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11The most mystical number is a double-11.

All my life I have looked at 11-11 as a hint from a higher intelligence.

It keeps cropping up everywhere – when I look at clocks, when I buy raffle tickets, when I switch on the TV, I always seem to see 11-11.

What does the hint mean? I think it’s a reminder: stay tuned to your psychic energy, keep your spiritual mind alive, because there’s much more to this universe than you can ever dream.

malefemaleThe ancient male and female signs make such bold statements about our natures.

Men are symbolised by a jutting arrow, an age-old instrument of war.

Women are signified by a cross, a design used on battlefields around the globe to identify non-combatants who bravely work to tend the wounded.

Our similarities are more important than our differences. The circle symbolises both men and women. That shows we all have the potential to be whole, rounded human beings.

Don’t get too worked up about the current notion that men are from Mars and women are from Venus – the truth is, we’re all from Mother Earth!

When we care for our cats and dogs they care for us too.

Even people in very high-stress jobs, such as stockbrokers, can see dramatic reductions in tension and anxiety when they stroke a pet.

Dr Karen Allen, of the American Heart Association, says: “The results are dramatic and significant. For over a decade I’ve been studying the effects of pets on people’s reactivity to stress – measured by heart rate and blood pressure responses to mental and physical stress. We’ve shown over and over that it’s beneficial to be with a pet when you’re under stress.”

uriDo you have 3D imagination?

Limber up with a workout inspired by the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla. Everyone owes a huge debt to Tesla, who died in poverty. He developed alternating current, the AC electricity which nables us to transmit power for long distances.

Victorian physicists said it couldn’t be done. Edison, who invented the light bulb, thought we would always be limited to short-range direct current. Tesla believed it was possible, and he ‘built’ the machine to prove it – right inside his head.

The Serbian genius honed every moving part in his 3D imagination, examining the device from all angles, constantly visualising the images. When he built the real machine, it was already perfect.

I love to visualise in three dimensions. Sometimes I picture machines, but most often I imagine strange animals – a dog with feathers, a six-legged horse, a neon deer. I study them from every angle, imagining how they move, run and sleep. Try it yourself – let the workshop of your mind run overtime and see what you invent.

roulette2Cynics will tell you there’s no such thing as right and wrong, just a grey area in between. But I am certain that we really are faced with choosing between right and wrong in our personal lives.

Sometimes I do the wrong thing … and I always know about it, and regret it, because that has an effect on my psychic energy.

The most powerful example of this hit me after I used my psi ability to cheat at roulette. At first the casino management liked to see me winning, but when they started losing big money on every turn of the wheel I was escorted from the premises.

At first I thought I’d hit on the perfect get-rich-quick scheme – but I soon knew better. I felt physically awful. I couldn’t breathe, and I ended up literally throwing the money away, at the side of a motorway. I never gambled again.

chance3When people tell me that something is impossible because the chances of ‘a million to one,’ I reply that all chances are 50-50. Either something happens or it doesn’t.

Is the world going to avert war in Iraq? It’s 50-50 – we’ll either achieve peace or we won’t. I pray we do. And will mankind learn to harness our innate telepathic powers? That’s a 50-50 chance too – believe, and it could happen.
We’ve had some extraordinary results with my psychic challenge with callers consistently picking the image that I am telepathically beaming out. Now let’s make it simpler – by going 50-50!

Here are two simple symbols, an arrow pointing upwards and another pointing down. I have fixed one of these in my mind – but which is it?

Logic suggests that 50 per cent of you will guess one arrow, and 50 per cent the other. But, by tuning in to your sixth sense, you can beat the odds. If we can achieve a huge swing for one arrow or the other, that’s positive proof of your telepathic power.

0621_turkeyvulture“Mean Vultures Enjoy Making Jaguars Scared, Usually Near Parks.”

That’s my way of remembering the planets in our solar system. Look at the first letter of each word – they match the initials of each planet: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

This is an example of a magic mnemonic. That word, pronounced ‘ner-mon-ik’, means a memory aid, and it comes from the Greek word for ‘mindful’. You can keep your mind full with mnemonics, because they are a sure way of remembering anything.

Whether you’re trying to memorise facts for exams or details for an office report, always look at the initial letters. Have fun making up a silly sentence and you’ll never forget what it means.

scienceWe communicate with words – but sometimes the letters of those words are trying to contact our psychic sub-conscious in their own secret language.

