Uri Geller’s masterclass: astral Projection

The most important question science faces today may be: “What is consciousness?” And every scientist you ask, every bestselling book you pick up, every radio discussion you hear will give you a different answer.
Some thinkers believe we’ll never be able even to describe what we mean by “being conscious” – our brains just aren’t equipped for such subtle concepts. And others fear the words don’t exist to sum up all the complexities of a mind that knows it is alive.
It makes me smile that so many scientists think these questions have only just been invented. The truth is that humans have been exploring the answers for many millennia – and we’ve long known what consciousness is and where we keep it.
The trouble is that science, in its rush to rationalise everything, has discarded many ancient notions that are tough to test in the laboratory. And one of these notions is the Soul.
Like most religious or spiritual people, I am quite certain that every human has a soul, the flame of life and consciousness that flickers in our bodies. Machines don’t have souls – that’s why we’ll never create a conscious computer.
Scientists who scoff at the age-old idea of the Soul say no autopsy ever found one. But the truth is that it’s not difficult to locate your own soul … you simply let it roam free of your body, in a psychic technique called astral projection.
Researchers at Bristol University found about 40 per cent of people report an out-of-body experience, where the soul parts from the flesh, at least once in their lives. Many of these are the near-death experiences made famous by Hollywood. Others are triggered by moments of great danger or trauma.
But almost ten per cent of us can control the experience and deliberately embark on a ghostly excursion. The feeling of transcendence, that the spirit can live outside the body, is profoundly moving for many people. It’s often seems like the final proof that our lives don’t have to end when the physical body dies.
Adventurous experiments have proved that astral projection is not a mere trick of the mind. The spirit really does go out-of-body.
Professor Charles Tart of the University of California, for example, hid a random number generator in his lab and asked a young female subject to let her spirit travel till she could see it. The woman could clearly read the number, which not even the professor could have known.
Telepathy doesn’t explain this phenomenon. Astral projection is the simplest answer.
In another test, the psychic Stuart Blue Harary repeatedly projected his spirit across the campus of Duke University in North Carolina, to find and comfort a kitten in a lab half a mile away. The kitten, whose name was Spirit, was contented and purring for the few minutes that Stuart’s soul was with him.
The biologist Lyall Watson believes out-of-body experiences have a vital function – at moments of intense danger, they allow the conscious mind to view the body from a safe vantage point. But if it convinces science that our souls truly exist, this paranormal phenomenon will have really worked a miracle.

How to project your spirit out of your body:

The first thing to emphasis is that this procedure is completely safe. Nobody ever suffered any harm by attempting astral projection.
The soul is connected to the flesh by a bond which cannot be broken until our time comes to die.
However, if you have only recently started to develop your psychic abilities, or if the thought of an out-of-body experience scares you, you should not attempt it.
Many people report out-of-body experiences that occurred at moments of great physical exertion, such as during strenuous exercise or even love-making. The best way to start, though, is simply to relax.
Lie on a led in loose-fitting clothes, in semi-darkness.
Repeat to yourself: “I give myself permission to enjoy an out-of-body experience. I give my spirit permission to leave my body for a time and to go where it will.”
Most people feel that the spirit leaves through the Third Eye, the psychic portal in the forehead, above the bridge of the nose. Focus on this point and visualise your spirit flowing like silver liquid out into the space above your body.
There are no words to describe how this will feel when it happens. Just let the experience overwhelm your senses. When your spirit is freed, you will be able to look down and see your body.
You’ll look as though you are asleep, but laboratory tests suggest that our heartrate actually increases during these experiences.
You’ll leave most of your physical senses, such as touch, behind but your eyesight and hearing may be enhanced. Enjoy the ride, and take note of a cold or silver thread which seems to connect you to your body. That’s your soul’s way of saying that however far your spirit roams, it will always find its way back.
Let your spirit slide back into the flesh after a minute or two, and take note of how you are feeling – exhilarated, refreshed and enlightened are three words people often use. Now you know what your spirit can do, you will be able to embark on future astral journeys with confidence.


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