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With so much media focus on the search for three missing girls this summer, surely psychic intervention could save toy-soldier-11much heartache and worry.
In fact, I have worked with police on hunts for serial killers, such as the so-called Son Of Sam who stalked New York in the late Seventies. The work is grim and distressing, and even 25 years on I still suffer occasional nightmares – the negative energy that spills out of these crimes is horrifying.
Perhaps because television features so many engrossing police dramas, many people seem to treat real-life abductions as a kind of live entertainment, gruesome but engrossing. That attitude sickens me.
As a hospital patron, I meet many families who are suffering a different type of tragedy – not newsworthy, not fascinating, but as traumatic as anything on the TV news. Every decent person is horrified by the murders of those poor girls.
But what about the youngsters whose deaths never make the front pages?
The victims of road accidents, cancer, heart disease and a dozen other preventable horrors?
Where are the seas of flowers for them?
Here’s a true test of psychic energy – next time you see a lurid headline, project your mind behind the drama, and think about someone outside the spotlight who needs your help just as much.

And then give that help.

My black 1976 Cadillac Brougham was the pride of my life.

When I was obsessed with status symbols. It took my many years – and the birth of my two children – to realise that autocars are just hunks of metal that move us about.

I wanted my Caddy to stay meaningful to me, so I set about bolting every bent spoon I ever kept to its bodywork. Soon it was festooned with spoons and forks that were once owned by JFK, Elvis, Dali, Chopin, Fellini, Danny Kaye, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Gary Cooper, Diego Maradona, David Frost, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin and Barbra Streisand. And Freud,

Churchill, Ali, Loren, Gorbachev, Rasputin, Houdini and Picasso. All the silverware has been arranged to form a gigantic peace symbol when seen from above.
Naturally I can’t get it insured to drive. With all that cutlery festooning the bonnet, imagine the consequences of an accident. Talk about cutting
someone up in traffic!

Many people possess powerful psychic talents without knowing it.

That can cause chaos, because psi energy needs to be channeled if it is to be kept in check.
Maybe your computer crashes when you’re under stress – journalist friends tell me that Fleet Street newsrooms are bedlam as deadlines approach, with PCs that have behaved perfectly all day suddenly developing mysterious glitches.
Or maybe street lamps flicker on and off as you walk down the road – this is such a common phenomenon that Dr Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire is researching what parapsychologists call ‘the SLIde effect’ – Street Light Interference. My theory that excess psi-energy is involved was backed up by a British SLIder called Debbie Wolf, a barmaid, who told CNN news channel: “When it happens is when I’m stressed about something, really chewing something over in my head.”
The energy isn’t always human, as a family in London, Ontario, discovered this month. All the children’s toys sparked into life, buzzing about the

bedrooms and chattering at full volume, after lightning struck the house. There was so much electrical energy in the air that fires started
spontaneously, and neighbours had to use garden hoses to prevent a blaze.
I’m glad my own energy focuses on metal objects and not soft furnishings!

Help, get me out of here!

As soon as they invited me on to the show, I knew there would be trouble. I even got a strange psychic flash about main_headereating bugs. But I ignored it because I wanted, so badly, this chance to raise such a large sum for charity.
Psychologically, I prepared myself for everything I could think of: snakes, spiders, heat, hardship, even conflict between the celebrities.
But one thing I never expected was a vicious attack in the paper I write for every week.
When I came out of the rain forest and read what Kevin O’Sullivan had been writing about me I felt betrayed.
The insults, I could take. Hey, if you put your head above the parapet, people are going to take pot shots.
I could even laugh at the way they made me out to be a letch. Some people have a problem with ‘hands- on healing’. They don’t understand the way those forces work. It makes them feel big to belittle the process by insinuating smut.
Some people also have a problem with my accent and my manner. Israeli brashness is often mistaken for rudeness.
All this, I can understand.
But that story about my wife Hannah was a step too far.
She is by my side now as I write this.
She has asked me to tell you that she never ‘ran in tears’ from the viewing room. She knows me well and we love each other passionately. The only tears she shed were tears of laughter at some of my antics and of amazement when I had to eat those creepy-crawlies.

That story about Hannah was a hurtful fabrication. Our kids, too, say that their words were twisted in stories that appeared. But we are not going to get angry. For when any of us ever let anger get the better of us, our psychic abilities are compromised. And they are the most valuable things we can ever have.

Some of the most familiar pieces of household furniture can take on immense importance when we are deprived of them.

