Uri Geller reveals how you can help England beat Croatia in World Cup with bizarre mantra

Uri Geller Mantra World Cup 2018

Uri Geller has shared his very bizarre mantra for aiding in England winning tonight’s match against Croatia.

As the team continues their hopeful blaze to glory in the World Cup, the Isreali TV personality has quite the plan to get the nation involved in the game.

According to him, it’s all about visualisation and the number 11.

As he appeared on This Morning on Wednesday, alongside the famous 1966 winning football, he told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield not to interrupt his mantra as he began the lengthy explanation.

‘Don’t interfere, I have to tell you something very important. The power of 11 is amazing. Just google it,’ he said to the skeptical hosts.

He then said how he asked viewers ‘to send their energy 11 minutes before Colombia, Panama and Sweden’ matches, which, as we now know might have proved effective as we came out on top in all three games.

He added: ‘It’s played in 11 host cities and today is the 11th [day of the month], we are going into this game with 11 goals scored.’

Okay, now things are getting interesting…

‘The last time England scored 11 goals was in 1966 when the 11 goal came 11 minutes into extra time,’ Uri continued. ‘The 11th goal was scored by Dele Alli born on the 11th April, and hes 22 which is 11 [twice].’

In a rather remarkable statement, he then said the frequency of his satellite was 11,000.

Uri then asked Holly and Willoughby to pick up the ball and asked everyone across the UK (and in Scotland and Ireland) to get off their seats and come to the screen and touch the screen and touch the ball and concentrate, believe and focus they’re sending positive vibes to the players.

‘Visualise England winning,’ he said. ‘Powerful energy to England. In your mind you can even shout it out, win, England, win.

‘Now before the match, today, 11 minutes before, repeat that mantra again.’

Many viewers were left shaken and stirred, but more than obliging.



When you have a day off work so you join in to Uri crazy football mantras

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