The mystical Jewish wisdom of the Kaballah regards the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as ‘the building blocks of creation’. By interpreting the meaning of the letters, rabbis could unlock the secrets of the universe– centuries before scientists tried to do the same. I believe that science has become a religion today.

Many ‘atheists’ really believe in science.

They have faith, but it is faith in a power greater than humanity. Letters rule in
science too. Scientists say genes are ‘the building blocks of creation’, and they unravel genetic DNA into four strands … represented by the letters A, C, T and G.

A dear friend of mine made the big leap to the next life a few days ago.

e27But I know for certain that Eldon Byrd hasn’t gone away at all – his spirit is very much alive in the hearts of his many friends. Of course, I’m grieving – we’ve been close friends for 30 years.

I’m grieving for his family too, because they will naturally miss him desperately. But I’m not sad for Eldon himself, because he had a brilliant life and a notable career as a physcist, and I know he’ll embrace the hereafter with the same open-minded gusto he
applied to everything in this life. In an odd way, a death is a kind of birthday: it marks the moment we enter the next world. I believe the challenges of the hereafter are no less daunting than the ones we face here.

But it’s still a birthday, and a cause for celebration as well as sadness.

bonesWhen sceptics scoff at astrology, I like to hand them some hard facts to chew on.

How about a recent study in The Lancet, the leading medical journal, for instance?

It shows babies born in April are, on average, 2.2 millimetres taller than December children. And if birthdate affects the bones, why shouldn’t it shape the brain too? The study involved more than a million babies over 20 years, which looks like solid scientific proof to me. Not that most sceptics are troubled by anything as trivial as proof, of course!

Here’s another weird synchronicity: what is it about January 20 which points new babies towards space?

All four of today’s birthday boys pictured have strong links to the Final Frontier.

DeForest Kelly was Bones in the original Star Trek.
Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin was the second man on the moon.
Tom Baker was the greatest Dr Who of all; and Paul Stanley, whose character in the rock band Kiss is The StarChild.

New Year is a fantastic time to activate your psychic energy. It’s a time when your heart and mind are eager to seize on positive images. That’s the time to make maximum use of your psi-power. Here’s a great New Year’s resolution you can adopt: “I am going to be open to new ideas, new opportunities and new friends in 2003!” You’ll be amazed how good things flow from your positive new frame of mind.

These are my New Year’s resolutions:
Keep laughing and smiling; Learn more about ethical investments; Be open to every idea, however outrageous; Listen more than I talk.
The biggest challenge is the last one. But in 2003, I pledge to keep my ears as open as my mind!
Happy New Year to all readers of this page.

Psychic Challenge

Let’s have a seasonal psychic challenge! I want to try something
I have never attempted on this page before – telepathic tasting! Just close
your eyes and imagine something delicious and Christmassy on your taste buds. Now look at the pictures: What am I eating? Is it 1. Christmas pudding 2. Christmas cake 3. Mulled wine 4. Mince pie

When you can taste the answer send your vote.

Results next week !

Psychic Challenge

Which of these distinctive voices am I beaming out to you this week ?

1. Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, Stephen Fry, Laurence Olivier.

Last week, one in three callers correctly guessed that I was transmitting Winston Churchill’s distinctive voice.

Psychic Challenge

This week I want to explore my
theory further and prove that it’s even easier to send music by telepathy than it is to transmit images.
All the classic tests of extra-sensory perception use images, such as the famous stars, circles and squares used on Zener cards. But what the scientists often forget is that ESP in the real world is usually focused on sound, not sight.
A spoken phrase or an unexpected noise is more likely to trigger deja-vu than
anything I see. And my memory is very much affected by sound, especially music – a snatch of song or a few notes half-heard on the radio can whisk my mind back to a long-forgotten incident, so vividly that I almost relive it. Today I’ll be humming a tune again – but this time it is a classical melody rather than a pop song. Study the four faces pictured. One of the pictures should immediately trigger a melody in your mind.
If you are on my wavelength, you should sense the same tune that.


25 per cent of you rightly picked The Queen. And, interestingly, 29 per cent selected Marilyn Monroe. Thatcher and Dietrich scored 23 per cent each.