I imagine that by the time you read this, I will be dreaming longingly of everyday objects such as televisions, chairs, microwaves and food processors.
And looking at my Rainforest Diet Sheet, I expect I’ll be homesick for my wife’s delicious breakfasts too!
If we miss ordinary objects so much, which can easily be replaced with a simple shopping trip, think how much more we must miss human beings. Our loved ones are irreplaceable. A day without someone you trust and adore is a day with an empty ache. It is sad that our society is often so materialistic that we will value objects above lives – particularly the lives of people we don’t know.

Everyone is loved by someone. It might be trite for me to say that everyhuman being is worth infinitely more than any mere object – but it’s a lesson all of us need to relearn daily.

Did you know that the Bible contains the world’s oldest eco-friendly guidelines?

In Deuteronomy, one of the earliest books of the Old Testament, God warns us never to cut down fruit trees, even inbible the heat of battle. Deuteronomy is one of the five books of the Jewish Torah, the most sacred text in my people’s religion.

Rabbis down the centuries have underlined the importance of nurturning trees.

One intensely holy man, Rebbe Nachman of Braslav, wrote in the 18th century, “If a person kills a tree before its time, it is like having murdered a soul.” Ancient man was taught not to destroy trees for an excellent reason – they keep this planet alive.

Modern man sneers at all the old wisdom, and butchers whole forests daily for profit. And we think we’re so clever!

I am certain you have the power to read my mind.

My conviction is positive and unshakeable. I was delighted to read that new studies prove positive thinking can help brainus live longer and stay healthier.

It’s particularly important to keep smiling this summer. If you believe what some scaremongers say: that terrorists lurk in every corner, war is about to break out with every tin-pot dictatorship on the planet, the stock market is going to implode, house prices are going to crumble, mutant GM crops are going to take over the world and American fraudsters have spent your pension. It’s all “speculation”. Here’s my advice: forget it. Stop worrying. It won’t make a scrap of difference to the fate of nations whether you lie awake all night, but it will have a major impact on your health.

If you stay positive and keep smiling, you’ll have the best chance of dealing easily with everything life – or Saddam Hussein, or Wall Street, or all the rest of them – throws at you.

I’m often asked whether animals have paranormal powers, or if their uncanny knack for reading our minds really relies on highly–tuned instincts.

I believe animals do have psychic abilities – and, more importantly, they use them. Our pets listen to their intuitions.lion We don’t: humans filter out messages from the sub-conscious, and deny the evidence of our sixth sense.

Animals don’t know that the paranormal is scientifically impossible, so they pay no attention to sceptics. No-one ever laughed at a cat for backing its hunches, but a human who invokes intuition in business, at home or even out shopping is likely to face sneers from friends and colleagues.

Clearly, it’s cool to be a cat! We must learn from our pets. Give in to your animal side, and get psychic.

Uri Geller feature for Jonathan Cainer page Monday July 15.
Mirror: Eric Sykes

We Jews are proud of being the funniest people on Earth. We revere people like Jackie Mason, the New York comic sykeswho has put down his joke book to rage about the insane conflict which is gripping the Middle East. Even when he’s being serious, Jackie is still a riot. No one can argue with him, because they are laughing so hard. We should make him President of Israel, and laugh our way to peace.
Anglo-Saxons produce almost as many great comics – but they are often not appreciated till they’re dead. Look at Spike Milligan: the nation wept when he died, but could he get the BBC to repeat his shows?
I am delighted that one living hero of comedy is receiving the adulation he deserves: Eric Sykes, who has written more great jokes than anyone alive, seems to be in every magazine I pick up.
Eric is nearly 80, cheerfully coping with deafnes and blindness, and still capable of stealing every scene on stage or on camera. He has the true wisdom of age, too, that lets him always speak his mind, regardless of ridicule. He believes in intelligent life beyond Earth, and he says so. He thinks Jesus might have been an alien, and he isn’t afraid to speak up. Just when you

think he’s cracking another daft joke, you realise he means it. He’s smiling, but he means it.
God bless you, Eric Sykes. You’re teaching us the most important rule: the human mind is the most powerful tool, when we have the courage to speak it.

Have a laugh with ESP It takes less than a minute to test your ESP – that’s Extra Sensory
Perception. And because your psychic skills are closely connected to the funny bone, it’s always a giggle to exercise your innate telepathic talent.

Uri Geller for Jonathan Cainer page Monday July 22, 2002.

