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Daily Star

8th Feb. 1996

Brian goes on a big bender


POP pin-up Brian Harvey says he has given up smoking – thanks to legendary spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller.

His three East 17 mates also claim they have kicked the habit after meeting Geller during a photo shoot at a London hotel. The band, who have stormed into the charts at No7 with their new single, Do U Still?, looked on in astonishment as the mind-blowing guru showed off the skills that have stunned telly viewers worldwide.

Then he offered to cure all four East 17 stars of their addiction to the dreaded weed.

Frontman Brian admits he could hardly believe his eyes when Uri began – to bend a spoon with only the faintest touch of the metal.


“It was amazing,” says Brian, 21. “All he seemed to do was take it in his hand and then immediately it started to bend.

“I was so taken back by the whole stunt that I asked him for his autograph as well.”

In another demonstration, Uri look John Hendy’s watch in his hand and made it stop.

“Some people just seem to have these really strange powers,” says admiring John.

“Uri held my watch in his hand and made it stop – and then start again without seeming to do anything.”

The Israeli-born psychic reckoned that once he had got East 17 to believe in his mysterious skills, he could persuade all four to give up their smoking habit.

“He told us that just by talking he could reach deep into our minds,” says Brian. “He seemed just to go into deep thought, and then he told us that we would never think about smoking again – ever.

“Believe it or not, all of us have now given up the fags for good.”

The group, who recently scored a huge hit with their single, Thunder, are now planning another huge world tour following their success at the recent MTV awards.

Brian insists they are determined to watch their health after both he and Tony Mortimer were hit by serious bouts of illness which forced them to cancel several gigs last year.

Unlucky Tony, 24, had to take a three-month break from pop after coming down with a mystery skin complaint. His condition was made even worse when he found he was allergic to his medication.


In the summer, Brian was also forced to take medical advice over fears that he was losing his distinctive voice for good.

Thanks to Uri’s influence, all four members of the group now claim to be fighting fit.

Says Brian: “All the three other members of East 17 have got little ‘uns.

“They want to stay for their kids’ sake – but, for me, I’ve found that smokey breath kills romance. . .”

BAFFLED: Brian with spoon and (inset) Uri.
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