Uri Geller’s Aftereffect Archives

Professor Victor Weisskopf physicist who studied under Niels Bohrr worked on the A bomb and over saw the development of European atom smashers.
“I was shocked and amazed how Mr Uri Geller bent my office key at MIT while I was holding it. The sturdy key kept bending in my hand; I can not explain this phenomenon I can only assume that it could relate could relate to quantum chromo dynamics”.

capCaptain Massimo Poggi captain of 747 Alitalia
“Uri held the two hotel spoons we asked him to bend for our children. Suddenly they started bending in his hand. Uri then put them on the stainless steel food trolley, and there we found anyone touching the spoons they continued bending up to 90 degrees, this was extraordinary to see. I as a pilot I am trained to have a sharp eye”.



The Harrogate Adviser

Audrey Forbes

The highlight of the day was when Uri performed the bending of the spoon before our very eyes. For the cynics out there, the spoon was from my own cutlery set and Uri did it seemingly effortlessly. A, continuous rub on the middle of the stem of the spoon resulted in it bending, and continuing to bend long after Uri had put it down on the table.

The Washington Post:
The strawberry blonde came running out of the audience yelling: “My key! It’s bending! My key is bending!” And, indeed, it was. In fact, it bent so far it was beginning to crack.

The Independent On Sunday 18/03/2001
By Rowan Pelling
ith all this in mind, I leapt to my feet and rushed up the ward. My mother made slower, more sceptical progress. An adoring semicircle of women formed around the Israeli wonder man and a flushed nurse handed Geller a standard NHS spoon. It was barely in his hands before it started to writhing to into the familiar ark and when he placed it on the nurses is trolley it CONTINUED to contort.


February 20, 2001
I just thought that I would drop you a line to say it was wonderful to meet you tonight on QVC. Your stories were fascinating, and had me totally enthralled. When you read my mind and reproduced a virtual duplicate of the shape I had drawn, I was very impressed but that was surpassed when you bent a spoon before my eyes and those of several colleagues.

It wasn’t just the fact that it bent from my eyes but rather that it carried on bending after you had touched it and put it down on the desk. Truly amazing!

Geoff Teather,
Senior Producer,
QVC – The Shopping Channel


November 2000

Recently Uri Geller came to Exeter to visit some friends and I had the pleasure to meet him. I wanted to see spoonbending done by him at close range. I expected he would ‘charge up with energy’ and project this energy into the spoon. What I saw was very different altogether. There was no preparation or charging up at all. The only thing he did was to touch the spoon with his finger and it began to bend slowly. It was done with Mindpower rather than with some sort of ‘energy’. When he lifted his finger the spoon kept on bending up to a right angle. Finally it stopped and all was complete. What really imprerssed me was the very nonchalant way the whole thing was donein a football clubhouse full of people and other distractions, that would have been a hindrance for a lesser person to work under. Thank you Uri for a wonderful experience.

Hans Oppersdorf,
US Army, 1st Airborne Battle Group,
505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division,
Fort Brass, N.C., USA
and in Mainz, Germany as part of the Rapid Reaction Force.

A medic, he worked on the drop zone, picking up casualties, received his BA degree in history at St. Michaels College, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Worked in Africa with George Adamson at Meru national Park, Kenya, rehabilitating lions from the film “Born Free” back to the wild.


December 2000

Dear Uri,

I thought I should write separately to my main “business” letter to express my amazemen at the spoon which we bent together. Having seen you on television I was all the more impressed when you stroked a spoon and it started to move upwards and continued to do so on your table and in my hands. Astonishing!

Richard Gayner BSc ARICS,
FPD Savills International Property Consultants

Uri’s key trick is a real Mindbender!
Evening Mail


November 20, 2000

Geller performance leaves Phil locked out of own home
By Dale Williams

Fed-up cynic Phil Soloman ended up locked out of his home after paranormal guru Uri Geller performed his famous spoon bending trick – on his house keys. Phil was one of a number of shocked members of the audience at Stourbridge Town Hall who agreed to act as guinea pigs for a mass key bending session.

Limited Success
Philip, who lives in Willenhall, said like most people he tried the spoon bending trick himself in the past with limited success. Uri Geller, who now lies in Britain, appeared at the packed Black County venue.

Philip, who is a singer/songwriter as well as an astrologer, said : “There were hundreds of people in the hall and a few of us stood up when Uri asked for volunteers. “Without touching the keys, Uri just used the power of his mind and some of them started to bend.