I was baffled by the frenzied claims of French archaeologists who 07309904
thought they had discovered the Missing Link earlier this month. And
I doubled up with laughter when sceptical scientists retorted that
the fossilised African skull belonged not to a pre-human ancestor of
ours, seven million years ago, but to an ordinary gorilla.
Much of science seems to me to revolve around the smallest
fragments of evidence, spinning ludicrous stories from them. The
archaeologist who finds a lump of bone and invents a family
connection between baboons and humans, is no different from the
medicine man who terrifies his tribe by proclaiming that
thunderstorms prove the gods are angry.
I cannot understand why most archaeologists ignore the
biggest question about humans: if we have been around, with our
clever hands and powerful brains, for 200,000 years, why didn’t we
invent civilisation until the time of Moses?
In other words, how could we spend 98 per cent of our history
in idleness, and then cram so many empires and great religions and
earth-shattering discoveries into the final two per cent?
Human beings have no doubt always been ferociously
intelligent, wildly ambitious, amazingly inventive, astonishingly
versatile. It’s impossible for me to believe that nothing of note,
except a few cave paintings, was created by our race throughout
almost all its history.
There must have been many Michelangelos, many Einsteins, many
Caesars – long, long before the civilisations we know about. The true task of archaeology should be to dig these stories
out. Because if humans really did invent civilisation in the times of
Moses, then there’s only one sane conclusion to be drawn: humans were
not around for long before Moses.
And that theory, oddly enough, is the one you’ll find in the Bible. Visit Uri at www.urigeller.com and e-mail him at [email protected]

Mirror: Orgone energy

As fires rage across southern California and Arizona, fed by drought, I have received an appeal from James DeMeo,herb who believes he has perfected an extraordinary cloudbusting technology.
DeMeo is director of research at the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab in Ashland, Oregon. He presents fascinating data about efforts to ‘green the deserts’ in the US and Africa – but what really
catches my eye is his account of a two-week mission to my homeland, Israel, to halt a three-year drought.
The effects of his cloudbusters were so devastatingly successful that rainfall broke 50-year records, heavy snows covered Turkey and Lebanon, rivers burst their banks and brought traffic to a standstill, and electricity powerlines came crashing down. DeMeo clearly believes in doing a job thoroughly.
His methods are inspired by Austrian medic Wilhelm Reich, who believed the energy which flows through humans is the same force that drives the universe. Reich fled the Nazis, only to be persecuted in the US, where his books were burned. He was eventually imprisoned as
a ‘quack’ and died in jail.
DeMeo’s cloudbusters certainly appear to work – surely there is evidence enough for the mainstream meteorological community to take his claims seriously. After all, if drought can be averted in
Africa, where it is threatening millions of lives as crops fail across half the continent, anything must be worth a try.
I fear orgone theory is doomed to be ignored, because it insists that scientists must live good and moral lives. DeMeo’s cloudbusting team have to prove they are capable of loving relationships, showing kindness and respect to all people and to animals too.
That is anathema to mainstream science, which holds that morals are irrelevant in the lab. Meanwhile, the most famous advocate of greening the deserts remains the wonderful Kate Bush, whose hit
single Cloudbusting was inspired by Reich.

Visit Uri at www.urigeller.com and e-mail him at [email protected]

Modern Mobile !

Look at this phone – it receives faxes, emails, texts and pages. Oh, and phone calls. I can use it on mountaintops, on phonemoors, on remote beaches … it reaches everywhere. And if I ever stray so far from the beaten track that I don’t know where I’m calling from, the satellite navigation display in my car can pinpoint me to the nearest ten feet. Small world? Global village? Those terms are out-of-date – this planet is so compact I can pop it into my pocket. Or so I thought, until I visited a primary school this week where one imaginative class has linked up with children in a Brazilian settlement. This township is not visible on any map – desperate migrants have seized land near an Amazon port called Itaqui, and built shelters from mud, clay and straw. They can get electricity by illegally tapping into the main lines, a dangerous but vital practice. The only water comes from overworked wells, and the nearest schoolhouse is three miles away. Phones? Faxes? Emails? Not a chance – the Brazilian children can communicate with their English friends only by letters brought by charity workers. Messages take weeks and months to arrive. When letters do come, of course, it’s a major event. I was shocked to realise what a big world this still is, and impressed by the work of the charity, Plan International, who can be reached in the UK at 5-6 Underhill St, London (020 7485 6612). We live so fast and so luxuriously in this country, it’s easy to lose our sense of proportion. As usual, it takes the children to remind us.

