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0319:30EPSOMEpsom Playhouse01372 742555
0419:30WIMBLEDONNew Wimbledon Theatre 08700 606646
1019:30MAIDSTONE Corn Exchange Complex01622 758611
2220:00MANSFIELDThe Palace Theatre01623 633133
2419:30AYLESBURYCivic Centre01296 486009
0219:30ST ALBANSAlban Arena01727 844488 
0420:00WEYMOUTHPavilion01305 783225
2419:30CHELMSFORDWaterfront Place 
2920:00RHYL Pavilion Theatre0870 3300000
0820:00STIRLINGThe Albert Halls01786 473544
0919:30DUNDEEWhitehall Theatre01382 434940
1119:30WHITLEY BAYPlayhouse0191 252 3505
1920:00HARLOWThe Playhouse01279 431945
2219:30WORTHINGPavilion Theatre01903 206206
0419:30CAMBERLEYCamberley Theatre01276 707600
1319:30FERNDOWNBarrington Theatre01202 894858
1819:30HERTSFORDSHIRE6 Wyllyotts Centre,
Potters Bar
01707 645005
1919:30FAREHAMFerneham Hall01329 231942
2019:30BRECONTheatr Brycheiniog01874 611622
2620.00WINSFORDWinsford Civic Hall01606 867539

2005 Schedules and Events

January 2005 major TV Special for SKY TV

16th February Emmenbrücke / Lucerne Zentrum Gersag

17th February Oensingen / Solothurn Bienkensaal

18th February Wettingen / Baden Saal Tägerhard

19th February Thun / Berne Schadausaal

20th February Cham / Zug Lorzensaal

March US TV

23 March Ill children visit uri’s home

1st April Russian Television

11th May Uri opens his house to a group of sick children

May 16th QVC

15th October Incredible seminar with Uri in The Netherlands.
Click here for more information at www.urianatol.com

17th December Uri will appear in person to open an exhibition of his artwork at Gallery-k in Hampstead, London Click Here for more information 


January and February – Appearances on FOX Tv, CNN, ABC, BBC, MTV and MSNBC

January 21st – Lecture at Forum of World Leaders in Davos, Switzerland

January 28th – Uri on German TV

February 1st – Uri on Childrens BBC

February 3rd – Uri on a political TV Show

February 4th – Uri lectures in Oxford

February 6th – Uri lectures in Reading University

February 11th – Appearance on German television

February 15th-March 7th on a reality TV show

March 3rdUri gives awards on behalf of the Duke of Edinburgh at St James Palace in London.

March 15th – Uri opens the first step of building the pavillion of Wokingham hospital and donates £10,000

March 16th – Uri does a commerical for the Disney Channel

March 18-19 Performance at St.Hellier’s in Jersey at The Royal Hotel, David Place. (Both performances start at 7:30pm).

21st March – Uri on hospital radio

26th MarchUri appears on Coast to Coast ART BELL radio show in the USA

27th March – opens his house for people who have donated to charity

1st AprilUri doing a commerical for soup

5th April – Uri gives out the Salom awards

6th April – Uri on BBC auctioning show

10th April – Uri hosting FCUK Radio

11th April Meeting with fans at 12pm at the Hilton, Park Lane, London.

17 April Anduri opens his house for ill children from the Middle East

22 April Uri lectures at Cambridge university

12th May – Uri on BBC TV Scotland

15th May – does a charity show at Hampton Court

11th June – show in Lenggries, Germany

JUNE 15 lecture in Londonderry Ireland.

19th June – Uri does a charity show in Düsseldorf Germany

July 7 – Charity show in Berkshire. ST JAMES PALACE – London. Uri giving out awards

8th July – 150 Israeli and Palestinian sick children visit Uri’s house for the day

10th July – Charity with Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey

16th-20th of July – Art Show Italy

July 29 – Uri is on QVC with his new range of exquisite jewellery – two hours(afternoon).

August 7 – Uri’s novels DEAD COLD & ELLA published in Denmark Uri will there for a PR tour.

18th August – Uri opens his House for ill children of the WISH FOUNDATION

20th September – Charity for Royal Hospital Neuro Disability

21 September – Joshua Foundation – Uri opens his House for ill children.

24th September – Uri visits the children’s hospice in Wales

26 September – Celebrity awards filmed for ITV

27 September – Charity at the Hellenic centre

30 September – Filming for the BBC

1 October – 5 October Uri in Greece filming

4 October – BBC1 Public Opinion 23.05

6 October – Filming for BBC

7 October – Filming for German TV

16 October – Documentary about Uri televised on BBC Prime at 21.30 CET called Reputations televised worldwide

21 October – Lecture in Sunderland

26 October – Reception Hungarian Embassy

28 October – Filming for RSPCA. Oct 29 filming for Japanese TV – Uri opens his house for terminally ill children of the JOSHUA foundation

30 October – Filming in Italy

13 November – Attending charity for disabled people for Princess Elizabeth von Bicmark germany

14 November – Uri Geller special for German TV

19 November 19 Swiss TV

20 November – Childline Charity

21 November – Alyn Charity

22 November – QVC with his new line of jewellery

28 November Athens, Greece – 10:00 to 18:30: STADIO IRINIS & FILIAS at Neo Faliro.
Registration and information at tel. 210 3636607, 210 3610822, 210 3631101.
Fax: 210 3614127, www.kritonou.gr

20 December – Uri’s birthday

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The Matrix

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Michael Jackson

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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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Mick Jagger

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Sir Elton John

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Johnny Cash

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Clint Eastwood

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