“When I got home I realised the key just wouldn’t fit in the door and I was stuck outside. “In the end I had to bang on the door and window to rouse my wife. “She wasn’t too pleased about having to get up late at night and had to let me into the house. “The key just wouldn’t work. It had moved about half an inch from straight.

“Even more of a problem was that when I tried to fix it it just kept bending. I’l have to get a new one cut now.” He added keys belonging to about three people in the audience had been left bent following the demonstration. Phil added : “It was amazing, people were just astonished, he put on a really good show.” Caption : THE DOGHOUSE : Phil Soloman’s wife had to get out of bed to let him in after the psychic powers of Uri Geller bent his door key.

We possess four numbered and weighed brass Yale keys which were bent through angles of between 10 and 40 degrees under light stroking action by Mr. Geller. If, under symmetrical four-point loading, force pulses of the order of 500N(say 50Kgs of weight) had been applied to the keys, similar bends would have been produced. No loss of surface brightness or change of weight, within the supernatural error of 1mg was observed. Mr. Geller applied a light, stroking action between forefinger and thumb, or by forefinger, with key placed on the table. In all cases, several witnesses watched the entire operation intently from within 1metre. In one case, the key was not stroked but was simply, held under a cold water tap. In all cases the bending took a time of the order of minutes to complete, and it usually appeared to continue for a short while after the stroking had been terminated. No physical, or chemical explanation of these phenomena is readily apparent. The mean grain sise at the bent surface has been compared with that in unbent and mechanically bent specimens by x-ray reflection and electron micrograph. No signficant change in grain orientation or sise was noted.”

Professor John Hasted,
University of London


Uri took a spoon I brought from home (a perfectly normal stainless steel table spoon), and held it by the bowl part of the spoon with one hand while stroking the handle gently from above with his other hand. The hundred or so people in the audience joined in Uri’s intention to see the spoon bend, saying “bend” as he continued to stroke it. The children in the audience came up close to watch Uri as the handle of the spoon slowly began lifting upwards to reach Uri’s fingers. The way the spoon bent up reminded me of the way a dog or a cat leans upwards to it’s owner’s hand to be petted!

Reality Shift News
October 1999


August 2000

“The spoon, the spoon!” the audience calls, refering to the utensil a couple has brought from home for Uri to bend. It sits on the table with a stack of Uri Geller’s Mindpower Kits.

As casually as he signs copies of his book, Uri picks up the spoon and walks right up to where I stand. He holds up the bowl of the spoon, which is upside down and parallel to the floor; it is twelve inches away from my face. Uri strokes the neck of the spoon lightly, and immediately, discernably, the handle begins to move up. He holds the spoon aloft and walks it like a trophy through the crowd. It continues to bend, as if the neck were plastic. Uri signs the bowl and gives the spoon back to the couple who brought it. He bows and blows a kiss to his impressed and applauding audience.

“I have days when my powers are very weak and you’d think I’d never bent a spoon in my life!” Uri has admitted.

Not today.

Property correspondent Pat Bramley (Newsquest) bent her blue bic biro by talking about spoonbender uri Geller while on the telephone

Pat says : “I was telling a friend of mine a few weeks or so ago aout a boat holiday I took along the Thames to Sonning a few years ago and how we were moored in front of Uri Geller’s boat.

Anyway, the next time I looked at my pen, my bic had bent. I have had bics before, but they have never bent like that. It looks like a banana.

“The other day, I was telling my colleague Margaret about how my pen bent the first time. Then, when I picked it up again, Margaret was saying how it had bent even more, it’s very odd.”

When contacted by Midweek, Uri Geller, who lives near Sonning, was amazed, but not surprised by the strange occurrence.

Uri, famous for bending spoons, says : “It is very strange that this has happened, because just last week my biro, which is made out of plastic, also bent. I was quite amazed.

“Maybe bringing up my name in her mind triggered some dormant energyinside her brain which can alter the molecular structure in the atoms of the pen. It is amazing, but it doesn’t surprise me.

“I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with believing in something out there, it can be a very positive step.”

Jane Bernstein
New Times, 1995

“This spoon was on the table at the cafe when we sat down”, John says, holding the spoon toward me. “One minute I was stirring my cappuccino with this spoon, the next minute Uri picked it up and started rubbing the neck lightly with a finger. I saw a lump forming, which was impressive, and I thought that was it. Then the handle began to bend up! And whaT’s really amazing is that when Uri handed the spoon to me, it continued to bend! I examine John’s misshapen artifact, and we agree that the spoon is quite solid. It would require two hands and some effort to force it back to it’s original state.