Life in the fast Lane

Einstein was right. Time is relative, and it travels much faster in Los Angeles, where I am today, than anywhere else caron the planet. The hyperactive go-getters of this city cram a whole week into every day, and count any moment when they are doing less than three things simultaneously as a waste of time.At the gym, they are all watching TV as they pound the treadmills and jabber into their phones. In the car, they yell at their radios as they chew on their breakfasts. In meetings, they monitor their stock-holdings via their palm-sized computers and the ballgame on their wristwatch TVs.Hardly surprising, then, that it takes forever to get anything done in LA. Movies wallow in development limbo for decades. Legal cases drag on for lifetimes. Even their car chases happen in slow motion – remember the OJ Simpson farce?I believe strongly that the only efficient way to get anything done is to apply total focus. Whatever you are doing, do it as if your life depends on it. When it’s done, put it out of your mind – and focus on the next task, 100 per cent.Whether you are watching TV or pressing the boss for a pay rise, cooking a meal or enjoying a work-out, be focused. By trying to do two things at once, you’ll slow both tasks down by far more than 50 per cent. And if you try to do more than two … you might as well be doing nothing at all.Fwant to live in the fast lane, think about this metaphor:When he drives a Ferrari, Michael Schumacher wins races. But if he tried to switch constantly between two Ferraris, would he win two first places? Or finish a dismal last?

The new buzzword in business is “defensive pessimism”.

This American concept is the opposite of positive thinking – executives are encouraged to come up with worst-case tascenarios and then develop strategies for dealing with them. Product meltdowns, PR disasters, financial scandals, corporate ctastrophes…let your imagination run wild as you dream up the ultimate nightmare. And then try to make certain it never happens. I believe that, like most business fads, this is simply insane. The shortest road to disaster starts with negative thinking..We focus on where we’re going – and if we’re focusing on failure, failure is what we’ll get. This is why life never gave that old misery-guts Tony Hancock much to smile about! Far too many people practise “defensive pessimism” instinctively, ven if they have never heard the jargon. My toughest task when trying to motivate business teams, and even athletes, is to shatter the habit of negative thinking. Doubt and anxiety are the automatic response to a challenge for people who have trained themselves to accept failure.I refuse to accept failure. So should you. Turn the jargon on its head, and force your mind to use “aggressive optimism”. Dream of the very best that can happen. Picture the best possible outcome in your mind. And start planning how to make this dream a reality. Every daydream is like a prayer. You would never pray for disaster – so why waste your energy imagining it? Focus like a laser on success, and burn a path straight to the top.

Eating disorders can be deadly.

The most terrifying experience of my life came when I succumbed to bulimia during the late Seventies. My spending poshwas out of control, my first flush of fame was in decline and my body decided to get a grip in its own way – by banning food. I could put as much as I wanted into my mouth, and I sometimes spooned entire gateaux into my face. But within minutes I would run to the men’s room, to make sure the calories never hit my digestive system. I nearly died. I was a walking skeleton. I thank God that something in my mind saw the insanity of what my body was doing, and I was able to beat the disorder. There’s a crazy media notion that you can never be too thin, and it’s simply not true. I was delighted to see a new book by Harvard professor Rose Frisch – the boring title is Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection, but the message is dynamite. Women whose fat levels fall too low stop having periods. If the fat keeps coming off, these women can become infertile – permanently. And Professor Frisch is not talking about people with life-threatening anorexia or bulimia – her research was based on studies of mainstream dieters, the women who want to look like catwalk models. But as mums-to-be Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have shown, some women are naturally skinny, and that doesn’t impair their fertility. The warning is clear. You have to be yourself, not some media mirror image. And that applies not just to what you eat, but to everything you do.

Exeter City Football Club

My son Daniel’s fervent fantasy of playing for his beloved football club, Third Division Exeter City, has always worlcupseemed impossible – he is training to be a lawyer. There are Premiership stars who started out stacking supermarket shelves or driving fork-lifts, but I don’t know of any post-graduate legal brains in the leagues. But Daniel’s impossible dream has come true in another, even more unlikely way – he is Exeter’s vice-chairman. And I am its joint chairman!
We’re still reeling from the call-up. When my old friend Mike Lewis rang to ask for my aid with his takeover of the club, I
couldn’t have been more shocked had it been Sven-Goran Eriksson on the other end of the line, with free tickets to the World Cup.
Now we are filled with enthusiasm to help turn the club around, to put its finances on a stable footing and hopefully start a
promotion challenge. First of all, we need more season ticket holders, so I shall be contacting my dear friend and fellow chairman (I love saying ‘fellow chairman’) Mohammed Al Fayed to get Fulham down to South Devon for a dazzling friendly fixture. That will show the fans we mean business – and that great football is coming home to Exeter.
And I hope to persuade Michael Jackson and NSync to put on a charity spectacular in the Grecian’s ground.
Well, why not? With positive thinking and boundless optimism, nothing is impossible. Just ask Daniel!

