s late winner completed the transformation in the mood surrounding St James’s Park.
The Grecians merited their standing ovation. The verve and vigour shown by an identical team to the one outgritted by the Cobblers seemed inconceivable three days earlier when the fans’ frustration had manifested itself in a significant if tiny onpitch demonstration against the manager.
Last week Fox had bizarrely predicted the forthcoming visit of fellow strugglers Northampton would be tougher than the Carlisle clash.
But if his charges had performed as they did last night against the Cobblers and Barnet, Scarborough, Doncaster, Fulham and Cambridge, all of whom have emerged unscathed from trips to Exeter this term – City fans would not have been casting anxious glances at the foot of Division 3.
“This result gives us a little bit of breathing space,” declared Fox later.
“We’ve still got a long, hard season ahead of us. But I’ve got a great bunch of lads here and they deserved that victory.
“We probably showed Carlisle a bit too much respect in the first half. ”
The guests, beaten just once in their opening dozen league contests and with the best rearguard record in the section, snatched a fortuitous 14th minute lead and then demonstrated the ability to defend it.
City had begun brightly enough but the signs were ominous when Allan Smart claimed the credit for the Cumbrians opener rookie Exeter defender Matt Hare blemishing an otherwise superb display by sweeping his attempted clearance against Smart’s shins and the ricochet creeping inside Ashley Bayes’ righthand post.
Exeter, prior to last night, had never successfully come from behind to avoid defeat this season.
Carlisle would have doubled the deficit before the interval without superb Bayes stops to foil Smart from pointblank range and Steve Hayward’s swerving freekick.
But City, fortified by Geller’s message of encouragement, began the second period at breakneck pace.
Lee Hodges’ superb 51st minute pass sent John Sharpe scurrying clear for a shot that Tony Caig blocked with his legs and Sharpe promptly drove just wide after Hodges and Leon Braithwaite had done the spadework.
Bayes brilliantly beat away Warren Aspinall’s ferocious volley in an isolated Carlisle attack.
But Exeter responded with Steve Flack, who had narrowly failed to convert Hodges’ delicious first minute pass, heading just wide from Chamberlain’s cross.
Jon Richardson then nodded Darren Hughes’ corner the wrong side of Caig’s righthand upright, Hodges’ fired fractionally too high and Braithwaite couldn’t supply the finishing touch to Sharpe’s low cross.
When Flack butted just wide from a Chamberlain freekick, Fox leapt from the dugout to hurl his trademark clipboard to the ground in anguish.
But within 60 seconds City made the breakthrough: Myers bustling past Dean Walling to plant a precise leftfoot shot beyond Caig after enterprising work from substitute Barry McConnell.
And Chamberlain promptly stole the show, accepting the invitation of Braithwaite’s nearpost cross at the second attempt.


CITY were brilliant in the second half it was certainly the best game I’ve seen this season. There was atmosphere, skill everything you could want.
Chris Myers has probably been my man of the season so far but it would be unfair to single anybody out last night.
Andrew Jewell


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