July 2000

On arriving back at the house Uri said did you bring a spoon ? We had not thought of it not wanting to take up his time, but Uri said he would fetch one and bend it for us; he also included our patient taxi driver in the demonstration, which was very nice of him.

Uri started stroking the spoon and immediately it appeared to be bending.

We turned around to a wall, and Uri put the spoon on it and said,“Look at it, it’s still bending”, sure enough it was! He then autographed the spoon and gave it to us making a nice souvenir.

Alan Davidson,


July 2000

“I have spent my life in neuropsychiatry and have been interested in strange mental states and odd phenomena for a number of years. I first met Uri three years ago and was able to watch him bend a spoon on a colleagues’s outstretched hand. I took a spoon from the table. Uri did not touch it, I put it on my colleagues’s hand and asked Uri to bend it. Uri ran his finger above the spoon and stood back. Nothing happened. We expressed some dissapointment, still watching the spoon. He said, Wait and Watch. Slowly, as we watched, with Uri standing well away, the spoon started to curl in front of us, and within four minutes the tail of the spoon had risen up like a scorpions sting. I then took the spoon, the first time I had handled it since I put it there, and sure enough, it remained a normal spoon with a marked bend. “

Dr. Peter Fenwick. MB, BChir, DPM, FIRCPsych

Dr. Fenwick is a senior lecturer at the institute of psychiatry, London, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at John Radcliffe infirmary in Oxford, and Honorary consultant in Neurophysiology to Broadmoor Special Hospital. He has published numerous scientific papers on brain function and also several papers on meditation and altered states of consciousness. His most recent book is “The Truth of Light”. Dr. Fenwick is also chairman of ths scientific and Medical network, a group of doctors and scientists seeking to deepen understanding in science and medicine by fostering intuitive as well as rational insights.

Posting on Deja.com

Is Uri Geller genuine ? When my sister went to see him at Millersville (PA) University, Uri would make people’s keys bend by thought power. When it was all over and people were leaving, my sister was the last one to leave and overheard the guard muttering that he couldn’t lock the door because his key was bent. I remember when an army colonel visited the center for Night Vision and Electro-optics at Fort Belvoir, VA. He taught us how to bend silevrware by first making it soft as putty with one’s own Mindpower. I still have one of my twisted spoons. These are relatively simple examples of what is ahead for Physics.

“For me, the most convincing event occurred two days after Geller left home. I was about to put some sugar in my coffee when suddenly I noticed that the spoon was bent. Since my wife and I had carefully checked all of our silverware after Geller’s departure and found none of it damaged, we were alarmed. But even more alarming was the fact that the spoon continued to bend slightly (as measured later by a ruler) for about the next fifteen minutes.”

Dr. Thomas Coohill (Chairman of the biophysics committee at Western Kentucky University)

“In our presence and in the presence of numerous eye-witnesses, Uri Geller demonstrated the following telekinetic effects: he bent at our request metal keys and teaspoons, the spoons bending to an angle of 90 degrees over a period of five minutes after his influence had been exerted on them. Before the eyes of those present he germinated a radish seed to a small sprout in 8 minutes. He reproduced target pictures exactly to the nearest millimetre (square, triangle with a dot in the centre, etc.) and also wiped the information from an IBM cassette. He also correctly described a dome-shaped building that formerly stood in the Moscow river basin, the destruction of which was linked to the name of Stalin.”
Professor V. G. Lukes (Director of the Ministry of Health Protection of the Russian Federation, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Moscow – Russia)
A. A. Karpeyev (Deputy Director)
R. Yu. Volkov (Department Head)
A. P. Dubrov (Chief Scientific Collaborator)

“I have personally witnessed and experienced on two occasions the metal bending abilities of Uri Geller. These experiments were conducted under rigorous laboratory conditions. In these two experiments the thick steel rod I was holding and observing carefully bent, and continued to bend, in my own hand. One rod bent to 90 degrees during a period of approximately six minutes while I was holding it. The other steel rod bent after Uri Geller stroked it and continued bending on a glass table without anyone touching it. The steel rods were provided by myself. I consider the Geller effect to be a phenomenon which should be studied seriously by science. ”
“A scientist would have to be either massively ignorant or a confirmed bigot to deny the evidence that the human mind can make connection with space, time and matter in ways which have nothing to do with the ordinary senses. Further, he cannot deny that these connections are compatible with current thinking in physics, and may in the future become accepted as a part of an extended science in which the description ‘paranormal’ no longer applies, and can be replaced by ‘normal’.”
Dr. Kit Pedler, (Head of the Electron Microscopy department, University of London:)

Posting on Deja
June 7, 2000

I have three bending keys, four bending spoons, one bending fork etc. and they all use the same basic principle, bi-metallic strips for the bending area.