Silly Science

Silly me! Two weeks ago I declared in the Mirror that most scientists were deluding no one but themselves with their hawkingnonsensical fairy tales – and now the World’s Greatest Scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking, has gone and disproved the existence of God.
That does leave me looking a little stupid, doesn’t it? Hawking’s theory is all to do with the Fifth Dimension, which sounds
like a bad Seventies dance troupe, but is actually a serious mathematical concept.
We all know the three dimensions – length, breadth, depth – and Dr Who fans will remember that the fourth dimension is Time. So what’s the Fifth? The Fifth Dimension is a kind of hyperspace, which we puny humans cannot sense. It’s where Hawking’s famous Big Bang began.
The universe, says the Prof, exploded out of the Fifth Dimension. I expect this explains all sorts of things. The Fifth Dimension is where odd socks and Biros vanish to; it’s where George W. Bush’s extra votes came from; it’s where Roy Keane keeps his
Obviously, there’s no need for God when we’ve got the Fifth Dimension. It’s invisible, it’s all around us and we must accept the
word of High Priest Hawking that it is there at all – sounds like a typical tinpot cult guru’s deity to me.
As most people who have real religious convictions know, God is not ‘invisible’. We don’t have to take anybody’s word for God’s existence – we sense the force of universal love in everything we do, say and experience.
However, if you fancy cheating in this week’s Psychic Challenge, just take a peek into the Fifth Dimension. I’ve hidden the
answer there.


Last week’s column drew my biggest ever mailbag – including many emails from angry readers who insisted my darwinclaims about an ancient map were ‘unscientific’. I can tolerate the current vogue for worshipping scientists, until people start pretending that science ‘proves’ that God does not exist.

There is a growing core of dangerous fundamentalists who preach the doctrine of Darwin and deny the spiritual aspect in everything. Evolution is all, they insist. Then they start spouting a creation myth called the Big Bang that any child will instantly see to be utter tosh.

This is how it goes:

“Once upon a time all the energy and atoms in the universe were crammed together into a speck so small it was much tinier than

even one atom. This speck exploded, and all the universe poured out and rushed away in every direction, faster than the speed of light “The universe gelled into stars and planets, and blobs of life bubbled up out of nowhere. The blobs were very small, but every generation got bigger and stronger, so that eventually the blobs had astoundingly complex minds, and morals, and spirits … except for the blobs that became trees, or birds, or just stayed as blobs.”

It’s nonsense. It’s sheer hogwash. It’s quackery. And it’s a serious case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, because anyone who dares point out that Darwinists are charlatans is at risk of virulent ridicule.

Of one thing I am certain: in 20 years the barmy Big Bang theory will have been replaced by some other scientific theory that will be even madder.

120 million years BC

An extraordinary map discovered by Russian archaeologists appears to prove an intelligent civilisation visited Earth din120 million years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the planet.

Professor Alexandr Chuvyrov of Bashkir State University uncovered the stone slab, which he calls the Map of the Creator, as he searched for traces of prehistoric human migrations from China.

The map is a 3D aerial photograph of the mountains around what is now Ufa, a city 60 miles east of the Urals in the Russian Federation’s state of Bashkortostan. Modern maps of such accuracy, the professor insists, are possible only with satellite technology. The relief has not been manually made by an ancient stonecutter. It is simply impossible. It is obvious the stone was machined.” he map reveals a giant irrigation system, with 12 dams each 10km across. No trace of the earthworks now remains, and no known ancient civilisation could have created either the dams or the map itself.

The stone itself is up to half a billion years old Radiocarbonic analysis and uranium chronometer scanning appear to show the carving was made 120 million years ago. hat figure turns everything we know about prehistory inside-out. Dinosaurs were not wiped out until 65 million years ago.

No serious scientist currently bleieves humans co-existed with dinosaurs So what civilisation was capable of Space Age cartography and ndustrial irrigation projects? I believe it could not have been human.

Art of the possible

bonoSome things cannot be changed, can they? You’ll never be ten years younger than you are today; I won’t ever levitate, and there will always be millions of families in the world’s poorest countries who don’t have enough to feed their children.

“Cannot be changed”? Hold on! There are a few people – insanely stubborn, furiously zealous – who insist on turning these

negatives inside out. I have boundless admiration for Bono, the Irish singer who is using his international megastardom as a weapon in the crusade against poverty and starvation.

