Uri Geller puts on a show & Jackson & Blaine & Patti Boulaye

Uri Geller and Michael Jackson boarded a train to Exeter from Paddington station in London on 14/06/02 for a fund raising event for charity.

Pictures and article by Alan Davidson exclusively for www.urigeller.com.
Pictures and article by Alan Davidson exclusively for www.urigeller.com.

The Love Train
Commons roll out red carpet for Uri, Jackson and Blaine
Thriller ride on the Jackson train
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Uri saves Michael!
Michael and Uri visit British parliament.

World famous Uri Geller the co-chairman of Exeter City had organized the event to include his friends Michael Jackson the King of Pop, David Blaine (known for his headline-making daring and death-defying feats of physical and emotional endurance) and also singer Patti Boulaye . During the journey on the train sick children were invited into Uri and Michaels compartment for a private audience, they emerged smiling and clutching autographs from the stars a short time after their arrival in Exeter; the stars gave the football club its biggest crowd in years as filling the stadium.

David Blaine, Michael Jackson, Uri Geller watch the balloons set off at Exeter City football ground. Picture by Alan Davidson
David Blaine, Michael Jackson, Uri Geller watch the balloons set off at Exeter City football ground. Picture by Alan Davidson

Michael Jackson- who had asked for his dressing room to be filled with flowers and kept at a temperature of exactly 74 degrees – arrived in a classic Bentley. Leaping from the vehicle, he paraded down a line of disabled children, gently placing his palm on their foreheads.
He then took to the stage and with a burst of giggles told the ‘wonderful people of Exeter’ how delighted he was to be there. Dressed in a black embroidered jacket, he told the crowd from the stage: “We are here to support children with Aids, to help the youngest of them affected by HIV. “We will help them build a better future, all of us working together for them, a future without prejudice for these children and their families. “We must learn to live and love each other before it is too late.” Jackson was accompanied by his close friend Uri Geller who had organised the charitable event and also number of children on the stage. After his appeal for world peace, he accepted an Exeter City football shirt and said he had confidence in a win for England against Denmark. Michael then made a farewell tour of the stadium in the classic Bentley after his 10-minute appearance.


Uri Geller, Michael Jackson and David Blaine are surrounded by security guards at Exeter City football ground. The capacity crowd surge onto the pitch as the Bentley leaves the ground. Picture by Alan Davidson
Uri Geller, Michael Jackson and David Blaine are surrounded by security guards at Exeter City football ground. The capacity crowd surge onto the pitch as the Bentley leaves the ground. Picture by Alan Davidson

All the acts were introduced by James Whale the UK’s best known – night time DJ from Talk Sport. whale

Also on the bill were….

Patti Boulaye: www.pattiboulaye.co.uk

Patti Boulaye and guest Doug Stephan the television and radio personality. Uri Geller is a guest presenter on Doug’s Talk Radio show, providing informative fun, and personality driven entertainment.



As part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Creative Team, Patti Boulaye got together 5,000 strong gospel choir for the 4th June Jubilee procession in front of HM the Queen. She also wrote a song “Jubilee Song (Celebrate Good News)” as a tribute, which enabled the 5000 singers to dance and sing during the Procession up The Mall. The Golden Jubilee Gospel Choir is made up of 3,500 members of churches and groups from around London and the South East, including the Metropolitan Police Gospel Choir and 1,500 young people from the Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. Building of clinics in Africa for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and Malaria led her to stage a sell-out event produced by Sir Michael Parker at the Royal Albert Hall, to raise money for the charity.The result was 3,000 Gospel Singers raised the roof of the Royal Albert Hall on 10 March 2002 in “Reaching Out For Africa” also Supported by Uri Geller click here. Uri bent a spoon that was bought at the Royal Albert Hall for £2,500 / $ 3,989 which went to African children with aids. They raised enough money to allow the first of many Planned clinics to be built in Africa to educate and treat HIV/AIDS sufferers.


Spoonbender drawing on influences such as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and The Rolling Stones, Spoonbender have blended a unique
British hard-rock edge with a melodic blues feel. Following collaborations with other successful bands during 1995 – 2000, the guitar of Danny Bartlett and solid rhythm section of Andy Sims on bass and Dan Woolridge on drums formed in August 2000. Spoonbender found their ideal front man in Sean Fox after a round of ‘Pop Idol’ style auditions. Spoonbender’s first single independent single ‘Spacegirl’ will be released on 24th June.
Spoonbender Website: http://www.spoonbender.tv –

Luke Dawson


Luke was born on 14th February 1983 and started playing piano at age 11. He is entirely self taught and learnt by listening to Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel as well as learning songs by the Beatles and Steely Dan.

He has a strong soulful voice. Luke and his band are likely play three songs this evening. He has a six piece band. Luke is lead vocals and electric piano plus two guitarists, bass, drums extra (electronic) percussion and sax -the last two played by the same person. One of the guitarists will also play an additional keyboard on one track.

Singer-songwriter Luke was once described by his great friend Uri Geller as being: “like Elton John, only with hair!”

Back in the mid-eighties Sinbad Phgura went to Los Angeles with Jeffery Daniel of Shalamar , there the young Sinbad learnt the skills first hand from his mentor. He returned to England to form ‘Twilight East’ a dance group incorporating boogaloo, Locking 50’s street Jazz. They went on to perform all over the world and work with a wide variety of artists including Vanessa Williams, Smokey Robinson and Ice T, they also open for Madonna on the “The Blond Ambition Tour”.


Adzido’s contribution to the development of African dance in the UK over the last 16 years is widely recognised as groundbreaking. With its mission to promote the richly diverse heritage of cultural groups in b!ack Africa and to contribute to the body of creative work in the African diaspora, Adzido established itself in a pioneering role.


Last year bless-d (above) were the first unsigned act to be nominated for a Smash Hits award and since gracing the stage of some of the biggest arenas in the country they have now been signed. They have performed with some of the countries top acts including:- West life, Blue, Atomic Kitten, Steps, Liberty, Kylie, Shaggy, Wyclef, Samantha Mumba, Al, Geri Halliwell, Pied Pip


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