I also do utensil bending tricks without ever bending anything at all, it’s all just showmanship and sleight of hand.

However, in case of Uri, he was in an office he nas never been in before in his life. I won’t say what office because of personal reasons.

To put it precisely, he came into the office long after I was there, he was not there to perform tricks, magic or show off any of his powers, if you knew the office and the situation you would understand he couldn’t have gimmicked anything.

He never was within 6 feet of me, never close to 4 feet of the desk I placed my key, and it was my own house key.

He did not touch the key nor was he anywhere near the key prior to his bending it. He could not have poured anything on it either.

I simply took my housekey off my own keyring and laid it on the centre, actually off-center by about 1 foot of a wooden desk.

He therein proceeded to make it bend from a distance of 4 feet away. I bent it back straight to put it back on my keyring and it rebent without any further intervention from Uri, and as I said, when I bent it back the second time, it snapped and broke.

If I recall, I took the parts of the key and put them in a vise at home and flattened them, upon removal from the vise, the broken ends again bent back upwards slightly. So whatever he did to the key, it permanentised the bend.

The key was then given to Washington University for study and I’ve never heard anything about it since.

Middlesborough Evening Gazzette
October 7, 1997

One Teesside lady, Audrey, leapt up waving her house key around excitedly. In amazement the audience watched as the thick metal key continued to bend, seemingly of its own accord, in her hand. But Uri modestly brushes off suggestions he is working miracles. He believes that everyone has the power to manipulate – he says it is all down to positive thought, and the audience plays as big a part as he does.

The Sunday Telegraph

As I am ushered out I produce a spoon for him to bend. “Uh . . . okay.” He rushes off into a different part of the room, beckoning me to follow. He gives the handle some intense eye contact and a peremptory rub with two fingers. We both watch it droop. It continues to droop in my hands. “I’ll sign and date it for you,” he says breezily.

“I tested Uri Geller myself under laboratory-controlled conditions and saw with my own eyes the bending of a key which was not touched by Uri Geller at any time.

There was a group of people present during the experiment who all witnessed the key bending in eleven seconds to an angle of thirty degrees. Afterwards, we tested the key in a scientific laboratory using devices such as electron microscopes and x-rays and found that there was no chemical, manual or mechanical forces involved in the bending of the key.”

Professor Helmut Hofmann
(Department of Electrical Engineering,
Technical University of Vienna, Austria)

Israeli psychic Uri Geller bends spoons, minds in S. F.
(Jewish Bulletin – November 29, 1996)

As more than a dozen of my coworkers gathered around, Geller rubbed the stem of a metal teaspoon with two fingers until slowly, almost imperceptibly, the metal just behind the bowl began to arch upward. Geller put the spoon down on a table, warning that it might continue to bend. It did — until its handle pointed upwards at a 90-degree angle. “I think there is an energy in here that continues to warp the molecular structure,” he told us.

I’m a Believer

Ouch! I found the way you dispensed with Uri Geller uncharacteristically simplistic. I personally witnesses two examples of Geller’s powers, and I can’t believe I was taken in by sleight of hand.

I and two colleagues interviewed Geller in 1975. We met in a small, well-lit office we had borrowed for the occasion. Geller was dressed simply in a long sleeve shirt. We saw no wires, tools, unusual paraphernalia or bulges in his clothes.

During the interview we tried various drawing tricks that didn’t amount to much. Then Geller asked if we had any metal. He rejected various things we has brought, so my colleague offered a heavy silver ring off his finger that he had bought in spain. Geller liked that. My colleague gave the ring to me since I sat closest. Geller asked that I not give the ring to him but instead hold it between my thumb and index finger. As I did so, he stroked gently. It slowly warped and collapsed until it was unwearable. The ring never left my hand from the time it was handed to me till the time I passed it around, bent. We set it on the desk and it continued to change perceptibly for another minute. No bubstitutions (my colleague recognised it as his own ring). No heat or acid. No physical force.

Later we went outside. Geller asked again if I had any metal. I produced my car key. He placed it on the sidewalk and covered it with his out stretched hand. When he removed his hand the key was found broken in half. It was my key, identifiable by it’s serial number. We had the key examined under an electron microscope. This revealed a crystalline allignment typical of a thermal break. To confirm this, the folks at the lab broke another Volkswagen key by a flexion and examined it. There was no similarity.