By the sheer force of his belief in justice and morality, Bono has forced world leaders from George Bush to the Pope to rethink

their complacency about starvation. Bono has just returned from a triumphant mission to Washington where President Bush pledged five billion dollars for aid.

Bono doesn’t care whose arm he has to twist. “I’d have lunch with Satan if there was so much at stake,” he says, “Millions of lives are being lost for the stupidest of reasons: money.”

That kind of determination is unstoppable. When it hits a reality roadblock … reality has to back down.

We can all learn from Bono’s example. Self-belief is the key.

When you’ve got it, nothing can bar your way. Demonstrate this limitless human power to yourself by declaring, “I am psychic! I can feel the force!” Now tackle the Psychic Challenge – you know you can do it!

And if you want to attempt rejuvenation through Mindpower – you can do that too. As for levitation… who knows what I can do if I really believe?


To sharpen your telepathic prowess, hold a crystal in your hand. The energy field which surrounds and flows throughcrystal007[1] your body will find focus in the geometric perfection of the crystal’s faces When I say that crystal’s are the batteries of the earth, this isn’t some New Age mumbo jumbo. Look inside your digital watch – crystal powers it. That’s why it’s a ‘quartz’ watch. There are crystals in your computer, even crystals in your car. Some scientists believe a spinning crystal forms the Earth’s core. Others have calculated that the universe’s invisible dimensions lie on angled planes which combine into … you guessed it, aninfinite crystal.

Before I send a crystal from my personal collection to a Psychic Challenge reader each week, I energise the stone. I grip it in my fist and imagine energy radiating from my heart, down my arm, into my hand. Within seconds the crystal is hot, sometimes too hot to hold You can try this with any crystal. If yours gets hot too, you possess an energy gift which could be channeled into healing. You may literally have healing hands.


picture possible: Close-up on my eyes

Words come out of your mouth, expressions form on your face. So where do telepathic signals come from? And how do you receive them?

Questions like these could hold the key to show us what telepathy really is and how it works. I’ve always been convinced that it’s a ‘brain thing’ – the signals travel from mind to mind.

Human beings can pick up intuitions with their stomachs (gut reactions) and pour out emotions through their hearts (heart-to-heart) but telepathy is a mental energy. For me it works most strongly when I can gaze into someone’s eyes.

Mystics have always taught that a ‘third eye’ sits between your two ‘seeing’ eyes, just above the bridge of your nose. Stroke

that part of your brow and you will feel your mind slip into a state of relaxed alertness.

Brain scans reveal that most of our conscious thinking is done immediately behind the forehead – and that we experience religious visions there too. I suspect there’s a telepathic transmitter in the grey matter at that point.

Queen Mother

I was standing beside my wife in the bank, thinking about the funeral of the Queen Mother which takes place mumtomorrow.

I had been musing on the mysterious changes which overtake a soul when a human body dies. The Queen Mother, I am certain, has already been reunited with her daughter, Princess Margaret, and with her husband, King George – but until her loved ones, and the whole nation, have bid a fond farewell, I believe this grand lady’s spirit will be lingering on Earth.

WhenI glanced at the computer panel on the back of the cash achine at my elbow, it seemed to carry a cynical, sarcastic message. “END=0” read the display: the end equals zero. Once I had recovered from the surprise of being challenged in philosophical debate by a cash machine, I answered back telepathically. “You’re a machine, a primitive computer. When a human switches you off, that is the end – no memories, no consciousness, nothing.

“But we are immensely complex living creatures, spiritual and emotional beings, alive in ways which a machine could never comprehend. Even when our bodies are switched off, our lives continue on unimaginable paths.”

Perhaps you think I’m slightly barmy to argue with a cash machine. But the machine started it!

It’s easy to prove that humans are intelligent in dimensions a computer cannot reach – just try dowsing for this week’s psychic

challenge. Hold the palm of your hand over each of the four symbols above in turn: when you feel a tingle or a burst of warmth, you’ve

found the right symbol. You can’t do that with a PC!

New baby

My family has been watching the TV news with mounting horror, as events in the Middle East spiral out of control. babyMy wife and I were both born in Israel, and we have many friends – Jews, Christians and Muslims – in the towns and cities worst hit by violence.

The relentless focus on death and destruction provided by news cameras could drive the greatest optimist into fits of despair,

and it is important for us to turn off the coverage frequently and direct our thoughts onto positive targets. Helpless worrying does nobody any good, especially the worrier!

Thankfully, we heard wonderful tidings from Israel when we learned this week that Arab friends have received the gift they had

long prayed for – a baby boy. His name is Hassan, and he is a brother to three angelic little girls. This family are peace-loving, and abhor the violence every bit as much as I do.

