Will Uri feel pull to buy Pilgrims?

Evening Herald
21 Feb 1997


Psychic looks for the right signs in hunt to buy a club

URI Geller, the psychic best known for bending spoons, might be the man to turn around Plymouth Argyle.

Uri meets Nigel Mansell at Exeter
Uri meets Nigel Mansell at Exeter

The celebrity says he wants to buy a football club – and the troubled Second Division side is one of several he intends to examine.
He told the Evening Herald that a “magnetic pull” would help him in his decision.
The news that higher powers might be at play at Home Park will not surprise Argyle fans chairman Dan McCauley accused Neil Warnock of thinking he was God when the popular boss was sacked.
Mr Geller said: “I am looking at a number of Second and third Division clubs. I have scouts watching a home and an away game and Plymouth Argyle is the kind of club that I would be interested in.”
The Pilgrims’ total worth is said to be about £3 million – a sum which Mr Geller said he could afford.
The final decision will have to be from within, a spiritual something. I will want to feel some kind of magnetic pull,” he said.
Mr Geller had “not yet” felt any paranormal attraction pulling him towards Home Park.
-There is no urgency, though, as the psychic first wants to slim down his busy schedule of TV commitments – he will be on our screens next on Saturday night in Beyond Belief on ITV featuring paranormal experiments.
His other work includes providing psychic guidance for an English soccer team in a European competition. But he will not say which of Manchester United, Liverpool and Newcastle United are enjoying his attention.
Locally, Exeter City appear the likeliest to win the favours of the psychic who, despite his allegiance to home-town Reading FC, has a link with Argyle’s Devon rivals.
His son, Daniel, 16, became a Grecians fan after what Mr Geller describes as “a paranormal event”.
“Suddenly, without explanation, he developed this strong attraction for the club. I believe that probably Daniel, in his previous life, lived in Exeter,” he said.
The news that Mr Geller could have Argyle on his shopping list did not faze fans.
Supporters’ club chairman Lena Daw said: “I don’t care if he bends spoons or pennies, as long as he has the money to put into the club.”


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