I think it is right to call Geller a showman. But a magician ? I think not. His repertoire is too narrow, boring and undependable. I found both your explanation and other lengthier exposes shallow, unconvincing, and objectively less believable than what I experienced. Give it another shot, would you ? Washington, D.C.

(Name withheld)

I am a scientist. I earned my BSc, MSc and PhD all at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following that I was seven years on the staff of the M.I.T. physics department prior to moving to Israel, continuing my research here first at the Weizmann Institute of Science and then the Volcani Research Institute with additional labs at the Hebrew University.

Uri Geller appears to have concentrated that energy. What makes me accept Geller at face value is that unlike a magician, he does not have a bag of tricks. He bends spoons. The one he bent with me peering over his shoulder continued to bend even after he placed it on the ground and stepped away. The Talmud claims there are two types of “magic.” One is the “catching of the eye,” an optical illusion. The other is the real thing, a mustering of the forces of nature. With Uri, I opt for the latter, though he claims he has no idea how these are mustered.

Gerald Schroeder
Author of : Genesis And The Big Bang
The Science of God

Dear Mr. Geller,

Thanks for your interest in the tape. I hope you will like what the american media has done with your video footage. I truly believe in your powers because I have experienced a key bending in my hand when I saw you in Hollywood a few years ago–during a Classes Unlimited performance on Sunset Blvd.

I have been following you since I was a kid, and I am a big fan of yours. I have all your books and I have the video footage and I even have your site saved as a favorite.I will send you the tape and I will keep you posted about any more video footage that I find. I am always collecting more Uri Geller videos.

Wishing you peace and prosperity,


This report appears in the new (Spring-Summer 2000) issue of PA [Parapsychological Association] NEWS in Peter Mulacz’s article “Parapsychology in Austria – An Historical Summary.” The relevant paragraph (on page 20) is:

“In particular it was the publicity surrounding Uri Geller in the 1970s that caused an enormous wave in increased interest by the public at large, just as it prompted some research in the effects of paranormal metal bending. Geller appeared on a TV show in Austria during which no effects were achieved by him; however, after the show — still in the TV studio– a key was bent under good observational conditions.

Hofmann had this key investigated by experts of the Technical University using state-of-the-art equipment. No trace of any chemical substance could be found on its surface (it will be remembered that there had been suspicion that Uri Geller would achieve his metal bending by trickery, applying chemical substances on the surface that would weaken it). By coincidence, I had a chance to observe Geller — who I had not seen for the past ten or so years — quite recently, in December 1999, when he still performed the metal bending that had made him world famous.

Luckily, the observational conditions in my case were quite good, and I observed the same results reported by Hofmann in the 1970s, and numerous times since: the key, placed by Geller on a table, continued bending apparently on its own.” The reference above to “Hofmann” is to Profesor Helmut Hofmann of the Institute for Theoretical Foundations of Electric Engineering, Technical University of Vienna.

The reference above to “Hofmann” is to Profesor Helmut Hofmann of the Institute for Theoretical Foundations of Electric Engineering, Technical University of Vienna.

The Express (March 25, 2000)

Talking of hand and eye, on Thursday Uri Geller visited The Express offices to talk about writing a series of pieces on positive thinking. It was impossible to let him go without asking him to bend a spoon. I’d seen his feat on TV, but -in truth- I’d never really beleived in it. We gave him a spoon from the canteen and dragged him out into the newsroom. In front of many sceptics, Geller rubbed the underside of the spoon for about a minute and, lo and behold, it started warping. He then placed it on a metal surface and it carried on bending for another three minutes, until it was bent into a perfect right-angle. This little story probbaly won’t go anywhere towards convincing the sceptics among you that such things do happen, but I can only say – it happened. I was there!

Rosie Boycott – Editor.

Daily Express (November 23, 1973)

Somebody offered a key and the donor held it while Uri gently stroked it with his forefinger…but the key remained straight.

“I might not be able to do it; I’m nervous,” he said. But again he failed.

Then, suddenly, the shaft of the third key he tried began to slowly curl – and it kept on curling.

The Times

Geller then stroked a thick paper-knife until it started to bend. He gave it to Mrs. Elna Burroughs, also of KLM, to hold and the knife continued to bend.

Sunday Times Weekly

Nine days ago on BBC TV, Uri Geller riveted Britain by his feats of psychokinesis. Bryan Silcock our Science Correspondent, remained sceptical until Geller bent his own key without touching it.


In Denver, he picked up a restaurant spoon, holding the bowl part upside down between right index finger and thumb and stroked the neck, where stem meets bowl, firmly with his left index finger. The stem began to move upwards in seconds and continued it?s journey for almost two minutes after Geller handed the spoon over for perusal. Cool to touch, the spoon bent until its stem was cocked at almost a 90 degree angle to the bowl.

