Who is the real Uri Geller?

Holistic London Guide
Winter/Spring 1997

Our intrepid journalist Helen takes time out to visit the internationally renowned psychic Uri Geller to pose searching questions about phenomena beyond our consciousness.

“It’s like Fort Knox, his place,” said the taxi driver as we sped towards Uri Geller’s home. I had no idea what to expect and tile taxi driver was managing to create an image of a mysterious, eccentric magician. Admittedly the security is tight; big black and gold gates that swung open automatically, cameras and guard dogs. He lives In a magnificent white house, set in well kept gardens, on the edge of the river Thames.
On meeting Uri, the wacky wizard image disappeared and I was immediately struck by his warmth and openness. He was dressed in a black bomber jacket, black trousers and trainers, comfortable clothes. We sat in a room surrounded by beautiful crystals of all shapes and sizes and a variety of teddy bears. There were crystals everywhere.
Uri was lying on the floor throughout the interview, resting his back that he’d strained by carrying presents for his kids. Not a major injury as he’d managed to cycle 50 miles that day already and done four interviews before I arrived. Uri explained that his back had taken a bit of a beating when he was a paratrooper and jumped out of a plane 120 times.
In between the phone ringing, Uri getting up to take calls, finding articles for me, talking to a scientist that had a query and generally being very busy, I managed to ask Uri some questions in an attempt to discover the real Uri Geller.

Is Uri Geller your real name?


Yes, my mother named me Uri Geller which means “My Light”. It’s pronounced ooo-ree. It’s interesting to look at the meaning of the letters in English – U.R. I. (You are I). Do you know what I mean?

This might seem an odd question but how do you earn a living?


I’ve made enough money finding gold and oil for big mining companies using dowsing. I focus on oil or gold and find it on a map. I used the same technique to find a historic submarine. I told them exactly where to find the submarine 8 years ago. They scoffed at my location but one year ago found it exactly where I said it was. So, I am independently well-off and don’t have to do anything, but I still do. I write books, lecture around the world, work with scientists and governments. Now I’m focusing on my magazine Encounters and my Mindpower Kit which is going out world-wide. Some of the profits are donated to Save the Children. I do a lot and I do things that I like doing.

What do you say to people who are sceptical about your powers?


I tell them to take a walk. Don’t buy Encounters or my Mindpower Kit and don’t come to my lectures. It’s their problem if they are sceptical. I’ve stopped caring about sceptics but if they libel or defame me they will end up in court.

How do you explain your powers?


No one knows the mechanics of my powers. There is no way to capture the energy. All I can tell you is what is going on in my mind. If I am looking for something, for example a lost sunken submarine, I just hold my hands over the map and focus on the submarine until I feel a magnetic pull towards the location. To double check, I fly over the area. There is no deep concentration or meditation involved. I can talk, cycle or do other things at the same time. When I bend a spoon I just stroke the spoon gently and talk to it-bend, bend-and it bends.

Can anyone develop your powers?


Yes, I’ve just taught thousands of people over the radio in the USA how to mend broken watches and broken house appliances. I am a catalyst or trigger to access these powers. My workshop at the Battersea Festival is not going to be about bending spoons or mending broken watches. I’m going to teach people how to use their own dormant powers to change their ltves.

Have your powers ever surprised or alarmed you?


I am surprised every time something happens. Finding the historic submarine surprised me. Finding lost nuclear weapons, negotiating the Nuclear weapons treaty surprised me.

Do you believe in past lives?


Yes, I believe in past lives but I know nothing about mine and I don’t want to know. I live in the present, taking one day at a time.

Do you think that our dreams are significant?


Yes, but I think I usually have quite ordinary dreams. Sometimes my dreams take me to other dimensions. I can travel in my mind especially when I’m dreaming I focus my mind on what I want to dream. If I want to fly, I focus on flying. I want to focus on the sphinx next because I believe there are hidden chambers inside. I want to dream my way inside to see what’s there.

Do you use any alternative therapies or practices?


