Uri Geller wins legal action against Randi

Saturday April 3rd 1993 No 3173

LEADING Israeli psychic-Uri Geller last month won a legal action against his long-time critic, conjuror James Randi.

Uri brought the case against the Plantation, Florida, magician following a 1989 interview that appeared in “Days Japan,” a monthly magazine published by Kodansha, one of Japan’s largest publishing houses.

A verdict on the co-defendant Kodansha is expected to be given next month.

Attorney Yoichi Kitamura represented the psychic at the Tokyo District Court.

Randi, Mr Kitamura stated, claimed in the interview that metallurgist Dr Wilbur Franklin, who endorsed Uri’s psychic ability to bend metal, felt so ashamed when the magician discredited Geller that he had shot himself.

Dr Franklin, the lawyer maintained, had in fact died from natural causes.

The interview, Mr Geller stated, had been “defamatory and damaging” to his business and his character.

The Tokyo court ruled that Randi’s statements had indeed constituted an “insult” against Mr Geller and awarded damages against Randi.

Uri told PN last week he was pleased with the Japanese verdict.

The psychic said he had felt compelled to bring the case against Randi “because of concern about the libellous and false statements my children may read one day.”

“I went to court in search of justice and vindication,” he explained.

Uri hoped last month’s verdict in his favour would be the first in a series of such judgments which would “set the record straight.”


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