The Mercury (Hobart – Oct. 1977)

He stroked it sharply, three, or four times, and in a matter of only seconds the metal turned up at right angles. he held it up for everyone to see, and as he did, the metal continued to curl.

Human Behaviour (Feb. 1974)

Then there was the radio show in Texas. Geller taped the show there, then returned to New York. When the tape went on the air, hundreds of Texas listeners heard Geller?s instructions to place an object in front of their radio. The State Attorney General complied, and watched with amazement while his spoon curled up to 90 degrees – with Geller thousands of miles away.

More from Human Behaviour (Feb. 1974)

From a report by Robert J. Trotter & Lisa J. Shawver

?Look, look? It?s doing it. It?s bending.? And so it was. We placed the key on the desk and as we talked it continued to bend. There was no machinery visible. The key was the same marked one we brought. It just sat there and curled right up.

Science News (Nov. 10. 1973)

From report by Robert J. Trotter

During the interview, I held a heavy key between my thumb and forefinger. The key began to bend – too slightly to be perceptible – after Geller rubbed it lightly with one finger. The key was then placed on the desk and it continued to bend slowly for several minutes until it reached about a 20 degree angle.

Modern People – article by Michael Howard.

He [Geller] grabbed a knife from the table place setting, laid it down in front of him and began to gently and swiftly stroke it with his forefinger…..The knife, of heavy-duty metal was bending, lifting upwards. The metal was rising under his finger, and continued to bend even after he took his finger away.

The Advertiser (Oct 22, 1977)

Then, our amazement heightened as the spoon continued to bend into a right angle over a two-minute period in which several of us touched it.

The Sunday Times (Oct. 5, 1975)

He put the fork on the table and for a minute it continued to bend.

The Sydney Morning Herald – report by Helen Frisell

?Hold the spoon,? he said. ?It will keep on bending.? I held it. The metal was cool and there was no chemical smell. The spoon kept bending until it took on the shape of an irregular inverted V.

The Dominion Sunday Times (Mar. 30, 1975)

Then he passed it back for the group to examine. He kept talking as it was passed about and all the time it kept bending.

Sunday Telegraph (Mar. 2, 1975)

The young Israeli ?psychic? bent the key 45 degrees after stroking it for about three minutes. It was still curling an hour after he put it down.

Sunday Mirror (Mar.2, 1975)

A house key belonging to the reporter bent 45 degrees after three or four minutes? handling and was still curling up to an hour after the young Israeli psychic had left.

The Toronto Star (Mar. 9, 1974)

The key became very warm in my hand and Geller explained it was beginning to bend. Sure enough, when he laid it down on the table, it was quite bent, and strangely enough, it seemed to bend further as it lay there alone.

From a report by Andrew Fyall – source unknown.

Finally after about a minute Uri stepped back triumphantly and even as he stood there, several feet away, the key continued to bend in my hand.

From a report by Andrew Mackenzie – source unknown.

Uri took my key, stroked it gently and within seconds it started to bend. Then he placed it on a table where the bending continued.

The Cleveland Press (Sept. 27, 1973)

From report by Dennis McLaughlin

The uncanny thing is that afterwards the discarded fork, lying by itself on the table, kept bending more and more. And as we talked, the key, left untouched on the table, continued to bend.

The Sunday Mirror (Dec. 2 1973)

And just to clinch the matter, he didn?t even touch this particular key – just stared at it and concentrated hard.

The Miami Herald (Nov. 5, 1973)

Uri Geller strokes the photographers fingers holding down the key and concentrates. We all watch carefully while he is stroking. re is no pressure exerted and he never actually touches the key. Very slowly it started to bend.
Geller stops, picks up the key and puts it on the counter. It continues to bend.

The Daily Texan (Sept. 20, 1973)

When he slid a steel spoon through a circle formed by his fingers, the spoon began to bend visibly. He then sat the utensil on the carpet at his feet, where it continued to bend…

The National Star (April 26, 1975)

?He was miles away, yet my key had turned hot…and was still bending.? Paul Doherty.

National Enquirer (Nov. 25, 1973)

?I saw it happen but it?s still hard to believe,? said an astounded Watts. ?The key bent as I watched. Before giving it to Uri, I tried to bend it with my hands but I couldn?t!? Geller told us the key would continue to bend for several days – and it did.

Read (Feb.16, 1973. A Xerox publication)

As the group watched, one half of the ring began twisting out of shape. It continued to twist for several hours, even after Uri had stopped concentrating on it.