I am very healthy. I eat vegetarian food, am partly vegan, avoid all chemicals and additives and take vitamins. I think some natural remedies can help but I never have cause to use them. For example, I might have a massage for my back, do some stretching exercises similar to yoga and will ‘will’ it to go away.

What is the meaning of life?


That’s a very complex and complicated question to answer. I’m a religious man. I am Jewish but I believe in all religions. I believe in God and see him as an old man with a big white beard and pray to him every day for a few minutes.
There is no end to outer space and inner space. There is just infinite space. Space filled with life, extra terrestrials, universes and galaxies. Our planet is probably just a little molecule of another being’s finger. It goes on and on and never ends. I don’t believe in death. As Einstein said, you can’t destroy energy, you can just channel it in different ways. The soul doesn’t die, it reincarnates, some to other planes, some to other dimensions. Although we have our own free will we flow with destiny and can’t really change that.
Our meaning is to make our little planet Earth a better place to live, to stop wars, disarm nuclear missiles, to stop diseases, AIDS, plague, cancer and to stop pollution. These are the most important and drastic changes that we have to make.

There has recently been a great deal of media interest in aliens and talk of the powers that be preparing us for some sort of major ET event. Do you believe this?


Yes, I do believe that there is going to be a mass landing. This is why Encounters magazine is so successful. There is something out there and we are feeling the vibrations, the waves coming from outside. I think the coming of the millennium is important and significant. Encounters magazine has many different articles about this.

If there was one thing people could do to improve their lives what do you think this would be?


Buy my Mindpower Kit which contains effective tools and techniques to enhance the mind and has already changed the lives of thousands of people.
Many people are really struggling in their lives. They want more money, more love, better health. Never forget the importance of health. Good health is worth more than anything.
I could have talked on and on, curious to hear Uri’s thoughts and ideas but he obviously had lots to do. Before I left he demonstrated his famous spoon bending with a spoon that I can safely say was a real spoon. We stood next to the fireplace as apparently being close to metal helps. Uri began gently rubbing the spoon and asked it quietly, to bend. I n a few moments the spoon was bending. Uri left the fireplace and walked across the room to find a pen for signing the spoon. It was weird the way it just kept on bending in his hands even when he’d stopped “talking to the molecules” and was just holding it.
Uri also showed me his telepathic ability by asking me to draw a simple picture, hold it to my chest and then look at his eyes, thinking about my drawing. He hid his eyes while I drew a flower and then incredibly drew an identical flower of the same size. I was absolutely astonished and very impressed.
Uri Geller is a real character, down-to-earth, a humanitarian, environmentalist and a family man with many fascinating stories to tell and lots of energy. Some of his energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I left his house with a big smile on my face. I chattered away excitedly to the taxi driver and showed him my autographed, bent spoon. “Did he do you a drawing too?” he asked.
“Yes”, I replied pulling my flower pictures out of my bag to show him.
“We reckon he’s got a camera in there and a hidden ear piece” said the taxi driver smiling at my obvious disgust. He can think what he likes. I know Uri is genuine.
Uri Geller is no longer an enigma to me, meeting him was an enriching experience that will be shared by all at the Battersea Festival. I’m really looking forward to meeting him again. See you there. Leave your watches at home!


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“There is no spoon!”

The Matrix

“The world needs your amazing talents. I need them”

Michael Jackson

“Uri Geller gave an absolutely resonating talk on his life and career. He had every single magician in the room on the edge of their seats trying to digest as much information as they could. Uri emphasized that the path to frame is through uniqueness and charisma and that professional entertainers must be creative in their pursuits of success and never shy away from publicity.”

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“The man is a natural magician. He does everything with great care, meticulous misdirection and flawless instinct. The nails are real, the keys are really borrowed, the envelopes are actually sealed, there are no stooges, there are no secret radio devices and there are no props from the magic catalogues.”

James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

“Absolutely amazing”

Mick Jagger

“Truly incredible”

Sir Elton John

“Eternity is down the hall And you sit there bending spoons In your mind, in your mind”

Johnny Cash

“I Have watched Uri Geller… I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again.”

Clint Eastwood

“Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom”


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