Miracles like this happen literally every moment. According to the US Bureau of the Census, more than 250 babies are born

worldwide every minute. That’s 15,000 an hour, 360,000 a day. Every one of them filled with limitless hope and potential.

Baby Hassan is a naturally psychic being – for nine months his eyes have been closed, and his only sensations have been the

warmth and sounds of the mother’s body. Telepathy has been his sole means of communication and, as many mothers will confirm, an unborn child’s telepathic ability can be uncanny.

We all retain that power, but lack of use makes it weak Renew your contact with your own telepathic power right now by

tackling the Psychic Challenge above, and rediscover your inner baby!


On sunny days in springtime my favourite game is cloudbusting. I focus on a cloud and will it to dissolve into the cloudsblue. Not just to blow away, but to evaporate, melt, vanish.

The first time I did this I was a boy, living on a kibbutz in Israel and missing my mum and dad terribly. I remember the rush of joy when the cloud disappeared – it was like a promise of better days to come.

A couple of years ago a music magazine contacted me to help make the sun shine on the Glastonbury Festival – famous for its downpours and quagmires. I spent the whole weekend cloudbusting, and the show enjoyed scorching summer sunshine!

Maybe you think it’s a mad idea, but have a go. It’ll put a smile on your face!

To warm up your psychic sense, try my weekly Challenge. I’m astounded by the accuracy of your responses: last week XX per cent of you received my telepathic signal correctly.

Stare at each sign in turn, and hold your hand above them to pick up a dowser’s signal – a sort of warm electric tingling above the correct symbol. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow naturally.


Picture possible: a model looking relaxed – head back, eyes closed, smilingrelaxing[1]

The best psychic results are always possible when you are relaxed. I know that whenever I have allowed tension to get the better of me – such as during live TV shows when I’ve felt my reputation was on the line – sheer nerves have blocked my powers. But when I’m stretche out in the sunshine, or lounging with friends, I feel invincible.

I want you to imagine you’re outside a restaurant in Rome with the person you love best in the world. The sun is glorious, the world is slipping by and you’re watching the wonderfully stylish Romans as they walk hand in hand or zip past on scooters. There’s a foaming capuccino in front of you and money in your pocket. Pure bliss, marvellous relaxation and alertness.



What a fascinating puzzle! Week after week my psychic challenge generates results which are almost impossible, from the point of view of dull statistics.

On average, all the symbols we’re using ought to be equally popular among all the Mirror readers who are zencardsenthusiastically joining this experiment. The symbols were designed by parapsychology pioneer Karl Zener at Duke University, North Carolina, in the Thirties by the way. They are simple, memorable and totally different from each other.

Every week, I stand beside the waterfall and pool in the Japanese garden behind my home. I’ve filled the water with thousands of crystals. Last week the rain stopped for just long enough to let me focus the experiment at precisely 11am – if it had still been coming down in buckets, I would have retired to the crystal-shaped conservatory to convey my telepathic messages to you.

I hold a copy of the paper in my fist, close my eyes and imagine I am staring down at all of Britain from space. Over that aerial photograph I impose this week’s symbol, burning it into the landscape.

Telepathy 2

Test your telepathy with your partner! Strip to your underwear, and kneel on the floor. Ask him (or her) to bring hishand palm close to the skin on your back, without touching you. Close your eyes, and try to sense the presence of his hand with your skin. Tell him to move it away and back again.

You could ‘feel’ it as feel an amazing, electric tingling. If your partner moves his hand in a slow circle, you’ll sense that too, at the top of your spine, or the base, or on one side.

Now swap places; let your partner decide when your hand is close to him. You could feel a powerful warmth radiating from your palm. Try lifting both hands above your partner’s shoulders – a psychic massage can be better than yoga.Warning: This game can create deep feelings of emotional and spiritual intimacy. Which may lead places …

Telepathy 3

Lots of you were only too eager to follow my instructions last week and get your clothes off for some ‘naked dalitelepathy’! You sent me mountains of email, and I’m delighted that so many of you experienced such dramatic results.

I know you are a truly psychic bunch, because the response to my challenge to win an ancient crystal has been phenomenal. But did you know crystals can actually be ‘telepathic’? In fact, any object with a rich history can be read like a book, when your mind is tuned in.

This psychic talent is called psychometry. Why not throw a psychometry party, and ask all your friends to each bring a valued object, something with strong sentimental meaning – dad’s old watch, gran’s brooch, a school tie.