Psychic Challenge

THIS week there are TWO chances to win in my Psychic Challenge. You can test
the power of colour – in black and white!
See if you can tune in to which of the four colours – Pink, Blue, Yellow or
Orange – I am trying to transmit.
Look at each word in turn and imagine the colour that it suggests. You can
also try my dowsing test too – and hold your hand over each word in turn as
you imagine those colours at their most intense. If you feel a burst of heat
or a tingle in your palm, that should be the colour I am trying to transmit.


We had a phenomenal response to my Psychic Challenge last week, with nearly
40 per cent of callers correctly divining that I was thinking of the colour
orange. I believe colours are very easy to transmit, because they make a
vivid impression on the mind.XXXX Earl, of Gillingham, Kent, was one of two winners last week. XXXX says: “I tried dowsing, exactly as Uri said, and held my hand over each
colour in turn. When my hand passed over the word ‘orange’ I felt a heat on
my hand. It was absolutely amazing.”
The other winner was xxxx Lomax, of Higher Tranmere, Cheshire.

Psychic Challenge

So this week I’m making it harder for you! Here
are pictures of four black-and-white animals! Hold the palm of your hand
above each in turn: when you feel a tingle of electricity or a burst of heat,
you should have found the one that’s in my mind. This ‘dowsing’ is perhaps
the easiest psychic talent of all. There is no prize this week, save the
satisfaction of knowing just how psychic you truly are. I would to record the
number of votes for each of the images. When you feel you know which animal image I am transmitting, call the number
underneath the relevant picture.

1. Zebra 2. Dalmatian 3. Magpie 4. Penguin

Last week’s result: 1. Zebra (22%); 2. Dalmatian (34%); 3. Magpie (18%); 4.
Penguin (26%)

WHAT a fantastic response to our new-look Psychic Challenge last week! One in every three callers correctly guessed that I was transmitting a black
and white image of a Dalmatian. By itself, such a result is excellent, as
chance would suggest just one in four callers would get the correct answer.
But when we look at this result as the latest in a string of amazing correct
results from Mirror readers it is more phenomenal proof that you really can
tap into your own innate psychic ability – if only you can relax enough to
let it happen.

Psychic Challenge

Today, I am asking you to let your ‘inner-child’ help you discover your psychic power.

Here are pictures of four classic children’s TV characters!

[1. A Clanger 2. Bagpuss 3. Postman Pat 4. A Teletubby

Now, try to empty your mind of any pressing problems for just a minute or two. Then hold
the palm of your hand above each image in turn to see if you can pick up the
burst of psychic energy I transmitted as I wrote these words. I will continue
to transmit my chosen character’s image at periods throughout today. When you
feel a tingle of electricity or a burst of heat, you should have found the
one that’s in my mind. Don’t just guess. If you feel nothing, try again, and
try to relax as much as you can. This method is called ‘dowsing’ and I
believe everyone has the ability to discover this gift within themselves.
When you feel you know which character I am transmitting, call the number
underneath the relevant picture.


Last week’s Psychic Challenge conjured up one of the oddest results ever. It
was normal! What I mean is that the responses were close to what probability
would suggest. And anyone who has been following our experiment will know how
rare that is. I was thinking of number 1, a Clanger which 27 per cent of
callers guessed. But the second choice, Bagpuss, attracted 28 per cent of
votes. Postman Pat and the Teletubby managed 21 and 22 per cent of votes
This result may have had less to do with telepathy than the powerful strength
of childhood memories. Perhaps the little kid in us doesn’t always want to be
telepathic, it only want to put in a vote for its favourite character. Or we
could just be a nation of cat-lovers!

Psychic Challenge

I would like to test your psychic test of smell…
Many clairvoyants never “see” spirits – they hear their voices. Think about
how we traditionally imagine ghosts: they have misty, indistinct shapes, but
the noises they make come through loud and clear!
Have you ever found yourself thinking of a loved relative, and sensed their
presence so strongly you could smell their favourite soap or catch a waft of
their favourite tipple? My father died a quarter of a century ago, but
sometimes I sense his spirit… and distinctly smell his aftershave! In my kitchen today, I will have a bowl filled with one of the four foods
pictured: 1. Chopped onions; 2. Strong grated cheese; 3. Crushed garlic or 4.
Curry powder
Every so often, I’m going to take a long breath and let my head fill with the
powerful aroma – and send it telepathically to you.
Can you pick up the scent? When you feel you know, call the number underneath
the relevant picture.