National Enquirer (Nov. 19, 1974)

?Geller bent my gold wedding ring without touching it – while it was lying in the palm of my own hand!? Dr. Von Braun revealed…..

Association for the Understanding of Man. (July 1973)

Moments after the experiment (recorded radio show) the spoon was noticed to be bent (& continued to bend for a while afterward), a large, heavy paper clip disappeared and after we had given up on the keys doing anything,a key broke spontaneously

Sunday Express (Nov. 25, 1973)

From report by Robert Chapman

Not even Geller himself seemed fully confident of success. He was clearly delighted when the metal began curling up. Almost immediately afterwards a metal comb he had casually put down beside him suddenly bent in the middle.

The Cleveland Press (May 20, 1975)

Within seconds the back of the crucifix began to bend, arching away from the figure of Christ. The back continued to bend after Geller quite stroking it.

Evening Standard (London: Nov. 24, 1973)

A steel comb suddenly doubled up without him [Geller] touching it.

Daily Mirror

Mirror reporter Richard Stott, who has covered Uri?s exploits agreed. He said, ?There is a lot of showman about him. But I saw him bend a spoon I was holding in my hand just by looking at it. I was amazed.

The Houston Post (Sept. 18, 1973)

The psychic apologises as the key continues to buckle. He pounds it flat again with an ashtray and unconvincingly says he hopes it doesn?t start bending again. Suddenly the apartment key begins to look like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Source unknown – report about Susan Graham

We set the ring on a sheet of paper and traced its outline. Some time later we inspected it and found that the ring had flattened even further.

Los Angeles Times July 6, 197?)

From report by Burt Prelutsky

For the second test I gave him a key and dared him to bend it…..In about 30 seconds it began to bend. Shortly after that, Geller placed the key on the table. ?It will continue bending for a while now even though I?m not touching it.? And it did.

Sunday Mirror (Nov. 25, 1973)

Throughout the experiment, I had held my own RAC key in my hand. I glanced at it and was astonished when I saw that it had become as bent as the other one.

Evening News (Nov, 1974)

From a report about Geller?s appearance on the Jimmy Young radio show

And the [police] constable? He was PC Mark Baker, of Rochester Avenue, Rochester, who tuned in before going on duty. ?I was just about to go on when my hat badge started to bend.?

FATE (Dec. 1999)

From a report by Alan Vaughan

As editor of Psychic Magazine, I asked Geller to bend a key without touching it. I used a room key from the Holiday Inn…The key had a large wooden tag with the room number on it so it could not be easily switched. The publisher of Psychic , James Bolen, tested the key to see if he could bend it by manual force, confirming that this was not possible.

I held the key in my clenched fist. Uri never touched it. He clenched his own fist and shook it above my hand, yelling, “Bend! Bend!”

When I opened my hand I was astonished to see that the key had bent. I dashed to my nearby office and traced the angle of the bend on paper.

The key continued to bend. That could not be a trick.

Eldon Byrd
Former scientist at the American Naval Surface Weapons Center – Maryland USA.

The metal Uri bends is not subjected to force. I have seen the electron microscope photos of several items Uri has bent without force–the grain structure is very even; whereas, like items bent by force had a chaotic grain structure both at the margins and internally. I had a shadowgraph done of one of the Nitinol wires Uri touched while I was holding both ends. He altered the shape memory at the molecular level and caused it to go to an angle so acute that a similar piece broke when an attempt was made to bend it to such an acute angle. Also, an electron microscope photo of the wire at the bend revealed that stress marks were apparent along the wire due to the extrusion process by which the wire was made; however, there were no stress lines apparent longitudinally at the bend. A density analysis showed that the material in the wire was more dense on TOP of the bend where stretching should have occured, not underneath as one would expect where compression occured. I not only have seen many items continue to bend after Uri had touched them (mostly knife blades and forks that he had stroked with ONE finger); I have also had cutlery in my hand spontaneously bend and continue to bend over a five or six second period while Uri was across the room and had never interacted with the item.

Andy Dixon,
Men’s Fitness M agazine – January 2000
“…he starts bending by a spoon for us. He’s barely tickling it. He puts it into the photographer’s hand and it keeps bending. ”

Dr. Lawrence Ratna – 1997
(Consultant Psychiatrist – England)

“I am a Psychiatrist with 30 years clinical experience, a conjurer with a wide knowledge of “magic” and someone who has investigated paranormal phenomena and found them wanting in the past.