Pick up one of these objects, without asking who brought it, and see what impressions flow through your brain. There’s no trick to this – just be open and responsive, and say honestly what comes to mind. Your friends may be astonished at how accurately their history unfolds.

Crystals are energy batteries, and I sometimes get massive telepathic jolts when I hold them. One of my favourites was given to

me by the madly eccentric painter Salvador Dali – you have no idea what pictures that creates!


Imagine how life would be if you were telepathic. You could sense what your partner was thinking without having to phrenlogoask – a great way to increase your emotional closeness.

And you could tell when colleagues were trying to butter you up, or if they were lying to you outright. Best of all, you couldalways be sure of knowing how loved ones were feeling, even if they were half a world away.

The great news is, we are all naturally telepathic, and most of us use this unique mind-power without even being aware of it. Butlike all skills, it improves with practice.

I believe that in 2002 scientists will continue to come up with hard evidence that human minds can communicate silently with each other across great distances. In coming weeks in The Mirror, I’ll be revealing mind-blowing techniques to help you boost your telepathic mind-power.

Don’t worry be happy

My dogs are all worn out, from six mile hikes across the frozen fields around my home. But please don’t imagine I’m bobbytrying to walk off the effects of stage fright. Goodness me, no. Nervous? Moi? Not at all.

It just happens that this week I’ll be doing my first theatre shows in a long time, longer than I care to recall. I often do live shows, of course, at parties or in hospitals – and I’m often to be seen, doing my stuff on TV. But performing to camera is nothing compared with standing up on stage before several hundred people and working with an audience of attentive, often sceptical watchers.

Early in my career I regularly performed in theatres and nightclubs, and I’d often throw in some hypnotism to add mystery to the telepathy and psychokinesis which has come naturally to me since I was a child. But I gave up the hypnosis long ago – next week I’ll tell you why.

These shows will be different. I believe the key to joy in our everyday lives lies in positive thinking, and it’s this which I want to bring to audiences around the country on my tour. Positive thinking means finding the best possible outlook on every situation, which is why I admit I am relishing the nerves that are jangling as I prepare my new act.

New experiences keep us young. Whether it’s a holiday to a place we’ve never visited before, or a taste of some fresh menu or sport or challenge, a course of lessons in an unknown language or an armchair adventure with a great movie or book, we expand our minds with new experiences.

For me, the chance to step on a stage and do things, say things, reveal things which are new will be a rollercoaster experience. My aim is to suffuse myself in happiness before I walk out before the footlights, and to let everything brim out of my joy.

Positive thinking transforms worry into anticipation. It enables the mind to take control and transforms anxiety into action.

I keep hearing myself whistle a little song which has almost been my theme tune since Bobby McFerrin took it into the charts more than a decade ago: Don’t Worry Be Happy.

The human mind is a powerhouse of energy. When we worry, we’re burning enough energy to light up half a city. By thinking positively, we can channel that energy into happiness, and enjoy the shock of the new. I can hardly wait.


What’s this? I doodled it, but its meaning is hidden somewhere in my subconscious. I love to doodle and, since I doodlealmost always have a pen in my hand (unless I’m bending a spoon), I doodle on everything – napkins and tablecloths, books and newspapers, even walls and tables.

Doodling expresses emotions which are hard to define in words. It’s clear from this little drawing that I am bursting with energy right now … but why is that Jewish star at the centre? It’s Hanukkah time, the Jewish festival which overlaps with Christmas, so perhaps I’m feeling religious.

Or maybe that’s not a Star of David at all: maybe it’s me! The doodle might be saying ‘eye’ am a star.

And what about the hearts radiating from every point? There’s a heart inside each one, but five of the hearts are broken. Who are they for? I think I know … and I don’t think I’m going to tell you.

Doodling is a great way to reach the secrets in your mind Just relax and let your pen do the work. Try to disconnect your conscious mind from your fingers, and be surprised by what your hand traces. Many psychics believe that, when they slip into a hypnotic or rance state, other spirits are able to guide them – the words and pictures they create are known to parapsychologists as ‘automatic’ writing and drawing. Let your own spirit be your guide.

You won’t need any skill as a draughtsman to explore this experiment. Even if your drawings are bad enough to win the Turne Prize, there’s lots to be learned from them. Don’t judge your doodle on its artistic merits – it’s the spiritual clues that matter.

Lots of black, heavy lines usually indicate stress and anger, and plants and flowers are a common subconscious symbol of the need for growth. Walls can represent real-life obstacles, and clouds may mean confusion or simply happiness.

There are no hard-and-fast rules to what your doodles mean. see them as a psychic prompt, to give yourself hints from the core of your mind.


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