Last week: 1. Onions (38%); 2. Cheese (20%); 3. Garlic (21%); 4. Curry (21%).

We achieved a remarkable result last week when I set a very smelly psychic
challenge and asked you to name the scent I was sending telepathically.
Nearly four out of every ten callers correctly psychically smelt chopped
onions (Option 1) which I was transmitting.
That is a stupendous result – way, way beyond what chance would suggest –
and further evidence that these psychic tests work best when the outer senses
and the inner senses are working in harmony.
I am convinced that our extra-sensory perception is even sharper with sounds
and smells than it is with visual signals. When your intuition contacts you,
it will often be in sounds, not images. Think of that “small, still voice of
conscience” – it’s not a “big, colourful picture of conscience,” is it?

Psychic Challenge

Many people who had no idea they were psychic have taken decisions that
changed or saved their lives because they “heard a voice” – most commonly a
warning from a loved one who has passed over.
And what about people who bravely follow a religious vocation? Nobody ever
“saw the photo of God” – instead they “heard the call of God”! So this week’s challenge is audio-friendly. Pictured are four famous

1. Paul McCartney 2. Elton John 3 Bob Dylan 4. John Lennon.

I will be humming a tune by one of them throughout the day. Look
at the pictures and let your mind relax. Each of the photos should trigger
songs in your head. But I will be thinking of only one tune all day. Usually
I suggest dowsing to help you discover the correct answer. Dowsing works, but
music can also send a shiver up your spine or down the backs of your arms. If
you get either of those signals, the chances are that you really have tuned
in to me today.
When you feel you know, call the number underneath the relevant picture.


Last week’s result: 1 Paul McCartney (19%); 2 Elton John (27%); 3 Bob Dylan
(10%); 4 John Lennon (44%)
I asked for a big result last week – and wow! You delivered it. One of our
best-ever responses, with an amazing 44 per cent of all callers correctly
tuning in to the music power of John Lennon.
I was transmitting his classic hit, Imagine.


Whenever I see Lulu, she looks younger and more energetic that ever.

She’s a tiny woman but she packs a psychic punch like Lennox Lewis. We met in London
the other day, for the opening of Kelly Hoppen’s new store.
As soon as I heard Lulu’s buoyant voice – “Darling!” – I knew my mental
batteries were going to be supercharged. And I was right, because you can’t
be with this woman for even a few seconds without feeling that the world is a
brighter place. People always laugh when she’s around: she energises
everybody with a frivolous spirit. There is no doubt in my mind that this is
why Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley love working with Lulu on Absolutely
Fabulous! When I asked her, teasingly, how she managed to stay in such
fantastic shape, she told me in two words: “Positive thinking.” And she’s
the high-energy proof that we really can live happier, more fulfilling lives
if we simply tackle everything in a positive frame of mind. Being positive is all about seeing the best in everyone and everything. Find
the sunshine in whatever you do, and greet everyone with a happy face. It’s
amazing how the positive energy which you radiate is reflected back tenfold,
repaying you for your smiles.
Some people scoff when I say I believe that positive thinking can actually
help to keep our bodies healthy. When I look at Lulu and laugh with her, I am
certain I am right.

Hundreds of emails and letters have flooded into my office since the BBC screened my biography, Reputations – and almost all are focused on one brief incident in the show: the 11:11 synchronicity.

I was explaining to the interviewer how the number 11 recurs not only in my life but in the lives of millions who are in tune with their psychic energy. Instants later I turned round and saw a digital clock was flashing up 11:11.
That’s much more than coincidence – it’s synchronicity, the term coined by Carl Jung to describe moments when the whole universe seems to work in harmony.
So many of you were astonished to discover that 11:11 was significant for me, because the number keeps appearing in your own lives. Here’s what one young woman named Ria told me: “Nearly every time I check the time, it always seems to be 11 minutes past the hour. My mum says it’s a coincidence but it has got to the stage now where I need answers. Every time I see 8.11 or 9.11 on the clock my heart momentarily stops as I register yet again that the number 11 is trying to feature in my daily life.”
Don’t be alarmed: this isn’t scary. I believe the number 11 acts as a portal to higher consciousness – be aware of all those synchronicities and you will start to be more aware of your psi-energy. Think of it as a cosmic wake-up call.

People sometimes ask why I don’t use my powers to help police find abducted children.


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