Uri’s meditation CD’s in the news ! 29 April 2001

stBy Tony Trainor
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Disc Drive Uri Geller empowering his CD in the master suite at TIB in Merthyr Tydfil.

energizingtapeBeyond bent spoons and stopped watches psychic showman Un Geller is hoping to amaze a new generation of fans with a power pack for mind benders that is made exclusively in Wales. His mental powers were put to the test yesterday when he visited the TIB compact disc factory in Merthyr Tydfil to oversee the production of his new CD box set, entitled The Five Elements — Hidden Gifts of the Mind. He chose to produce his recording at the Pentrebach plant after learning that its Pi disc mastering suite was one of only two in Europe at the cutting edge of sound technology. He claimed to be able to empower his discs at the mastering stage, which would activate positive forces in listeners.This could be some Los Angeles company, or some high tech set up in Germany. I hope I could even turn my box set into DV D with the technology available in Merthyr”.  ” I was amazed to see their brochure it was just beautiful.

Could we now see a new generation of metal benders, or witness objects leaping in the air if put too close to the CD player? Geller’s paranormal feats have been validated under controlled laboratory conditions, but he has been dogged by sceptics throughout his career. “I once tried to stop Big Ben and it worked. I concentrated on the Olympic flame and it stopped.” he declared.
“I firmly believe that the power of the mind, not just Uri Geller’s but everyones, is a force, and if you use it positively it can help your life, change your life for the better.” How could this former Israeli paratrooper and male model, watching his television at his luxury home in Reading. actually stop the rise of the Olympic flame during last year’s opening ceremony of the Sydney Games? And why on earth would he want to? “I wasn’t trying to stop it. I was trying to influence it.” he explained. “Five years ago, director Ken Russell directed a movie based on my life called Mindbender. When the script was being written, no-one knew back then that the Olympics would be held in Australia. ‘We chose to create a scene where the actor playing Uri Geller sits right by the Olympic flame, looks in the camera and tells the people of the world, especially the children, to Concentrate and neutralise all nuclear weapons. I also told people who came to my shows to concentrate on making peace on the day of the Olympics. “It was unreal, unbelievable that this little prediction came true. When we all focused our minds on the Olympic flame, it simply stopped.”

Uri Geller empowering his CD’s

cdpowerGeller became a household name in the 1970s with his paranormal feats, bending cutlery at will and stopping clocks and watches. These days he takes an active interest in world events and rubs shoulders with the rich and famous, most recently his pal Michael Jackson at the UK launch of the star’s charity Heal the Kids.
For someone so familiar with the trappings of publicity and a life of celebrity, isn’t he just a little sceptical about the philanthropic claims of the megastars?“Why should I be a sceptic if a person like Michael Jackson, through the power of his music and his talent, can move 20 or 30 million people? That’s a major achievement and if he sells records while doing it, good for him. “There is nothing wrong with earning a living as long as you adhere to certain rules in life. I cannot force people to give away some of their income to charity, but I think most celebrities do that, some openly and others quietly” “I have been fortunate in my life to have met very interesting people, from John Lennon to Elton John, and to influence  their lives positively.” Geller is planning a peace mission to his homeland of Israel a country he served as a paratrooper in the Six-Day War. “I feel very _saddened and horrified   by   . what is going on there. When children are being killed on both sides, that’s the worst scenario that could happen in war, and it’s still going on. “I will meet the President of Israel, probably in a month-and-a-half’s time. and from there I will go to meet the King of Jordan and also the King of Morocco. “I’m not a miracle worker, negotiator or politician, but sometimes talking to people and giving them ideas that are .non-political could move forces towards peace.” Geller smiles when he reflects on how far his strange talents have taken him, It is ironic that his gift, the ability to stop watches and make cutlery unusable — might appear rather pointless. “I think about that many times, that it is quite bizarre that I became famous worldwide for bending spoons, but what made me a household name wasn’t my powers at all, it was the energy and the power of people at  home.” seeing people place a spoon or a fork on the television and having it bend in your hand, or leap off the television set. That’s what made me such an unusual and bizarre act. “People experienced a triggering in their own houses. All I did was to act as a catalyst to the powers of the minds of the people at home. That’s why I believe that we all have certain forces in our minds and if we learn how to use them positively, we can change our lives for the better.” Geller’s talent was apparently discovered at the age of three in the presence of his mother, but he developed his talents as a spoon bender and mind reader as a teenager. “I discovered that I could entertain kids in school by stopping or moving the hands of the clock an hour ahead, or reading minds. I loved doing that. I think that was a phase of awakening the powers. exercising them and sharpening them. “I was also bullied in school because some kids thought I was very strange and bizarre. But later on in life, when I helped a football team in Cyprus, that’s when it dawned on me that I could psyche up and excite people.
His talents were later employed by Reading Football Club, which he claimed to have helped to the Premiership playoffs. However, an alleged friendship between Geller and former England manager Glen Hoddle ended in a lawsuit. Geller first came to fame after being invited to the USA where he showed off his powers. As. a guest of David Dimbleby and Jimmy Young, he also became a household name in the UK.
Reflecting upon his talent, he said, “It’s either a gift or it’s something supernatural in nature. I would like to believe that it’s a gift from God,” he reflects “Maybe it’s something that we had 10,000 years ago that we lost, and it’s a cycle and it’s coming back, so I was born with it. “It could also be some kind of an extraterrestrial influence. Maybe it’s coming from outside our earth and I’m channelling into a frequency from the universe that allows me to demonstrate these powers. Geller remains an admirer of Professor Brian Josephson, the Welsh-born physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize in 1973, who accepted the existence of psychic powers that do not accord with known scientific theories. “He is one of the very few scientists around the world who back the notion that the power of the mind is immense. Sooner or later the closed-minded scientists will be proved wrong.
“I believe that anything is possible. There are scientists toying around with teleportation — they might manage to teleport a little particle.



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