Uri Geller gave me demonstration of spoon bending. I could find no evidence of trickery nor the use of gimmicks . The fact that the spoon continued bending after he had handed it to me, for my mind, puts the event beyond rational explanation be it scientific or a feat of conjuring. He also demonstrated two examples of thought transference first accurately reproducing a geometric figure I had drawn and second and perhaps more significantly transmitting to me a figure and a colour.

As a life long sceptic I must record my total astonishment at these feats and testify my witness to a truly inexplicable and unique phenomenon. ”

Captain Pat O’Sullivan – 1998
2nd Battalion,
The Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment,

“I have invited Uri Geller to our base and witnessed him bend a thick spoon that we provided, in front of dozens of people. What was truly amazing is the fact that the spoon continued to bend after leaving Uri’s hands.
Having been of a skeptical nature, I now believe that the human mind is capable of extraordinary accomplishments.”

Captain Red Blake FRAeS – 1999
Flight Instructor
B777 Fleet

Uri visited the flight deck today (1st October 1999) on his way to see Michael Jackson in New York. We talked for some time about people’s perception of his remarkable abilities. Although viewed as Mystic or Magician, the co-pilot and I were impressed at his technical knowledge and found his own explanation had a significant scientific bias. He picked up an item of cutlery from a meal tray and within thirty seconds it had bent through 30?. He passed it back and I left it on the tray, where, during the next two minutes it bent a further 60? (as we watched). No one touched it. He also attempted to ‘guess’ a simplistic picture drawn on a piece of paper out of his view. Both of us thought of the picture – and incredibly he reproduced it exactly. Not only was the image correct, but it’s shape was the same siseto within a millimetre. When you see this done ‘for real’ – you have to “believe what you see”.

Handcuff key bends and breaks
A letter from 2 Swedish policemen about the breaking of a handcuff key

Gothenburg the 18th February, 1974

Hello Uri.


Through the Swedish newspapers we have had the possibility to follow your appearances in the different countries. We got the opinion that they receive you with the same great wonder and admiration as it has been here in Sweden. Attached herewith we’re sending you articles from the newspaper “Expresser” dated 15th Jan. 1974. The reporter who has been interviewing you at the hotel writes that he aimed to prove that you were a nut but he finally was convinced that you are a holder of an unexplainable intern power. We are even sending you an article from a magazine. It’s Karin and Ake Falk who are telling about their meeting with you.


Furthermore we want to tell you about the strange thing which happened short after your departure from Gothenburg. As you may recall you borrowed our handcuffs on our way to the airport. You looked at them and then gave them back to us undamaged with the key hanging on its ring. We placed the handcuffs with the key in its place in the car and put a lock over it. A couple of hours later when we returned to the police headquarters we found the key broken into pieces laying on the floor in front of the front seat of the car. The handcuffs were still on their place. We cannot find any explanation concerning the removal of the key from the drawer-box to the floor. Can you? It is not a question of the key, we have got a new one and we saved the broken one at the headquarters as a souvenir to remember you. We have taken a picture of the key and we are sending you a few of them.


The reason why our letter is a little bit late is that we waited to look at your TV-program. We hope you will excuse us for that. We are sending even the articles from the newspapers comments about your recent program. We hope you can find someone who can translate the articles for you. Your program was a great success. The Swedish Radio and TV got more than 7,000 telephone calls from the Swedish people. Peoples who had their spoons and forks bent and so on.

Finally we want to tell you that you are very welcome back to Sweden and we hope that you will be kind enough to get in touch with us.


Sven, Allan, Anders and Roland
Mr Roland Satradphl, Goteborgs Polisdistrict,
Box 429, Rum 6104, S-40126, Goteborg 1

Professor U. Andres
Royal School of Mines
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

At the Foyles luncheon book launch at Grosvenor House of the Uri Geller’s new book ‘Mind Medicine’. I was fortunate to be seated one away from the author himself. During our conversation I told him that I often heard but never seen the bending spoon experiment. As I had to leave the luncheon early Uri Geller very kindly agreed to take me with a spoon from the table (a massive utensil of nickel coated Sheffield steel) behind the partition between the auditorium and kitchen. He held the spoon at the cup end, stroked middle of the handle gently with his fingers and spoon immediately began to bend.

He handed me the spoon and it continued to bend to the angle of 90 0. The bent spoon is now on my desk in the place of honours, commemorating the only event I have observed in the whole my life which is beyond the realm of day to day reality and for which, truly, the word magic is the most appropriate choice.




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“There is no spoon!”

The Matrix

“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

Tannens Magic Blog

“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

Clint Eastwood

“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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