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Uri Geller’s Mindpower Kit encourages positive thinking


WHAT happens if you give Uri Geller a bad writeup? Does he come round to your house and bend all your spoons?
Better not take the risk. His new Mindpower Kit is all about thinking positive, so let’s start with the best bit-Uri’s Internet site is positively the best thing your screen has ever seen.
Layers of wristwatches tick away in the background, spoons wriggle and twist, and Uri’s penetrating eyes beam out at you from vivid graphics.
Sites like this often take an age to download-but the people at Geller’s Psychic City know what they’re about, and each page arrives inside a few seconds.
The focal point is Uri’s Experiment-a milliondollar challenge to get netusers bending cutlery.
Live footage of a safe inside Uri’s house is beamed through your modem.
In the safe is a clock, visibly ticking away. On the clock is a teaspoon.
The challenge: Bend that teaspoon.
Using the untapped powers of your mind, can you force the metal to curl? And can you reproduce the effect under scientific conditions, in front of Uri?
A million dollars is at stake. The entry fee is a more manageable three quid.
But before you sit down to stare remorselessly at your unblinking screen, ask yourself this: What is more likely to bend?
The spoon, miles away in a millionaire’s safe?
Or something delicate, deep within your computer?
And if you do accidentally warp your Pentium, can you sue Uri?
It’s safer to play Psychic City’s online game, a quiz that offers an insight into the real moneymaking engine of Geller Enterprises-dowsing.
Uri’s ability to detect the presence of gold or oil at a given map reference, simply by holding the map, has earned him a fortune from prospecting companies, he claims.
It’s a theme he repeats in his Mindpower Book, part of a kit produced by Virgin at £19.99 which includes a cassette, a piece of rock crystal and an orange dot.
The orange dot looks a bit cranky-Uri says its vibrant colour activates your willpower and psychic energies.
But it is hard to explain why our grandfather clock, which has refused to work since Christmas, started ticking smoothly when that orange dot was slipped beneath the pendulum.
The rock crystal looks rather small-but Samantha Lavens, manageress of the newlyopened Crystals shop on Pulteney Bridge, Bath, was quick to applaud its inclusion in the kit.
“Rock crystal is just about the best kind. It works on every part of the body, and it doesn’t have to be a large piece-think how tiny the bits of crystal are that power quartz watches. The crystal works on the spirit by amplifying vibrations. If Uri Geller says he has beamed energies into it, that’s quite possible.”
“But most people like to build up their own personal energies in a crystal-and it’s easy to cleanse someone else’s vibrations out. You simply return the crystal to nature, by immersing it in salt water, or sunshine, or smoke from burning North American Indian sage ”
Uri’s book proclaims the healing power of your crystal: “It’s a good allrounder suitable for healing all kinds of ailments. You can carry it in your pocket on days when you don’t feel well you can wear it all the time to boost your energy levels and ward off infections, or you can hold it in your hand and concentrate on it whenever you feel ill or lacking in energy.”
Uri is an Israeli, and it is fun to tune in to his ultraeager oddlyaccented voice as it commands us to unleash our willpower.
But when you’re lying in a darkened room, listening to the relaxation cassette that completes the Uri Geller multimedia experience. and his hypnotic murmur instructs you to imagine you are floating…floating…drifting on a bed of marshmallow…
Well, it’s a job not to giggle.
Log on to Uri’s Psychic City on the Internet at https://www.urigeller.com/
Chris Stevens


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