Uri vows not to interfere psychically with football matches


Tuesday May 14 2002

New Exeter joint-chairman Uri Geller has assured fans that he will not be using his paranormal powers to influence events on the pitch.

The famous spoon-bender, who last week took charge alongside John Russell, claims his chief role will be as a motivator.

Geller said: “In recent years I have ebbed away from the spoon-bending, preferring to focus on more important issues, amongst them self-help, self-belief, motivation and inspiration.

“Whilst I advocate a positive work ethic and optimistic outlook, I will absolutely refrain from using any form of paranormal activity.

“The playing side of the club is 100% down to (manager) John Cornforth and he knows my sentiments on this,” he told the club’s official website.

“My role in this domain will be solely, should the manager be in agreement, to be an inspirational, motivational figure, perhaps popping down to the dressing room just to give the team a boost.”


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